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May 16, 2018

Those that know me well know how much of a mega-fan I am when it comes to Baltimore’s Future Islands. I was wild with elation when the band, lead by dance-fanatic and versatile musician Samuel T. Herring, broke out big with their album Singles a few years ago. As such, I’ve been enjoying Calliope, a surprise return by the synthwave and synthpop band and a one-off contribution to Adult Swim’s Singles series. I can already picture Sam dancing to the song’s perky beats and epic melody live. A lot of times, I find that these one-off contributions tend to be a bit lacking compared to an artist or band’s usual releases. That certainly isn’t so when it comes to Future Islands and Calliope. The single is available from Adult Swim, here.

December 16, 2017

Future Islands’ epic sounding synthwave styled alt rock and synthpop is incredibly satiating when you’re cruising down the highway, and I say this from hours upon hours of personal experience. The Baltimore based band’s breakout album Singles kept me very content when I hit the dusty roads for a trip down to Bakersfield to visit friends back in 2014, and I’m sure their latest album The Far Field would’ve done the same if I’d gone on a long road trip this year. And what more perfect song for such an adventure than Beauty of the Road, which the band happened to have just released a new music video for this week? We get to watch Samuel Herring bust out his signature dance moves and impassioned chest pummeling in the clip for the latest single from The Far Field. There’s really nothing quite like it, and if you ever get a chance to experience Future Islands live, I highly suggest you do so right away. The Far Field is available, here.

March 25, 2017

Any day I wake up to fresh new Future Islands is a good day. Really, there’s very little that can derail my Friday after this. The Samuel Herring lead Baltimore synthpop band has been one of my all time favorite bands for many a year now, and Cave is a welcome taste from forthcoming fifth album The Far Field. It even arrives with a fascinating lyric video featuring American sign language interpreter Jonathan Lamberton signing the lyrics. Cave itself is trademark synthwave whirring Future Islands, complete with gruff rattling crooning by Samuel Herring and vivid moving lyrics. My only complaint is that the volume seems to be very low on the lyric video, a technical glitch, perhaps? The Far Field arrives soon on April 7th via 4AD. I can’t wait. Pre-order here, if you haven’t done so already like I did eons ago.

February 1, 2017

True story, I was driving to work today blasting Sundara Karma’s debut album quite gleefully when my mind strayed to one of my all time favorite bands (since long before their prior album), Future Islands. I started musing over how wonderful it might be if Future Islands announced a new album and dropped a new tune. After all, it’s been well over two years since the brilliance of last album Singles, and though it’s been fabulous taking in all the side collaborations Samuel Herring has been involved in (including a whole lot of hip hop), I miss these Baltimore fellows and their synthwavey music. And of course, there’s Sam’s raspy bellowing voice and his impassioned dance moves. I can never have enough of either of those in my life. Well, bizarrely enough, fast forward to tonight and guess who just announced a new album and revealed a new single? The Far Field arrives April 7th via 4AD. Its lead single, Ran, is an unbridled whirler. It hits the ground running, spinning us round and round. My love for all that is Future Islands is yet again renewed, fervent lyrics and all. You can pre-order the new album digitally, on 180 gram white and standard black vinyl, as a unique miniature LP, or on CD and cassette tape, here. Now, excuse me as I listen to Ran again and try to put forth my best Samuel Herring dance moves, chest pounding and hip gyration included.

December 26, 2015

Yes, I know it’s not Christmas anymore in much of the world, for those of us still rolling in gift wrap with our bellies full from a fantastic feast, here’s one of the Christmas treats that surfaced this morning. Baltimore synthwave project Future Islands, one of my favorite bands, shared a cover of Wham!’s classic holiday hit, Last Christmas. It’s not everyday we hear Samuel Herring crooning a saccharine Christmas song, with no death metal rolls and no rapping, but today’s the day.

October 17, 2015

Real excited to see Australia’s Mansionair tonight. Actually excited to see the whole Australian line up at Popscene SF tonight. This is the first time I’ve seen the video for Mansionair’s cover of Future Islands ‘Seasons (Waiting On You). It’s a beautifully delicate song and the use of Scarlett Johansson’s part as Charlotte, from the movie Lost In Translation, mirrors the vulnerability of the vocals. 

Future Islands – Haunted By You

April 30, 2015

Future Islands has been one of my favorite bands for several years now, with their quirky synthpop lined with death metal rolls, so it’s a spectacular Wednesday when I get to listen to some new music from the Baltimore based act. New song Haunted By You is a laid back, swaying song and one of the band’s breezier, twangier offerings. Samuel Herring’s crooning is sentimental though not as raw as some of his other performances. Haunted By You will be released June 30th along with Singles’ track The Chase as a double A side 7 inch on 4AD. Singles is one of my top 3 albums of 2014, so I’m always happy to re-visit songs off that record. Watch the band’s new GoPro clip for the song, below.

March 7, 2015

Here’s a very unexpected but much appreciate collaboration that surfaced today. California hip hop act Gangrene, made up of The Alchemist and Oh No, let loose a swanky, retro track named Play It Cool featuring Earl Sweatshirt and, surprisingly, Samuel T. Herring of my beloved Future Islands. The song is off Gangrene’s new album The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos, out April 21st. The album is inspired by the video game Grand Theft Auto V, and it really does feel like I’m in the wild world of the game while listening to the song. Sam’s deep vocals are a much welcome treat.

January 15, 2015

Oakland’s Bells Atlas, whom I’ve had the pleasure of catching in a private living room show thanks to Sofar Sounds, covered one of my favorite bands (who dropped one of my top albums of 2014). Their rendition of Future Islands’ Little Dreamer is a sparkling, enchanting treat, carrying their African influenced sound and some neo-soul dreaminess. Bells Atlas is currently in the middle of a residency at Oakland’s Era Art Bar, and they’ll be supporting San Francisco’s Geographer in late February as part of this year’s Noise Pop Festival.

October 15, 2014

At the risk of sounding like a snobby hipster, and as you should know if you’ve been following IHM over the past couple of years, I’ve loved Baltimore synthrockers Future Islands for a long time, since far before that Letterman performance and the release of album Singles. I must say though, Singles is one of my top 5 favorite albums of the year. I had the most trouble retiring that one out of my album rotation this year. Of course, by now, everyone’s heard and likely loved Seasons (Waiting On You), even Win Butler, who dropped it live when I stood next to him while he DJ’ed under the moniker Windows 98 (the crowd went crazy). So, to get to the point, it’s quite a treat when I encounter a worthy remix of Future Islands, which is not an event that happens very often, considering FI’s unique blend of death rattle synthwave. DJ Dodger Stadium, aka Los Angeles producers Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy, have remixed Seasons, giving it a droning, ominous undertone and a thicker, heavier atmosphere that succeeds at completely entrancing me, along with Sam’s vocals.