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April 26, 2018

NYC alt electro purveyors 8 Graves has been dazzling us with their creative forte and scintillating, genre-defying music for a couple of years now, but they’ve certainly taken their sound to a whole new level of anthemic sweeping grandeur on new single SOS. 8 Graves fittingly tags the track “future grunge”, having fused stratospheric future bass with gritty pop and explosive rock on the high vaulting epic. SOS arrives on the heels of their last single, Hang, which took off with over a million streams on Spotify and placement on some of their biggest curated playlists. SOS can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

October 4, 2016

Though this next majestic tune is by far not brand new, I simply could not hold off anymore and must throw it on for a quick share. I was recently introduced to the music of The Guidance, or Stefan Pruett, a Los Angeles based artist who just toured with Crystal Castles. His buddy and Crystal Castles main man Ethan Kath invited him out onto their string of recent dates. Stefan calls his music future grunge, and it certainly has a darkwave style to it that evokes some of the duskier, gothier music I find infinitely appealing. This comes as no surprise from someone who has toured with electro punk goths Crystal Castle. The Guidance’s single, Carefree, despite its gloom, is a magnificently sweeping, grandly soaring song. This aerial dazzler feels like TR/ST gone hyper panoramic, its buzzing synths, driving beats, and 80′s meets 90′s appeal just the right uplifting recipe to steal my own heart. I can’t help but wonder what The Guidance might be brewing up for our eager ears next.