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July 7, 2017

There’s really no “moving on” from Sober Rob’s Moving On once you’ve experienced its emotionally charged, epic sweeping magnificence. It’s a phenomenal electro and future bass hybrid that you might be attached to for all of eternity. KARRA delivers diva level soaring vocals on the grandiose anthem, while Boston producer Sober Rob’s production rivets and scintillates in a cinematic fashion which evokes k?d.  The dramatic enthraller is out on iTunes, here.

May 22, 2017

I’m still feeling infinitely grateful that I was able to catch Norwegian producer Coucheron on my last night at SXSW back in mid-March. It was at my friends’ showcase, during the latter hours of the evening. We were all exhausted from running all across Austin every day for nearly week, noon till early morning. Yet a vibrant burst of energy saturated the crowd as Coucheron enlivened the outdoor stage at the Sidewinder with his mellifluous lifting electronic music. He brings me back to that moment with new single High By The Riverside, which features beautifully dulcet vocals by Oslo’s ARY. The song is a blissful burst of saccharine pumping ebullience. Re-visit Coucheron’s prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

May 4, 2017

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter could very well go down as one of the timeless electronic classics of the 2010′s. In fact, every time I hear it’s chiffon melody, I already find myself overwhelmed with nostalgia, and it hasn’t even been long since the world danced to their hearts’ content to the song while the beloved production talents toured the world together. Today, we revisit its glowing beauty via a remix by Montreal’s Robotaki. The producer explains that the song will always have a special place in his life (as it does with so many of us). He goes on to say that Shelter has been an inspiration, even showing him the “richness of music and beauty of friendship.” Robotaki captures those emotions with his gorgeous remix, which takes off into the stratosphere with ethereal surging synths and a choppy radiance (plus an intensely shuddering ending that is far too enthralling). It’s a breathtaking edit that stays true to the original yet launches us even deeper into the vacuum of space with our hearts filled to the brim with contentment and joy.

April 21, 2017

Not only has this Salzinger fellow won me over with his latest remix, a riveting flip of Boston project Sleeping Lion’s Generous, but the enigmatic producer confirms his firm hold with the bevy of edits he released prior, too. I find myself totally entranced and falling into a profoundly meditative state as Salzinger’s fine texture and electrifying shimmers flick their way through my ears. His “sleeping lion” must be caught up in one surreal dream. This future bass remix is nothing short of breathtaking. If it is a dream, I’d be happy to be trapped within its confines for all time to come. Upon further inspection after such an impressive introduction, I’ve discovered that Salzinger must love some of the same bands and artists that I do. Check out his remixes of Portugal. The Man’s funkadelic single Feel It Still below. Then stream Salzinger’s take on Alt-J classic Breezeblocks, too. His remix of Sleeping Lion can be downloaded for free, here.

February 13, 2017

California producer Big Wild dropped an epic five track EP on Friday named Invincible via Foreign Family Collective, and out of the tracks we haven’t extolled already in recent months comes a snazzy soulful dazzler named Empty Room that features Malaysian singer songwriter Yuna on guest vocals. There’s no emptiness to be found here. Empty Room is a lavish and ravishing tune with hearty synths, robust beats, and a whole lot of aplomb. The future electro quivering track and the rest of Big Wild’s Invicible EP arrive ahead of an Invicible Tour set to begin in Vancouver on March 16th. Big Wild will be bringing his big sound to San Francisco on March 24th at the Regency Ballroom. Find out more about the tour, here. Stream the Invincible EP in full on Soundcloud or purchase/stream via other services, here.

January 24, 2017

Dutch producer Robby East offers up a crisp airy remix of his own frisky, summery house aria Leap Of Faith on this gleaming VIP. The rising electronic artist decided to give the buoyant leaping jam a chill makeover, painting over Leap Of Faith with a dreamy melodic future electro finish sure to appeal to fans of k?d and Porter Robinson. It’s a fanciful and whimsical adventure that we’re taken on by this bright eyed charmer. Visit the original, here, and download the VIP, here.

January 20, 2017

I don’t know why, but when I first encountered the title of Chicago production whizzes Win and Woo’s new tune, I couldn’t help thinking of the Joker from Batman. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been watching the show Gotham on television, but fortunately for us, this Killer With A Smile is a luscious electronic beauty rather than a deranged beast. Win and Woo, who I was fortunate enough to finally catch late last year on tour (when they slayed), even features Molly Moore on gutsy ambrosial vocals. The LA based singer songwriter and her boyfriend, progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette (and Cosmos & Creature partner in sublime sonic crime), have got to be the most coveted guest vocalists these days, ubiquitously appearing in the dance scene left and right. Win and Woo surround her pop vocals with a regal and majestic soundscape. Killer With A Smile is feisty yet smooth, a future electro jouncer full of sonorous power and bursting with rhapsodic energy. Elegant chords and frisky beats add to the vivid vibrancy of this colossal tune, an infectious hit on the rise that you’ll surely want to grab a hold of, here.

November 7, 2016

IHM has been on board with Los Angeles sibling duo XYLØ since day 1. In fact, we’ve been on board since day “negative” several months, having been presented with a much appreciated early preview of their debut single America way back in 2014 prior to its 2015 release. So, it’s with much joy that news of the latest The Chainsmokers hit arrived. Setting Fires unites two projects that we’ve been featuring from early on, and it’s a beauty of an enchanting electronic ballad that captures the twilight stirring magnetism of XYLØ within its vibrant crisp future beats production. Setting Fires arrives as the first track from The Chainsmokers’ new Collage EP, which also features their chart dominating collaborations with Phoebe Ryan, Halsey, Charlee, and Daya. Purchase from major outlets, here.

November 1, 2016

Even if you’re one of those people who find soy based tofu absolutely atrocious (and trust me, tofu can be really delicious), you’re going to find this


remix absolutely appetizing, so much so you won’t be able to stop devouring it over and over again. Vancouver based producer tofû offers up an exhilarating re-work of NY producer Lucian’s Forever, that beauty of a gripping future bass gem that features ravishing vocals by Nashville’s REMMI. While the original was dark and grandiose with sharp vehement edges, tofû’s remix is takes on an ethereal electro step airiness. Its smooth rounded chops and wavy glittering veneer gives us a delightfully fresh approach on Forever that I welcome with much zeal. Download the edit for free, here.

October 21, 2016

We’ve previously encountered some phenomenal remixes by Los Angeles based producer, FLØRALS, yet I was still unprepared for the sheer genius and magnificence of his very first original, Waves. It’s immediately apparent how the song begot its name. Waves is, for lack of a better word, wavy, and resplendently wavy at that. Though it shimmers and chops with much hyperactive energy, Waves is also fluidly dreamy, its billowing flux deeply entrancing and cosmically breathtaking. The florescent hued, effervescent leaping tune takes us on a whimsical journey from which we never want to return. Download FLØRALS’ debut single, here.