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April 20, 2018

Crisp piano stabs and high voltage beats inspire us to get up and dance our Thursday night away on vivacious For Real, a track out now on Spinnin’ from producers Goshfather and Zookëper. Thrills and exhilaration abound as the pair come together to douse us with future disco house and some classic house vibes on the contagiously bounding, sky-high leaping dance extravaganza. Download/stream this superb pick-me-up anthem, here.

November 18, 2016

After the nail biting intensity of the last couple of tunes, it’s certainly a reprieve to alight on the island paradise known as Koni’s music for our next tasty tune. The German producer gives Finnish songbird LKA’s enchanting Wildfire a chill melodic, tropical radiant, disco chirpy remix. Throw on those shades, kick off your sandals, and dance barefoot in fine white sand under lush palm trees to Koni’s carefree remix. Koni and his friend LKA had a fine merry time working on the remix together. That joviality shines through on the rosy beaming edit, a free download, here.

November 10, 2016

I’d like to call this election business a whole lot of marlarkey, but sadly, what happened is set in stone. At least I can dance away my sorrows to English producer Malarkey’s new tune, Arcade Brain. Prismatic synths and a bubbly stride make this future funky ditty an invigorating party in my ears. Nu-disco meets bright eyed pinball vibrancy on this song. I find myself suddenly wondering why I’ve never been to a club with both a dance floor and an arcade, like on that fabulous episode of Black Mirror, San Junipero. Combine that with Malarkey’s Arcade Brain, and we have perfection. Arcade Brain is a limited download now on Toneden.

July 26, 2016

You know you’re in for a marvelous treat when new Robotaki arises. The producer from Montreal employs some glamorous plush vocals from Claire Ridgely on bubbly brisk Ghostboy. The luxuriantly jazzy disco and wonky future soul groover leaves me shivering in bliss as I fall head over heels for this sensual swishing jam. I’m more than ready for a moonlit rendezvous and a twilight dance with this dapper poltergeist, even though he’ll disappear into thin air before the rising of the morning sun. Ghostboy is Robotaki’s debut original on Majestic Casual Records as well as a taste from his forthcoming EP. Purchase from various outlets, here.