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February 28, 2018

It feels as if we’ve waited a lifetime to see Her live. On May 12th, we’ll meet our destiny as the French band finally makes their way to San Francisco to headline Cafe du Nord. It’ll be a bittersweet experience, after the tragic loss of founding band member Simon, but it will be a glorious one, too, as you well know if you’ve been keeping up with our shares of their soulful pop and funky electro-rock in the past. Her will be serving up their self titled full length album on March 30th, and they’ve recently shared a magnificent new song named Neighborhood. It’s a must for fans of Jungle, Formation, and even Jack Garratt or HONNE. Pre-order Her’s debut album, here.

February 28, 2018

I’m more than “cool” with REYNA, the Milwaukee by way of Texas sister duo who enthralled us a year ago with their debut single Ink On My Skin. Now, they’re back with a crunchy chugging alt pop number named Cool With It, and it’s undeniably infectious with its slick melodic sheen and sweet sassy vocals. Slivers of HAIM, The Aces, and even POWERS course through its plucky, funky strut and its saccharine sashay. Previously known as Vic and Gab, these sisters have opened for the likes of BLEACHERS and Death Cab For Cutie while on tour for debut full length, Love Of Mine. They continue to resonate as REYNA with their neon-lit, cool sparkling music. Cool With It, co-written with Grammy-nominated producer Drew Pearson (Kesha) and produced by Dan Gibson and Simon Oscroft from FRILLS, is described as a sly dig at the dichotomy of the idealized “cool girl” and how she’s an unattainable amalgam of contradiction. You can also stream Cool With It via Spotify, here.

February 15, 2018

Australian indie outfit Holiday Party couldn’t have chosen a better name for their new song, Dream State. They induce in us a blissful trance with their dreamy shimmering, balmy grooving psych pop and funk pop on the hazy tune. Despite our glazed daze, our bodies can’t help but move to this iridescent tune, too. A feverish and warped dissonance adds to the song’s psychotropic effect. Dream State is a sweet and swanky sonic trip, and it deserves many a twirl around the room, even if it leaves you wonderfully disoriented and delirious. You can find Holiday Party on Soundcloud, here.

February 8, 2018

We may have been too obsessed with Wet Leather’s last single IWMU, because we managed to miss out on their new EP and its latest offering I Was Wrong despite the fact that it’s been out and about for a week. But we gladly dive head first into the NYC indie band’s 80s inspired, jaunty chugging single now that it’s come to our attention. Hints of Chain Gang Of 1974′s new wave inspired alt pop and some vintage Tears For Fears adorn the song’s rambunctious rock licks and mellifluous power pop flourishes, alongside its LANY and Great Good Fine OK like satiny sheen . At the rate they’re going, Wet Leather is going to be one of the big acts to watch this year. Wet Leather’s EP, Present Lives, is out now. Grab the six track release on Bandcamp, here.

February 6, 2018

New Brooklyn outfit Barrie sure now how to cast a sensuous and intoxicating spell with their first release. Though its members hail from a myriad of international locales, their chemistry as one is more than apparent on muggy simmering, smoky grooving Canyons, a chill luscious synthwave and sweet swirling disco embroidered debut. Its sort of like Porches paired with Cults, doused with a hint of Chromatics and some Yumi Zouma. You can also stream the phenomenal single via Spotify, here, or purchase from iTunes, here. We’ll be looking ahead to what else this noteworthy new project has in store for us this year. 

February 3, 2018

When Dutch producer and songcrafter Saux jump starts his new single by singing “only you”, it feels like he’s reaching out to liquefy our very own hearts with his silky sleek voice. Then taut guitar curls and wavy synths join him on Lukewarm (Only You) to crush us into oblivion. There’s nothing lukewarm about this steamy smoldering groover, a funk-infused R&B pop and flushed electronica affair that fuses the glossy smoothness of Sailor and I with the swooning swagger of Ben Khan. Lukewarm (Only You) is a heck of a way for Saux to kick off 2018. The disco inspired late night single arrives ahead of a new EP Right, which touches on themes of contrast between existing in chaos and finding peace, as well as discovering minor flaws and major victories. Saux says: 

“Itʼs about what it feels like trying to play the right parts in life, relinquishing control, and then finding an ‘internalʼ world where you feel safe. In this case, together with someone.” You can find Saux’s music on Spotify, here.

February 2, 2018

Mt. Si, if you’re not familiar with the Los Angeles trio yet, is a super-project of sorts. Its three members include Kisses’ Jesse Kivel, Classixx’s Michael David, and Sarah Chernoff, who used to be a member of Superhumanoids. As Mt. Si, they’ve been slowly releasing music for a number of years, though they took a long hiatus before the arrival of their latest single, 911, a dreamy lush, pastel plush disco pop frolic draped in a steamy swathe of equatorial heat. But its leisurely sway and balmy beats cool us down like a refreshing breeze. The luscious and luxurious song is our first taste and the title track from a new two track EP arriving February 16th on Cascine. Stream/purchase 911, here, pre-order Mt. Si’s 911 EP on vinyl, here

February 2, 2018

Oakland native Arieh Berl continues to garner growing success with his solo project Pink Skies since his debut ‘Start. End’ half a year ago. In fact, attention has been so swift that some congratulations are in order. The multi-faceted musician, who’s also a member of local indie band Fever Charm, has signed his first record deal with HW&W Recordings, and he’s gearing up to drop Pink Skies’ first EP on the label later this year. Tonight, we groove out to the first single off the EP, an infectiously pumping psychedelic dance and electro-rock song named Reflections. Though we’re still much infatuated with Pink Skies’ prior singles and even his cover of 6LACK’s Gettin’ Old, there’s no doubt that Reflection is his best song to date. It prances and sashays with satin chic aplomb, like Electric Guest meets Broken Bells with extra pizzazz and spring. You’ll be hard pressed not to swing your hips and wag your head to the gallant rhythm of this flashy glittering, wavy rolling tune. Keep up with Pink Skies’ releases on Soundcloud, here, while we await further news regarding his self-titled debut EP.

February 2, 2018

KUNZITE sure isn’t losing any time in unleashing their music upon us, even though the fascinating new project just made their debut with MONKS a few short weeks ago. And we’re not for complaining at all. Not only are they back with a new single, but the duo, whose ranks include Ratatat’s Mike Stroud and White Flight’s Justin Augustin, have already announced a debut album, too! Birds Don’t Fly is set for release on March 2nd. And the hotly tipped pair regales us with more of their “multidimensional sound stream broadcasting from the inner depths of Earth, while simultaneously emanating from the heart of the Milk Way Galaxy” with VAPORS and its music video. KUNZITE’s sound is not easy to typecast. In fact, it subverts expectations with its spacey pop and dance ready groove. If VAPORS really were a sound stream from space, it’s a swift reminder that space itself is shackled to time… This song seems to defy delineations of eons and epochs. Funk guitars, behemoth pop hooks, and psychedelic flourishes abound on the flashy alt electronic jam. A free download of VAPORS is available from KUNZITE’s website, here

January 25, 2018

We’ve been huge fans of all-female The Aces ever since they made their debut with utterly infectious Stuck, and we were ecstatic when Red Bull Records picked up the four piece from Utah. In fact, we were even fortunate enough to help manage an official SXSW showcase last year where I was privy to one of their first live performances.  So we’re definitely celebrating the fact that The Aces have announced their much anticipated debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, slated to arrive on April 6th. With the news comes new song Fake Nice, which the band says is a favorite off their album. It represents the funkier side of their sound with its luscious guitar licks and peppy beats, rounded out with breathy, honeyed vocals. Fake Nice is a must for fans of bands like HAIM and MUNA (like me, obviously).  The Aces explains of Fake Nice: “We wrote it about being from a smaller town and experiencing living in a big city for the first time while trying to navigate all the new personalities that come along with that.” The band will hit the road next month with COIN. The tour brings them to San Francisco on March 10th, when they play the legendary Fillmore. Snag Fake Nice from iTunes, here.