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March 24, 2018

When it comes to unforgettable indie/alt pop hits of the 2010′s, there’s no denying the timelessness and infinite infectiousness of NONONO’s Pumpin Blood. That song brings back memories of 2013 and has become a part of our musical DNA. I was plenty worried when the Swedish outfit went silent on us for a prolonged period of time after their debut album in 2014, and I celebrated when NONONO suddenly made their return late last year. Now they’ve followed up prior release Lost Song with new single Friends, out today on Warner Music Sweden.  Get ready to bounce to the vivacious energy that exudes from synthpopping, vibrant whirring Friends. 

“The song is about gaining strength by accepting your weaknesses. It was shaped by the great contrasts of the music; the melodic melancholic calm feeling that meets the fast, energetic, vibrant, and the way they interact. To me, that completely shaped the outcome of the text and melody. I began to calmly and melodically sing about pain, but when the pulsating part of the music came in, it all got filled up with an energy and I felt a joy over the fact that the sad and painful weaknesses was allowed exist. To me, it has been a weakness to not be able to make it all by myself or to be dependent on another person. Therefor it felt good to sing about it, that I don’t have to do it by myself, I can do anything with a little bit of help from my friends!“, says NONONO’s Stina Wäppling. NONONO is royalty when it comes to addictive alt pop. Watch the band’s music video for Friends below, too. NONONO is currently readying their second album. 

February 10, 2018

Always in disguise production superstar Marshmello seems to be everywhere these days. In fact, he continues to partner up with a myriad of fine pop artists on his ever growing catalog of hits. This week, he’s linked up with one of our favorite British pop stars (and martial arts champions), Anne-Marie, on a huge new tune named Friends. The single explores that universal predicament of being placed on the friend ladder. It’s a bitter yet cheeky, feisty and tart offering that’s surprisingly pop leaning for a production by Marshmello. Anne-Marie’s sultry, husky pop vocals ooze their usual sexy seductive, fierce and fiery determination. Friends is available, here.

October 23, 2017

We’re quite the BloodPop® fan, having fallen in love with the producer and musician’s bright and colorful music when he called himself Blood Diamonds. We’ll never tire of his work with Grimes, but he’s also worked wit hthe likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna in the past. We were pretty excited when he turned up with a collaboration with Justin Bieber named Friends, and now we’re even more enamored with friends due to this new version of the synth propulsive single that came to light last Friday. On additional vocals is pop sensation Julia Michaels, a seasoned and gifted songwriter to the stars herself whose been one of the biggest breakout artist this year. This absolutely rapturous new remix of Friends is available, here.

September 16, 2017

Anna of the North has long proven themselves the crème de la crème when it comes to icy ethereal synthpop. The Norwegian duo has finally released their debut album Lovers, brimming with tender stirring gems we’ve been eagerly sharing with you all. Also on Lovers is this fine new tune, Friends, a diaphanous gliding, pensive floating cut that reminds me of WET, but with Anna of the North’s trademark fleecy lightness. Make sure you check out Anna of the North’s Lovers, available from major retailers, here.

June 30, 2017

Rich clattering percussion and an iridescent glimmering brand of alt pop lure me in immediately to Sure Sure’s new single. Friends is the Los Angeles quartet’s first in quite some time. It’s a bustling gem whose melodious stroll is reminiscent of Local Natives, but with the vibrant chords of Miike Snow and the lush, bustling soundscape of Beirut. Sure Sure is the brainchild of Chris Beachy, Kevin Farzad, Charlie Glick, and Michael Coleman, who came together to create music that compresses their personal experiences in love, joy, and anger into energetic, off-kilter pop songs. Friends is described as the perfect ode to the lovelorn dreamer. It’s upbeat yet sad, and quite the hooking charmer.

June 7, 2017

Friends, sometimes they piss you off to no end, and sometimes they’re the most endearing and supportive bosom buddies that ever walked the earth. I wonder if London by way of Australia project Count Counsellor would want to be my friend, because I feel like I can’t live without his new single, Friends, and I’d like to keep it close to me now that I’ve fallen for its quirky left field pop and lustrous groove. Friends is a dynamic trip that starts off introspective with its murky psychedelia, but it bursts open a minute in, after some unexpected synthwave flourishes and coarse yelps, into bright, funky disco pop. Friends is accompanied by the announcement of a new Count Counsellor EP named ‘& The Friday Friends’ which will be arriving on Aesop / Quality Time.

February 19, 2017

Ah, friends, sometimes you can’t live without them, even when they royally piss you off for some reason or another. Marsicans pays tributes to their friends with a raucous new jam. Friends is an upbeat skittering, dirty blustering pop rock anthem. The vivacious and riotous, capricious and clamorous single is described as a “poignant ode to those sticky, youthful bonds formed with a group of friends that stretch and flicker, but never break under life’s curve-balls and stresses.” Marsicans just finished a tour supporting Hippo Campus, and they’ve just embarked on a nine date headlining tour in the UK through March to promote their new single. Find out more on their website, here. Purchase Friends from iTunes, here.

December 28, 2016

London’s MAJIK displays their spell casting capabilities yet again with one more song before the year ends. On Friends (under the influence), the magnetic duo wax sublimely soothing yet woefully moody, melting our hearts with their unique integration of soulful pop and tender electronica. Friends (under the influence) aches with exquisitely tender regret, its wispy atmosphere and poignant sentiment like a juncture between Aquilo and The xx. I lose myself in thoughts of the past, haunted by mistakes and “what ifs” as MAJIK carries me away with their wistful haunting tune, a gentle lullaby that necessitates endless continuous replays. Re-visit MAJIK’s prior moving songs on their Soundcloud.

February 28, 2016

British band Eliza And The Bear has unleashed a music video for their single Friends, and the song might be the most sweeping we’ve heard yet from the band’s long awaited debut album, which they recorded in Nashville with Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Of Monsters and Men, Modest Mouse, James Bay). Friends is bright and big, an eruption of anthemic indie rock and moving alt pop. It has the potential to be their biggest hit yet, on top of being such a heart swelling celebration of those you hold dear. Eliza And The Bear’s self titled debut album will be out April 8th via Capitol.

May 28, 2015

Friends is a warmly hooking debut single from an indie pop act from Cambridge named Tape Runs Out, who just spawned some buzz after playing The Great Escape last week. There’s a dreamy quality to Friends and its glinting shoegaze atmosphere that reminds me of Wild Nothing, but paired with a more saccharine and pop leaning melody, reminiscent of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Interlaced within its jangly pop is some retro The Cure meets The Smiths flavor, too. The only complaint I have of the charming tune is that it’s over far too soon at just a little over two minutes. The only thing to do is hit the play button again and again and again… Watch Tape Runs Out’s lo-fi music video for the song, below. Friends is out now as a double A-side along with Tape Runs Out’s Flowers on Ear To ear Records.