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January 5, 2018

Last year, Mura Masa released one of the year’s best electronic albums, and a quintessential track off the release is no doubt Lovesick, which Parisian duo SACRE has re-vamped on a brilliant cover. They inundate the original electronic track with plenty of their sparkly glitz and funky flourishes on an absolutely stunning re-work. It’s a frisky yet sleek, opalescent and French house infused rendering that kind of feels like a seamless encounter with Mura Masa, SBTRKT, C2C, and Justice, all at once. Lest you forgot how good SACRE’s originals are, make sure to re-visit them on Soundcloud, here.

October 24, 2017

Let’s close out this long and arduous Monday with a truly invigorating jam. Elusive new producer Marinsky alights on our radar out of France with a fresh and funky banger, appropriately titled Rapture. A whirlwind torrent of glamorous disco, spicy electro-funk, visceral deep house, and trendy breakbeats greets our ears as we don our sequined dancing shoes to twirl the rest of the night away to this groovalicious flight of fancy. If ZHU, C2C, Daft Punk, and Junior Senior all jammed out together, it’d probably be rapturous like Rapture. You can snag this foxy banger, such a deliciously flute fluttering, brassy trumpeting, and bass pumping affair, here.

October 24, 2017

Myd, a songwriter and producer from Paris, is signed to esteemed French label Ed Banger Records, alongside other beloved producers like Justice, Riton, SebastiAN, Breakbot, and more. So it should come as no surprise that his music is as swanky seductive and glamorously intoxicating as it is on new single The Sun, a spacey spiraling, woozy whirring dose of luminous French pop, nu-disco, and wonky electro. The Sun is like trademark Ed Banger French disco house meets Metronomy and MGMT. It’s lifted from Myd’s forthcoming EP, All Inclusive. You can purchase/stream the single via major outlets, here.

October 19, 2017

French electronic outfit KCPK dropped a heckuva gripping and riveting five track EP earlier this month named Critics. The title track is a regal sweeping, grandiose soaring anthem. Its throbbing electronica is heavily adorned in icy synths and pounding beats. It’s also infused with bold electro-rock and painted in a new wavey gloss. Critics is perfect for a visceral and liberating solo dance session. KCPK also shared a video this week for opulently pulsating, darkwavey  synthpop track The End, their current single off Critics. The theatrical clip was directed by Luc Besson’s Steadicam operator Loïc Andrieu, with cinematography by DoP Nicolas Loir (Ghostpoet, Woodkid, Alt-J) and with VFX by famous French Flame artist and VFX artist David Danesi (Jackie, The Artist). The cinematic video, which premiered on Nowness, captures a teenage girl’s worst nightmare. Stream KCPK’s Critics EP in full on Soundcloud, here

October 18, 2017

If you haven’t heard the news by now, prepare yourself for an insanely good treat from MGMT, the celebrated American psych rock and indietronica band who’s brought us a whole lot of magnificence as well as a healthy helping of divisiveness and experimentalism in the past decade with their ever changing music. That’s right, the Connecticut duo is back, and in glorious style with a fresh new song named Little Dark Age as well as a fittingly decadent and dark music video to accompany the spectacular song. Little Dark Age is an icy pulsing, slick throbbing electronic banger. MGMT has gone the cool and gloomy, glamorous and pompous route with this sudden foray into French house and electro funk, which feels deliciously gothic, too. It’s almost like they’ve taken their usual psychedelia and infused it with Justice’s electro rock/disco electro, as well as an abundance of The Cure, Depeche Mode, Soulwax, and some Tame Impala, too. Little Dark Age arrives just in time for Halloween later this month. You can snag this brilliant song, here. New MGMT might be a sign of a new album to come. I certainly hope so. I’m excited to learn more about this new evolution of MGMT and to hear more from a new body of work.

September 12, 2017

When it comes to retro styled synthwave and glitzy prancing disco pop, we can always count on Magdalena Bay to bring the steamy smoldering, glamorous whirling goods. Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Levin are back with tons of fluorescent nostalgia on sassy and dizzying pop bonanza Move Slow. You’ll want to move a whole lot to this one, but it’ll be very hard t o move slow. In fact, this one’s so feisty and chic that it even reminds me of Yacht at times, with a dashing infusion of The Knocks. You can snag Move Slow from Apple, here.

August 2, 2017

I always find myself wondering how artists, producers, and bands come up with their names. Does Third Floor actually reside on the third floor of a residence, or is this an enigmatic reference to some other obscure fact about the Australian producer? We may never know the answer to our curious musings, but we have been swept right off our feet by Third Floor’s emotionally tempestuous, smooth pumping new single, Oceans. It’s a magnificent ocean indeed, heavily saturated with glitzy glam deep house and succulent rippling nu-disco. Third Floor crushes it with that French house touch on the song. Oceans’ splendorous electronica is like Galantis interwoven with Daft Punk. It’s Third Floor’s first single in a year, though we somehow missed out on the producer’s prior releases. Purchase or stream Oceans, here.

July 20, 2017

I love a good dose of French wave every now and then. That’s exactly what Kid Francescoli gives us on Les Vitrines. The sexy seductive, sleek pulsating whorl of synthpop and electro that this South of France artist has given us tells a story of a protagonist who fell out of love and found fatal passion instead. Les Vitrines was chosen by French label Kitsuné’s music for their music-meets-art project, Kitsuné Hot Stream, which offers fresh musical discoveries highlighted by the works of a visual guest artist. That artwork is debuted in real life at Café Kitsuné in Paris.

July 4, 2017

Who else but Allure could present us with the sort of smoldering seduction and hip moving groove that overwhelms all our senses on Loving You? The Parisian producer heats up our summer night with the resplendent jam, a cut off Allure’s new Opera EP out on July 10th. Loving You’s slick falsettos and juicy pumping beats are dressed to the nines in the snazzy threads of French house. Re-visit the producer’s prior singles on Soundcloud, here, as we await that Opera EP.

June 20, 2017

The sheer amount of production talent that makes up supergroup Slow Hours is jaw dropping. The French collective involves Lain, Kultur, Astre, Khamsin, Kidswaste, and Rusty Hook. They first rocketed out of France four months ago as a united front on an exceptional remix of What So Not and Ganz’s Lone, featuring Joy. They’ve now given Petit Biscuit’s Sunset Lover the an epic transformation. The summer breezy, wistful nostalgic aria goes grand atmospheric on Slow Hours’ remix. Its orchestral magnificence reminds me of British composer Max Richter. But then that symphonic narrative explodes into vibrant fireworks. Electro house, future bass, and dubstep fuse together robustly to create a widescreen reel of technicolor brilliance. This tour the force sprawler is on the new Sunset Lover Remix EP, out now and available from iTunes, here. The six track release also features edits by Daktyl, Bearcubs, Clément Bazin, and OTR.