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March 8, 2018

We’re no expert when it comes to the fine tuning of label contracts and the bureaucracy that’s probably involved in the process, but we are glad that Austalian pop phenom Betty Who seems very content with her new return to independent status, and her first single as an indie artist is easily one of our favorite tracks from her in awhile. While Ignore Me has been picking up a lot of acclaim (check out our feature, here), it seems this new arrangement has also afforded the songbird a chance to make a sweet cameo on Dutch producer Don Diablo’s latest soaring dance anthem. Higher takes us on a swift serotonin ascent with its high energy, luscious pumping house, plus its music video is a barrage of amazing animal footage, including some adorable felines. Aside from music, animals and nature are probably my biggest passions. Combined with Don Diablo’s lifting opus and Betty Who’s sonorous vocals, this audio-visual package is pure sensory heaven. So why the critters and creatures? Higher is the title song for a wildlife feature film named Wild Amsterdam, playing in cinemas across Holland right now. Learn more about the film, here. Higher is taken from Don Diablo’s album, FUTURE, released last month and available, here.

June 16, 2016

The word “bungalow” tends to make me think of vacations and retreats, evoking escapes to fun places where epic adventures await. It’s certainly a sonic paradise that this Dutch indie electronic and neo-soul duo Bungalow takes us to on Fox, a track off their new EP 90/92. Fox is sleek hooking, funk whirring swooner. Its slinky sashay and peacock strut radiate much lustful heat. Bungalow’s song drives me to do something sly and naughty. In fact, it leaves me feeling very foxy. Stream Bungalow’s 90/92 EP in full on Soundcloud and purchase from iTunes.

Niki & the Dove live set in full

October 3, 2011

niki and the dove

I’m still oh so antsy waiting for an album from Niki & the Dove. Come on, when? WHENNnnNN? They’ve begun their first actual tour in the UK despite no album. I know a lot of you are waiting on a debut from them too. Patience, my friends, patience (or so I’m telling myself). The rumors are that their live shows so far are ridiculously good. Here’s a high quality recording of their live show… are you ready? Ohai there, awesome Swedish electro pop!
Niki & The Dove – Lifting Off Live by The Solo Artist

FOE’s Deep Water Heartbreaker

September 12, 2011


Oh, finally, the original… couldn’t find a version that streamed alright in the United States for awhile, only some remixes. Here’s Foe’s Deep Water Heartbreaker. As mentioned before, they’re from the UK, super obscure, but a GREAT grimy grungy sound that I’ve been looking forward to hearing more of for awhile. You can also listen to Fox in the soundcloud embed below, which I previously posted.
Deep Water Heartbreaker by FOE

FOE’s The Fox

August 18, 2011

Waiting for FOE to make a record. They’re pretty awesome. They’re from the UK.