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April 20, 2018

Life can’t get any better for an Elohim fan like me these days. I just caught her on tour at Slim’s in San Francisco the other weekend. She released Panic Attacks, a new song with Yoshi Flower, last month. And her effervescent voice graced The Glitch Mob’s life affirming I Could Be Anything earlier this month, too. And now, the Los Angeles based production, songwriting, and instrumental sensation (so sensational!) has appeared on a new single from Ekali and Medasin, too! They make the perfect trifecta on the gorgeous future pop and future trap aria. Its sparkling soundscape and Elohim’s enthralling voice give Forever a delicate vulnerability, a beautiful antithesis to Forever’s expansive, cosmic scope. We feel naked and comforted, defenseless and consoled, all at once, thanks to the nimble embrace of this gorgeous song. You can listen to Forever forever with us, support the single and stream/download, here.

January 20, 2018

Though the music we consume and share nowadays ranges far and wide on the genre spectrum and often favors the pop and electronic arenas, a part of me will always be devoted to raw and angsty emo styled rock. Glorious indeed is the alt rock that Glass Tides brings us on their new single Forever, the Adelaide four piece’s first single off their debut EP Thoughts. Emotional and cinematic, intense and grandiose Forever hits home for people dealing with the loss of a loved one. The band plans to hit the stage this March, and they’re working hard at perfecting their stage sound to give their fans the best possible live show. The cathartic sweeping anthem is out now via major digital outlets. 

August 22, 2017

I tend to gravitate to art that is dark and somber, haunting and opaque, no matter if its film, music, or any other form of artistry. I’m pretty sure that’s why I was immediately drawn to School of X’s sound. Rasmus Littauer, the Danish musician behind the project, crafts darkwave tinged alt electronica. New single Forever is a perfect example of why I can’t resist School of X. Its icy mesmerizing synths, urban beats, and fevered vocals fall somewhere in between TR/ST and LISS, with a pinch of recent Portugal. the Man (in particular Noise Pollution from their latest album). Forever is strangely captivating and deliciously skin crawling. You can re-visit Words and the scant few other tunes School of X has offered up on his Soundcloud, here.

June 20, 2017

London by way of Yorkshire trio FLAWES are back with their first new material since they created a feverish buzz with their 2016 EPs, Ctrl and Unspkn. Forever, out now via Red Bull Records, is the first taste from the band’s forthcoming EP, due out this fall. Forever, which sees the trio teaming up with London producer Lostboy, is a velveteen electro soul and electronic pop swooner with rich swelling synths and buttery melting vocals. The single is about rushing into a relationship because you’re so infatuated with the other person that everything seems flawless and perfect, only to find that love has blinded you to the truth. Anyone who has been caught in the passion of love and obsession understands this scenario and the heartache it tends to lead us into, but when it comes to FLAWES, I’m pretty sure I’m not blinded when I say that I can’t find any fault in plush melting Forever. The single can be purchased from iTunes, here.

April 13, 2017

Forever seems like a very long time, but it’s very possible we may be in love with Refs forever, especially if the NYC project continues presenting us with lavish pumping synthpop and soulful pop dazzlers like this new treat. Forever’s creamy vocals are met by luminous shimmering retrowave synths and high vaulting electro beats, making it a ravishing and exhilarating anthem that packs a whole lot of emotive punch. It’s no wonder Forever premiered earlier this week on acclaimed HBO series Girls. 

January 18, 2017

Oxford based singer songwriter Lewis Watson is preparing for the release of his sophomore album, midnight, due out March 3rd on Cooking Vinyl. He teases us with a gorgeous James Bay meets Tom Odell-esque song from the record named Forever. The pensive gliding, honeyed rhapsodic folk pop anthem affords us a heartfelt preview of the new album’s acoustic pop sound. Lewis Watson will embark on a headline tour in March in support of the album after late last year’s successful string of intimate performances in the UK. Pre-order midnight from various outlets, here, and you can get Forever and three other tunes right away.

November 1, 2016

Even if you’re one of those people who find soy based tofu absolutely atrocious (and trust me, tofu can be really delicious), you’re going to find this


remix absolutely appetizing, so much so you won’t be able to stop devouring it over and over again. Vancouver based producer tofû offers up an exhilarating re-work of NY producer Lucian’s Forever, that beauty of a gripping future bass gem that features ravishing vocals by Nashville’s REMMI. While the original was dark and grandiose with sharp vehement edges, tofû’s remix is takes on an ethereal electro step airiness. Its smooth rounded chops and wavy glittering veneer gives us a delightfully fresh approach on Forever that I welcome with much zeal. Download the edit for free, here.

August 31, 2016

I knew I had to share this one when I first stumbled upon it yesterday afternoon, and I was immensely delighted to find out it was a serendipitous debut discovery, too. Kwon arrives to thrill us from the DMV area (which I only recently learned means the D.C., Virginia, Maryland area of the East Coast and has nothing to do with motor vehicles). Though he started producing back in 2012, he’s had a classical instrument background throughout his life. After exposing himself to some life changing music in college, Kwon new he needed to compose music, not just DJ. That’s when he started working with some of our favorite artists in the budding modern scene right now, including Stephen, Imad Royal, Manila Killa, and more. Out of this journey comes Kwon’s Forever, his very first single. The track samples Eminem and Lil Wayne hit Forever, pitch shifting and chopping it up to create a gusty blast of wavy trap and hypnotic beats. If a song can be both mellow and electrifying, chill yet stimulating, this one’s it. It feels like forever, an eternity of scenic halls and surrealist textures through which was synchronously spiral and float. Forever is a free download, here.

May 25, 2016

British duo Miamigo come at us in full force on vibrant bold, smoldering hot new song Forever. The new single, which first premiered on Huw Stephen’s Radio 1 show last night, is a storming torrent of sultry growling guitar, spacey synths, and dark moody vocals. It’s a much unique blend of sleek pop and thrilling alt rock on Forever. The song arrives just after Miamigo set the stage on fire with their The Great Escape set, something I wish I could catch live someday. Forever can be purchased now from iTunes.

May 5, 2016

It’s been a moment since we’ve heard from fastidious New York’s Lucian, and it’s with a sigh of delight that we dive into a brand new song from the producer, who once again teams up with Nashville chanteuse REMMI for a double punch of arresting intensity. Forever is a preview and the title track from Lucian’s debut EP slated for release at the end of this month. As a long time fan of Lucian, I thought I was prepared for the majestic future bass and hypnotic chill trap on Forever, but I was wrong. Forever is rich and restless, a regal and pronounced laser beam of a potent anthem. It holds me hostage from start to finish, or perhaps… forevermore. Download Forever from Toneden, here, and await with me in excitement for Lucian’s debut EP.