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April 25, 2018

On my own, with strangers, or with the closest of people, I really don’t care…  I’m ready dance my heart out to this contagiously exultant single from Fool Child, a Melbourne based four piece founded by UK expats Scott Harrison and Matthew Green. The two have been blending the ethereal soundscapes of indie-folk with the light-hearted clutter of surf-rock together since they met while traveling several years ago. New single Dance On Your Own is an expansive beauty, with folksy marching beats and harmoniously soaring vocals. It’s a feel good summer anthem, swimming in warm honesty and dripping with Milky Chance-like vibrancy & Foals-like guitars. Dance On Your Own is available from iTunes, here.

April 18, 2018

A full year has passed since Australian indie folk project Hollow Coves last tenderly pummeled our hearts with the duo’s gently billowing songs, whose softly rolling waves and misty sea gusts are nostalgic and contemplative, introspective and heartfelt. But the pair get right back on track with new single Ran Away, whose reedy strums and ardent vocals tug longingly at the heart . Its twangy pastoral, warm and earnest. Ran Away feels cozy and snug despite its wayfaring melancholia. And it’s available, here.

April 11, 2018

A car park normally seems rather boring and mundane. After all, it’s a simple structure that keeps our automobiles safe from the elements, or bird poop, too. I really wish I had a car park here at work, where my car gets bombarded by bird poop. Car parks suddenly take on a romantic allure and a whole lot of magical enchantment as the namesake of Fenne Lily’s latest single. The singer songwriter from Bristol is as enamoring as she’s ever been with her rye, honeyed voice on the folksy strummer. Though Car Park is a gently ambling tune, it packs a lot of restless turmoil and emotion within its poignant yet hopeful lyricism. Car Park’s intimate confession is an optimistic light at the end of the tunnel, an atonement that offers a charming taste of the lauded artist’s just released debut album On Hold, available through Fenne Lily’s website, here.

April 11, 2018

If you’re fond of emotive folk rock, interspersed with dynamic riffs and poetic, romantic lyricism in the ilk of Damien Rice or Ben Howard, I highly recommend you check out Welsh singer songwriter Ivan Moult and his gorgeous new tune, Carried Over Water. Not only is his whiskey-soaked voice soothing, but the acoustic strums of the song seem to pull our very hearts along with its gentle crimps and curls, straight across an ocean of memories and regrets. The song is the third isngle to emerge from Ivan Moult’s forthcoming album, Longest Shadow. 

March 24, 2018

It’s officially spring as of three days ago, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still prime time to melt to your heart’s content to Tors’ autumnal harmonies and pastoral folk rock. The British three piece, whose members have written music for a wide array of television series and other artists in the past, continue to make a deep impact back home in the UK with their ardent hymnals by releasing We Say No. The bittersweet but cathartic anthem about mental health struggles (depressing and anxiety) feels like early Kodaline gone reedy then adorned with Bear’s Den’s heart bursting atmospherics. The single arrives just after Tors completed their sold out UK tour with Tom Walker. The band has also announced their upcoming EP Wilder Days as well as a debut appearance at The Great Escape. It’s obvious Tors has a huge year ahead of them, and we’ll be gladly watching and listening to their adventures. Keep up with Tors on Facebook, here.

March 21, 2018

We were instantly enamored by Swedish singer songwriter Anna Leone when she made her debut last year with My Soul I, a smoky emulsion fusing indie soul with pastoral folk. She then followed that sterling tune up with I Never Really, another beautifully heartrending, pensively melancholic gem. Re-visit our features, here. Now, our journey with the budding artist continues with news of her debut EP, Wandered Away, as well as a brand new stunner named If Only You. Like her other songs, Anna Leone’s If Only You is a soft caress, but this time she’s also taking us on a windswept ride with the wistful beauty. Emotive and raw, honest and moving If Only You is nothing short of flaweess, a rich tapestry woven with tender guitar and Anna Leone’s gracefully affecting vocals. If Only You is out now on indie label Half Awake / All Points / Believe. Her five track debut EP, produced by Bryan Wilson (Grammy nominated producer, engineer, & mixer who’s worked with Florence + The Machine, Wolf Alice, Arctic Monkeys, and more) will arrive on April 20th. Pre-order, here.

March 13, 2018

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March 10, 2018

On May 4th, Calgary’s Reuben and the Dark will be releasing their long awaited sophomore album, Arms Of A Dream. It’s been three long years since the folk rockers have emulsified our hearts with songs like Heart In Two and Bow And Arrow from their debut album Funeral Sky. They’re back, as magnificent as ever, on All Or Nothing, a sprawling, soaring anthem bursting with heartfelt emotion. The lead single is described as an anthem that “careens on the boundary of confidence and complete desperation.” That nuanced balance is incredibly powerful and moving. Pre-order/pre-save Reuben and the Dark’s new album, here.

March 6, 2018

Dreamy and fluffy like a warm, soft, & tranquil breeze just after a storm has unleashed its fury and faded away, Fortaleza captures both our hearts and our imaginations. The verdant folktronica and dream folk song beckons us, like the gentle burble of a pristine creek in which Bon Iver and Ry X meld tenderly and gently. The song comes from Hanging Valleys, a trio from the UK who are preparing a second EP for release later this year. Watch the group’s picturesque music video for Fortaleza below, and grab the halcyon soother from iTunes, here.

March 6, 2018

Splinters may be understated and austere, but it packs an emotional punch in its poignant lyrics and 18 year old newcomer Ellie Occleston’s beautifully clarion, ardently moving voice. Her piano ballad feels like an intimate confessional, or a comforting soft gust of wind that gently wraps itself around the heart. The London based folk singer songwriter has reeled us in with her anguished lament, its “splinters” resonating with the splinters we carry in our own hearts.  The debut is undeniably bittersweet, yet such a euphoniously stirring stunner. Grab the gorgeous song from iTunes, here.