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April 25, 2018

On my own, with strangers, or with the closest of people, I really don’t care…  I’m ready dance my heart out to this contagiously exultant single from Fool Child, a Melbourne based four piece founded by UK expats Scott Harrison and Matthew Green. The two have been blending the ethereal soundscapes of indie-folk with the light-hearted clutter of surf-rock together since they met while traveling several years ago. New single Dance On Your Own is an expansive beauty, with folksy marching beats and harmoniously soaring vocals. It’s a feel good summer anthem, swimming in warm honesty and dripping with Milky Chance-like vibrancy & Foals-like guitars. Dance On Your Own is available from iTunes, here.

November 8, 2017

Fil Bo Riva’s back with a new tune, and it’s named Head Sonata (Love Control). Classically speaking, a sonata is a three movement song. Head Sonata (Love Control) would more than likely represent the second part of the composition with its lively exuberance and sashaying beats. The Berlin based multi-talented artist douses us with raw and ballsy energy on the song, but it certainly has its slow simmering moments, too. Fil Bo Riva is preparing to release a debut album after having released his debut EP, ‘If You’re Right, It’s Alright’ and playing to sold out crowds on tours in Germany, Austra, and Switzerland. He’ll be fittingly supporting Milky Chance this fall. I say fittingly, because his music actually reminds me of Milky Chance in regards to its stomping vivaciousness and genre defying alt allure. We’re certainly extra excited for his full length after this dashing, rousing first taste. 

November 1, 2017

I’m still rather crestfallen I totally missed the announcement for Milky Chance’s show at the Independent in San Francisco earlier this year, which sold out long before I caught wind of the news. But at least I got to see them perform a glorious set from up close at Live 105′s BFD over the summer. The German outfit released a terrific sophomore album in Blossom this year, and now we get to watch a new music video for their song Bad Things, featuring British artist Izzy Bizu. Watch them pace city streets as you jam out to the band’s signature fusion of reggae plus folk inflected alt rock and dance ready groove. Izzy Bizu’s soulful, honeyed vocals add plenteous extra charm to the song. Blossom is available, here.

July 27, 2017

Berlin by way of New York singer songwriter Sara Hartman has kept our hearts willingly imprisoned by her music since she swept us off our feet with her pop debut, Monster Lead Me Home, well over a year ago. We’re not going anywhere after watching the vivid music video for her new single Dance With A Ghost, a hauntingly beautiful folk pop and animated alt pop ballad whose foot stomping rhythm is wildly contagious. Dance With A Ghost’s windswept pop is lead by Sara Hartman’s pristine voice. The song is poignantly stirring yet triumphantly lifting, with lyrics that include “better to dance alone, than dance with a ghost”. You can also stream Dance With A Ghost by way of Spotify, here.

July 13, 2017

As much as I love the great outdoors, I’ve yet to make my way back to Yosemite since a handful of trips with my family when I was young. I know it’s a travesty, considering the fact that Yosemite isn’t even that far from the Bay, and it’s a treasure trove of picturesque scenery (as Ansel Adams so famously documented) and inspiring challenges, like Half Dome. You know what’s another treasure trove? New London artist Hider’s halcyon soothing song Yosemite, which is an abundance of nostalgic feels. On Yosemite, Hider melds Milky Chance-like folksy earthiness, Broken Back-like alt dance beats, and Portugal. the Man-like lofty vocals to create a summery lifting, lambently comforting song that could certainly light up any trip to Yosemite. You can purchase Hider’s Yosemite from iTunes, here.

February 11, 2017

Guess who’s back, back again, with yet another superb taste from a forthcoming album? German duo Milky Chance! The pair stokes the flames of everyone’s excitement for their long awaited sophomore album with Ego. If there’s anyone who should have an ego after spectacular debut LP Sadnecessary and the first songs we’ve heard from Blossom, it’s these guys. Yet, they’re as down to earth and dusty charming as ever on the easy stomping, effortless leaping charmer, a fine display of their signature dance meets folk brand of sound. Clemens, one half of Milky Chance, explains that Ego is about a distance that is impossible to overcome. Blossom arrives on March 17th. Pre-order, here. This Milky Chance fan is rather gutted that I completely missed the announcement of their tour stop at the Independent in San Francisco on Friday March 10th. It sold out in a jiffy. 

January 18, 2017

Heads up, Milky Chance is back with a jolly new tune, and by jolly, I mean downright snazzy buoyant, crunchy bouncing mixture of their signature indie dance meets reggae inflected folk sound. Funky guitars strut throughout Doing Good, a new single from the German duo’s newly announced sophomore album Blossom, a sure to be ace follow up to unforgettable debut album Sadnecessary. The pair is more than just “doing good”. Turns out, they announced a tour yesterday, and before I even got a whiff of the news, they’d already sold out their stop in San Francisco at the Independent, a nice intimate chance to experience their music live yet again. Blossom drops on March 17th via Ignition Records. Watch the video for Doing Good below. 

December 15, 2016

Melding experimental folk and alt dance comes an enigmatic new artist named Boy Willows. He melts me to the core on this wet frigid winter night with a stunning debut named I’m Good. The song’s earthy verdant strumming and Boy Willows’ deep rolling voice are undeniable draws to this song, one both homey intimate and snazzy lavish, like a silky cross between HONNE and Milky Chance. Boy Willows’ music is reportedly heavily inspired by the natural world. An upcoming debut EP is set to arrive “when the weather turns”.

June 22, 2016

As a long time supporter of Toronto artist and Sideways Collective member Coleman Hell, it’s such sweet news that he’ll be releasing a debut album this summer. Coleman Hell, who much of the world now knows, thanks to his runaway breakout hit 2 Heads, obviously has a knack for forging and delivering the catchiest fusions of folk, dance, rock, and pop. It’s that exact scintillating combination that he gives us once again on his latest single, Flowerchild. The jangling bright, jaunty exuberant song is a firecracker of a jam. Flowerchild is out now on Columbia Records. Coleman Hell will be appearing at various festivals this summer taking him all across North America. 

May 2, 2016

It really wasn’t too much of a surprise to IHM when Toronto’s Coleman Hell took the world by storm with his ubiquitously enthralling single 2 Heads. After all, we’ve been enjoying music by Coleman and his Sideways Collective buddies for some time now, and we knew it was only a matter of time. Now that 2 Heads has dominated the world, what comes next? Another hit, of course! Coleman Hell is back at it with new song Fireproof, another rousing, exhilarating blend of earthy indietronica and folksy dance pop that will surely blow up the charts. Coleman Hell sure knows how to deliver the goods. Fireproof is another magnificent jam, one that leaves me feeling invincible and ready to tear up a dance floor like a pro. Fireproof is out now on Columbia.