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May 6, 2016

Heads up, kids. FMLYBND is making their way back to Northern California next week, and they’ll be playing Brick & Mortar on May 10th alongside a stacked roster of other IHM lauded acts including Olivver the Kid and Dark Waves. As I’ve said over and over and over and over again in the past, FMLYBND puts on one of the best live shows around, churning the crowd into euphoric frenzy with the Southern California band’s high energy indie electronic and alt pop music. As they head out on tour this week, FMLYBND reveals a sexy new 80′s slow jam named OH. This one’s a little different from those spirited electro pumping tunes of yore. FMLYBND goes extra gooey on the intoxicating retro meets future synthpop song, even suffusing it with an abundance of sultry horns by the song’s end. OH is a sumptuous scorcher. Head over to Soundcloud for a download of the tune and for information about FMLYBND’s spring tour.

March 3, 2016

Yes, indeed, one of my favorite indie acts, FMLYBND, has released a new music video for exceptional recent single, Space And Time. But before we launch into that, let me just say, as I do believe I’ve said many times before… FMLYBND is incredible live, and everyone needs to go see them! I’ve now caught the Southern Californian outfit twice at Popscene, and each time, they’ve sent the crowd into frenetic euphoria with their energetic stage presence and spectacular tunage. Now, to get back on track, let’s get lost in Space And Time’s woozy synths, pulsating beats, and slick charm via its new video. The synthpop meets alt pop jam reminds me of Miike Snow at times with its smooth vocals and vibrant spirit. Space And Time comes from FMLYBND’s Hearts On Fire EP, an excellent five track release they dropped earlier this year. Purchase on iTunes.

January 18, 2016

Some mighty fine EPs were dropped by some of my favorite indie and electronic bands this past Friday, including FMLYBND’s five track EP, Hearts On Fire. IHM has been heaping praise on the Southern California outfit for some time now, never able to resist the outfit’s brand of glimmering rich synthpop. It all continues on Heart On Fire, as we delve deep into the sparkles and driving energy of the animated title track. “Have an adventure and go for a ride”, they croon. Every FMLYBND song has been exactly that. Stream FMLYBND’s Hearts On Fire EP in full on Soundcloud. FMLYBND returns to San Francisco next month, and I expect their Popscene show to be as vibrant and spectacular as the last time they were here in the City. 

December 22, 2015

FMLYBND is returning to San Francisco next February, and I’m much excited to catch them again at Popscene. Though it feels like just yesterday, it’s been 8 months since I last saw them, and what a treat that was. FMLYBND had the whole place shaking with their vibrant and vivacious electronic pop songs. This week, the Santa Barbara based outfit unveiled new song Space And Time, a song as boisterously and boldly transcendental as its name might imply. There’s no doubt Space And Time is signature FMLYBND with its woozy synths, smooth vocals, and animated beats. At certain moments, Space And Time also reminds me of Miike Snow. It’s a hooking, uptempo jam that I’ll have on repeat for months on end, up till the forthcoming show and beyond. Space And Time will be part of a new Hearts On Fire EP, due out January 15th.

May 27, 2015

Y’all know how much I love FMLYBND, and their song Young Wild was certainly one of the earlier tunes that first reeled me in. While the original carries a driving, stomping tempo and a crisp, explosive energy, Danish producer Watashi reworks the track into a future bass and chill trap gem that swirls languidly and drifts dreamily for the first couple minutes before it starts shimmering and pulsing with more urgency. Even at those intoxicating levels of swelling synths, there’s a ghostly, gossamer quality to the lustrous remix that puts Young Wild in a whole new opaque light. Watashi’s edit is part of a big remix package that also features remixes by Ken Loi and Choice. It’s available exclusively on Beatport (Dancepush Recordings). 

April 29, 2015

FMLYBND is about to embark on tour with Milky Chance, and having caught both those acts in intimate venues and watched the crowd erupt with energized mirth, I highly recommend you make your way out to a show, though I have a suspicion that most of the gigs are long sold out. Save Me From Myself is the latest track from Santa Barbara’s FMLYBND, and on it, they chose to showcase a slightly different sound. Save Me From Myself is a much grittier, much more rocking song, unlike their synthier, electrifying tracks. It’s still highly energetic, just in a different way. While their mind blowing cover of the Pixies’ Where Is My Mind was, in a sense, FMLYBND seeping into Pixies, glorious Save Me From Myself is very much a Pixies seeping into FMLYBND sort of track. There’s no doubt that Pixies’ grungy surf rock is an influence on this fantastic act. Save Me From Myself is FMLYBND’s latest addition to their song a month series. 

March 31, 2015


Euphoria is an apt song title considering how FMLYBND’s new song is about to make you feel. It’s also appropriate for how overjoyed I am to share their new track. You see, the band, from Santa Barbara, is one of my most favored emerging acts. This fond regard has only been heightened by the FMLYBND show I was lucky enough to catch a few weeks ago at Popscene in San Francisco. They brought the house down with their animated, vivacious set. The crowd surged, leapt, and bound to every beat of every song, fully inebriated on FMLYBND, even going as far as crowd surfing in a space which normally doesn’t see that sort of action. 

After enrapturing us with several sensational releases this year, including a cover of the Pixies’ Where Is My Mind that rivals, if not tops, the best of the plentiful covers from across the decades, they continue on their song a month path and regal us once again, with magnificent Euphoria. 

Euphoria is an enthralling alt and synthpop anthem full of vigor. Unlike what we’ve heard so far from FMLYBND this year, its ravishing lead vocals are delivered by the female member of the band, Mac Montgomery’s wife Braelyn (hence the name FMLYBND). She also showcases her masterful song writing talent on the track. Braelyn’s voice is an excellent fit for Euphoria’s soaring melody and near dizzying, twirling energy. Warm, swelling synths and a dance ready cadence conjure some Passion Pit innuendo, but Euphoria is also doused with a bittersweet, wistful dreaminess. It’s a song that makes me want to dance all night till the sun comes up, only to find myself heartsick to leave it all behind as sweet memories past.

FMLYBND will be touring with Milky Chance next month, a sensational billing that promises a spectacular evening. They also have a few more shows lined up before then. I highly recommend you keep an eye out for deets on or on  

February 24, 2015

I was fortunate enough to get an early preview of this new FMLYBND several weeks ago, and I was so giddy with how great it is that I could barely keep it to myself. Like all the other tracks the Southern California based band has given us these past few months, Air is a thrilling, atmospheric synthpop song with plenty of their muggy, hazy, and sensual ambiance. Shimmering and luscious, Air is an anthemic and magnificent song, darkly edged and gritty yet uplifting and sublime. The fast rising act is releasing a song a month, with every song available as a free download. I can’t wait to hear March’s track, but in the meantime, I’ll be drifting away to Air. I’m also very excited to catch FMLYBND on March 6th at Popscene in San Francisco. FMLYBND will be touring with red hot German duo Milky Chance this spring, too!

January 27, 2015

FMLYBND is another endearing act that has quickly become a favorite emerging indie band in the past months. Their cover of Pixies classic Where Is My Mind has been resonating in my mind since its release late last year. Now, the Southern California band kicks off 2015 with another stellar release, Letting Go. It’s a muggy, slinky, but deliciously vibrant treat, and it kicks off FMLYBND’s exciting plan to release a new single for free every month of the year. I’m reminded of sultry Glass Animals meets Balearic Crystal Fighters on Letting Go, but much more popping and lively, like with the contagious warm energy of Little Daylight. While we’re here, we might as well thrill our ears again with FMLYBND’s effervescent cover of Where Is My Mind.

December 5, 2014

The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind is one of my all time favorite songs. Sure, there have been some magnificent covers of the song that I love, one of which was done by Placebo, but if you’re going to take on the timeless alt rock classic, you’d better do it well. When I saw that Southern California synthpop/alt pop act FMLYBND covered the tune, I clicked the play button with reservations. But I was immediately delightfully swept away by their effervescent, dreamy synthpop rendition. The bubbly production and swirly atmosphere reminds me of Mr. Little Jeans’ cover of Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. Magical and intoxicating, FMLYBND has really hit the bullseye on this bewitching cover. They’re giving away the track for free to celebrate their December tour with The Wild Wild. If you missed FMLYBND’s muggy, pulsing original Young Wild a couple months ago, revisit with me below.