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March 22, 2017

The Bay’s own Stanford graduated music talent K.Flay may be thoroughly slaying with her fierce new tunes as of late, but let’s not forget how fine of an infectious and intense anthem FML was when it came out close to a year ago, too. San Francisco based producer FAREUS gifts us with a welcome revisit of FML by giving the track a dynamic remix full of twists and turns. Pensive and profound moments are followed by vehement flaring future chops, then displaced by mellow warbling cosmic introspection. I’m an avid fan of k?d’s expansive music, and FAREUS may be my city’s own answer to that whiz kid’s sonic artistry. FAREUS’ remix of FML is a free download, here.

May 13, 2016

That’s right, kids, it’s yet another remix of K.Flay’s marvelous fierce single FML. Though I’ve already shared a very long list of incredible FML remixes, it’d be criminal not to share this new one, too. FML goes far darker and ominous on a jolting bouncy remix by Italian producer Phonat. This is easily one of the more unpredictable thrillers to come along in the spate of edits we’ve been enjoying. Phonat’s house and garage remix is edgy and fresh, an entrapping web of voluminous swells and sharply pointed snares. The serrated track is spine tingling, to say the least. 

May 3, 2016

The steady stream of mind melting remixes of K.Flay’s super rad smash FML keep flowing. Today, we get to delve into the capacious trap hallways of SMLE’s remix. The production duo from Miami give us a graceful edit both vibrant and soothing. The melodic remix gives yet another way of enjoying K.Flay’s massive tune, one which I’m much convinced I may never tire of. K.Flay also revealed a marvelous music video for FML today, one created for Adult Swim by animator and director Ken Edge. Watch as cartoon K.Flay explores the recesses of her mind and the angst it harbors on the trippy video below. SMLE’s remix is a free download, here.

April 29, 2016

I’m reeling and exhausted from eight shows in eleven nights (my “fauxchella” here in the Bay) including a surprise Local Natives show at Popscene last night where we were the lucky few to hear them debut new material for the first time. I’m needing a dose of revitalizing energy. Delivering that exact punch I need is this remix of K.Flay’s red hot smash FML by Los Angeles’ Lincoln Jesser. FML has been remixed by a long list of respected producers, and it was a pleasant surprise to see an edit surface crafted by the oft IHM praised indie artist who we don’t normally associate with remixing projects. Lincoln Jesser’s FML slaps and digs, jounces and bounces, but it’s also sleek and steady, a dreamy dark, deeply thumping house remix.

April 13, 2016

We’re keeping it in the bay with this one, a remix of K.Flay’s sensational new single FML by Oakland producer KRNE, who I’ve been calling one of the most exciting electronic acts to quickly rise out of California this past year. FML goes vastly atmospheric and majestically vibrant on KRNE’s trap meets future house remix, a must listen off of the lit FML remix package that K.Flay just unleashed. KRNE’s remix is a free download, here.

April 12, 2016

I’ve been waiting to hear this new remix of K.Flay’s spectacular new single FML since I first caught wind of it a few days ago. Not only do I always find Vancouver producer VANIC’s work fascinatingly sublime, but my favorite VANIC remixes have always been his re-works of K.Flay songs. The gritty electronic pop and hip hop of captivating and intense FML collides with the magnificent future bass and chill trap of VANIC, exploding like a supernova into an atmospheric display of sonic fireworks. Life really can’t be that bad when we have a brand new K.Flay remix by VANIC to feast on, over and over and over again. VANIC’s vociferous remix is a free download, here.

March 29, 2016

Despite being a long time fan of K.Flay and knowing full well that she delivers electronic pop and hip hop fire on her gritty tunes, I’m still completely floored by her latest song, FML. The captivating and intense song follows on the heels of the Bay Area artist’s unforgettable guest vocals on Louis The Child’s mega hit, It’s Strange. FML is a stark reminder of how powerful her unique brand of infectious, stalwart electro hip hop can be. If FML and It’s Strange are any indication of the rest of the year ahead, it’s going to be a magnificent 2016 for this brilliant and innovative artist.