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February 21, 2018

I can’t stop celebrating the fact that we can call Justice Skolnik one of our very own San Francisco grown talents. It’s only been a week since the rising producer gave us his genius re-work of Madeon’s smash hit You’re On, but here he is again, with a stellar remix of quintessential Flume classic, Sleepless. It takes some guts to take on such a well loved track from the future bass pioneer, but Justice Skolnik proves his mettle and does so with authority on an immaculate remix. He’s evolved Sleepless from that early 2012 chill trap/future bass sound into a state-of-the-art bubbly jouncing, airy flickering, and bright prancing treat. The next time you don’t want to go to bed yet, slap this track on and prepare to dance through the night. Just sneak some naps in at work, easy. Justice Skolnik’s Sleepless remix is a free download, here.

December 21, 2017

Celebrated future bass pioneer and influential chill trap trailblazer Harley Streten, better known as Australian production luminary Flume, has teamed up with Greenpeace to reveal some unreleased music. He provides a brilliant instrumental soundtrack to Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s stunning underwater visuals, giving us a glimpse at the horrible effects of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef. Flume’s percussive resplendence and pivoting synths embellishes this signaturely compelling piece, whilst Greenpeace’s video is both wondrously beautiful and devastatingly sad. You can sign a petition, here, in support of protecting the reef. 

October 20, 2017

Flume’s Skin was an incredible album. But there’s nothing like Flume’s debut album, particularly when it comes to a classic like Insane. The Australian producer gave us a game changing track in the form of the pioneering future bass and chill trap anthem, featuring Moon Holiday. I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find a single producer these days who doesn’t dearly respect and love Insane. Los Angeles producer Kaivon shows his love by offering up a magnificent remix of the song. Heavy shuddering, brain jostling grandeur abounds on this majestic and dramatic, breathtaking and exhilarating melodic bass edit. It’s a transformation well worthy of the timeless original. Download the remix for free, here.

September 18, 2017

This one’s been out and about blowing minds and dropping jaws for well over a week, too. Vancouver based electronic project On Planets, helmed by singer songwriter and producer Sean Wharton, has covered quintessential Bon Iver classic Flume, and the resulting total makeover is astonishing, to say the least. The dark moody re-imagination is tense gripping and taut riveting, a textural masterpiece with emotionally charged vocals and a raw yet sophisticated soundscape reminiscent of early future bass and chill trap releases. The post-EDM cover evokes early Flume, as well as Hudson Mohawke and some of the organic dynamism of Lido. Download the brilliant creation, so completely different from the original, here.

August 27, 2017

Phenomenal true future track by Kavion. I can see why it’s titled ‘Alive’, because dear lord am I peaking?! It has hints of Flume but is distinctively its own flavor and damn well deserves to be the entree. 

June 29, 2017

I’d caught wind of how much of a behemoth collaboration the latest Vince Staples single would be days ahead of its release last Friday, alongside the rest of the Long Beach rapper’s sophomore album Big Fish Theory, and I’d been eagerly awaiting to check it out. I mean, how often does a track come out that involves as many celebrated artists as Yeah Right? The monstrous hip hop and electronica track lives every bit up to the hype. Yeah Right is a razor sharp, tense gripping jolter involving cutting edge producer SOPHIE, venerated future bass pioneer Flume, esteemed hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar, and Sydney singer songwriter KUČKA, who’s already collaborated with Flume on his album Skin. You’d think there’d be too many “chefs in the kitchen”, but Yeah Right works perfectly. You can recognize each artist’s contribution to the song, whether it’s the carbonated vivacity of SOPHIE, or the jarring grit of Flume, or Kendrick’s tense and en point delivery, or

KUČKA’s instantly recognizable, sharply captivating voice.

June 20, 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to Flume’s Never Be Like You, featuring Kai, even though I couldn’t get enough of it for months on end when it first dropped. Never Be Like You is without a doubt Flume’s most successful single. It propelled him into the world of mainstream radio play… a constant, inescapable play, at that. Arizona’s OLMOS reminds me how much I still love Never Be Like You with a welcome remix re-visit. Deep rumbling bass and scintillating chops create a cinematic and expansive experience on OLMOS’ future bass re-work. OLMOS’ remix is a grand exhilarating adventure, and you can snag it for free, here.

May 8, 2017

I’m sure plenty of you have already been ecstatically blasting that new Flume for the past three days. For those of you that haven’t encountered Harley Streten’s new single Hyperreal, this one’s for you. The track, which features ever bewitching Sydney siren Kučka, is the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to Flume’s Skin Companion EP II, out now on vinyl. If you’re one of those people who loved Flume the best when he’s crafted a vocal-centric anthem like some of his biggest hits these days, Hyperreal’s going to win you over instantly. Thumping house and recoiling future R&B intermix under the expert guidance and creative vision of one of the world’s favorite producers on this new mesmeric anthem, which you can purchase or stream via alternate sources, here.

April 21, 2017

It took all my strength this week not to break protocol and share features out of sequence when this jaw dropping track arrived earlier this week. Gramatik and Ramzoid’s interpretation of Flume instrumental Wall Fuck is that incredible. Though it may have gotten the least spotlight out of all the amazing songs on Flume’s sophomore album, I actually consider it one of the best tracks off Skin. NYC’ Gramatik and Canada’s Ramzoid have accomplished no easy feat in creating their ethereal and other worldly take on the gritty jolting, visceral jabbing, and dynamic shuffling tune. The trap on these producers’ Wall Fuck feels a little bit more introspective, a tad more reticent, yet still labyrinthian thrilling.

March 30, 2017

Back to the City Of Lights we go as yet another gifted French producer brings us all the feels on a dusky chic original named Neon Girl featuring singer songwriter and fellow Parisian Ernest Mori. Bazane’s presents us with a wonky chill emulsion constructed out of the chic elegance of French electro and the coruscant glamor of nu-disco. It’s almost as if Metronomy has gone jazzy electro funk on us. We feel like we’re in Paris right now as we shuffle and sway to this resplendent confection. For more of Bazane’s sonic wizardry, a visit with his remix of Flume’s Never Be Like You is a must. Stream that luscious grooving treat below. You can also find an alternate stream of Neon Girl via Soundcloud there, too. Neon Girl can be purchased from Bandcamp.