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January 13, 2018

It’s been nearly a year since I last caught Oregon heartbreakers and dashing troubadours flor live. They dazzled the crowd at a showcase I was managing at SXSW with their saccharine sparkling blend of alt rock and synthpop. flor went on to release a fantastic debut album named “come out. you’re hiding” on Fueled By Ramen. As we turn the corner and drive deeper into 2018, flor is back to melt our hearts and sooth our souls with their ever lifting, always endearing alt pop on new single Rely, which comes accompanied by an enthralling music video. Rely is one of three new singles that will be on an upcoming deluxe edition of flor’s debut album, out Febuary 2nd. If you missed out on the record last year, this is your chance to get on that ace full length, with the bonus of additional new music, too. flor renews my love for their sleek phosphorescent music with Rely. I can’t wait to hear the other two new songs on their album re-issue. Debut alubm “come out. you’re hiding” is available, here. Stream/download Rely, here.

April 25, 2017

I can assure you, I’ll never be “over” flor’s heart thawing, luminous stirring synth and alt pop, nor will I ever be “behind” on sharing their heavenly music by much. The dashing band from Oregon will be releasing their debut album “come out. you’re hiding” on May 19th via Fueled By Ramen, and “overbehind” is a dreamy glistening new preview. We’ve been swooned and enraptured by this band since day one, yet we find ourselves fallen for them anew to the weightless prancing, saccharine soothing sounds of their new sparkling gem. Pre-order flor’s debut album, here.

March 25, 2017

I’m on such a flor high this week. The band from Oregon, whom we’ve loved since their debut single Heart two plus years ago, played WFNM’s official SXSW showcase last Friday evening. I’m incredibly proud to have managed that show, and the dashing boys sure stole a lot of hearts when they took the stage, mine not included since I surrendered it to them ages ago. And now, flor has announced their debut album on Fueled By Ramen, an event I’ve been waiting for with much impatient excitement. Guarded is the first song off of “come out. you’re hiding”, and it warms us up on this stormy spring day with its balmy glowing, airy gliding synthpop. flor brings a smile to my face with their soothing yet exhilarating music. There’s no staying guarded when flor’s around. They’ll disarm you with their ambrosial charm and their ever endearing tunes. Pre-order “come out. you’re hiding” ahead of its release on May 19th, here. No doubt it’s going to be the perfect album to welcome the arrival of summer.

March 12, 2017

In but a few days, I’ll get to melt to flor’s luminescent glowing indie pop once again at SXSW when they play an official showcase I’ll be helping out at on Friday, March 18th. Find out more about We Found New Music’s showcase, here, which features an incredible roster of IHM supported talent. Maybe the dashing Oregon lads will play their brilliant new cover of Adele’s Send My Love. flor makes the song all their own as they suffuse it with crisp springing, bright glimmering splendor.

January 8, 2017

My love for Oregon’s Flor has been no hidden secret since their debut over two years ago. The band’s mellifluous indie pop glows ever brilliantly on fresh new single Hold On, a honeyed gem that arrives alongside a music video that tells an endearing tale about a boy who wants to take flight and soar. Flor swaddles us in cottony synthpop with one of their best tunes yet, a taste from a debut album I can’t be more excited for. Flor is currently on tour with Grouplove. Their debut album is set to be released later this year on Fueled By Ramen. As much buzz as Flor has attained this past year, there’s no doubt they’re going to reach sensational new heights in the coming year. You can purchase Hold On from iTunes as we kick back, watch, and await further news about that first full length.

December 6, 2016

Having been long time supporters of both flor and Lostboycrow, I’ve always known that the two projects are great pals. Not only do they both originally hail from Oregon, but flor even produced some of Lostboycrow’s swooning songs of yore. In the back of my mind, and from the bottom of my heart, I’ve always been hoping for a flor and Lostboycrow collaboration. The rising indie stars, who are currently touring the West Coast together, have generously obliged. Behold the dulcet melting beauty of “still standing still”, a gorgeous sweeping combination of flor’s sleek synthpop and LBC’s creamy R&B inflected pop. For tour dates and tickets, visit the Feels Like Home tour site, here.

January 31, 2016

It’s a euphoric combinations of two emerging indie acts that I love dearly on this remix, a re-imagining of Los Angeles trio LANY’s I Don’t Care by now Fueled By Ramen signed Oregon synthpop act Flor. I Don’t Care goes bright, airy, and jaunty on the indie dance remix, a full bodied burst of blithe and buoyant charm. It’s sunshine and crisp ocean waves, cloudless blue skies and top down cruises down vast highways on this beautiful remix.

January 29, 2016

I’m incredibly happy that Oregon synthpop band Flor has been garnering endless attention and acclaim for their beautifully gliding music. IHM has been on board with Flor since their debut over a year ago, and it’s such a delight that the boys are about to head out on tour with Halsey and BØRNS this February. They’ve even signed to well known label Fueled By Ramen!  The feels that all this good news leaves within me are amplified ever more when I listen to a new remix of Flor’s Unsaid by female electronic duo Instant Karma. They give the saccharine honey of Unsaid a chill and tropical makeover. It’s a gorgeous indie dance remix that envelopes me with a wondrous glow. Download Instant Karma’s instantly uplifting remix for free, here.

September 17, 2015

I was just wondering about when we’d hear some new Flor earlier this week when lo and behold, a new song! I’ve been in love with the Oregon based band’s airy synthpop for nearly a year now, which is quite bewildering, as it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. It’s with much delight that I saw that a buddy of mine had premiered a brand new Flor tune on fellow music blog Kick Kick Snare. Let Me In is a weightless glider, a serene yet stirring pop song. It oozes tender sentiment and an uplifting, hopeful wist, combining the simplistic charm of The Postal Service with the swelling atmosphere of M83.

June 26, 2015

I think I need to give Oregon’s Flor an award, for never failing to charm and melt me with their radiantly sparkling alt and synthpop music. It’s almost surprising that the band always offers such luminous, enchanting music, considering the stereotype that the Northwest is always gloomy and wet. Well, if that were true, Flor’s music is the perfect way to stay warm and hopeful, two things I certainly get loads of on new song Warm Blood. Like an effervescent blend of The Postal Service and Passion Pit, with an ever so slight dash of future bass, Flor’s new tune gently shimmers and twinkles with an intimately uplifting beauty.