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May 1, 2018

I must have been hiding under a massive rock when Floating Room released their acclaimed debut album Sunless back in 2016, and I’ve made it a mission to take time to check it out now that the Portland band has re-surfaced with an intimately thrumming new tune named Seashell. Gazey purling rock and stormy glistering dream pop intertwine on the song, which arrives with a fittingly misty and cloudy video. Seashell is like a combination of My Bloody Valentine and Pixx, wonderfully bewitching and deeply intoxicating. Not an idle moment can be found on the song, whose knotted guitars also exude a hint of dark post-punk. Floating Room has announced their sophomore album, too, which is named False Baptism. The full length arrives June 22nd via Good Cheer Records. Pre-order, here.