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August 16, 2016

If you haven’t heard the new Florence + The Machine songs floating about off of the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack, they’re drop dead gorgeous. They make me want to throw my arms out and cavort through the air barefoot, like the free celestial spirit that Florence Welch always seems to be. All three tracks boast plenty of fluttering harp, something I can’t help but gravitate towards. Too Much Is Never Enough is the most popular of the trio so far. Stream the dazzling beauty above. Florence waxes poetic and wistful on the breathtaking baroque pop gem as she tends to do. Also on the soundtrack is an exquisite cover of Ben E King classic Stand By Me and a cinematic twinkling orchestral aria named I Will Be, both of which can be streamed below. The whole bevy of regal splendorous tunes can be purchased as Songs From Final Fantasy XV on iTunes.

OFFICIAL VID: Florence and the Machine – Lover to Lover

November 20, 2012

Flo has been teasing us endlessly with a new video for a new single. Finally, it’s here. Premiered on Nowness, check out the dramatic, epic video for Lover to Lover, in all its Florence Welch glory. Lover to Lover is one of the more playful, bluesy tracks off standout sophomore album Ceremonials. Head on over to Nowness to read a cool interview and learn more about the making of this video. Florence looks like a beautiful goddess as always.

Florence and the Machine: Lover to Lover on

August 28, 2012

EDM and house music continues its rule over the world this week as Calvin Harris previewed another tune off his upcoming new album 18 Months on BBC Radio 1. This one is titled Sweet Nothing and features none other than the immensely talented Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. There’s no doubt Flo’s voice fits electronica well (what doesn’t it fit?). It’s not a stupendous track, but it’s no doubt enjoyable, and this preview is low quality audio. I’m sure an HQ version will sound much less noisy and much more impressive. 

Florence & the Machine, Blood Orange covered Green Day?

July 11, 2012

What a combo, eh? Florence & the Machine? Blood Orange (Dev Hynes)? Covering Green Day? What the what? How awesome is that? The explosion of musical talent came together at some side show during this year’s epic Coachella weekends and threw this out impromptu. It’s a cover of Green Day’s classic Hitchin A Ride. On a related note, for those that hadn’t heard in the news today, the incredibly brilliant and divine Florence Welch has been sidelined with what sounds like a pretty bad vocal chord injury (she said she heard something snap), so she’s on hiatus right now in regards to a couple of upcoming gigs and I only hope for the best for her on the road to recovery. With a voice like hers and the way she belts it out, it’s no wonder an injury was somewhere down the road. Let’s just hope that it’s nothing too serious and with a little rest she’ll be back at it amazing us with her musicality. Rest up for as long as it takes and get better, Florence!

OFFICIAL VID: Florence + the Machine – Breaking Down

July 2, 2012

Florence + the Machine is deep in their promotions for next single Spectrum which includes some wicked remixes including one by Calvin Harris. Not to be outdone by all the other restless bands and musicians out there, they released another video in the meantime for Ceremonials track Breaking Down. The more vintage sounding than usual track features those awesome bell sounds at the beginning that gives a sort of a holiday feel at the get-go. The lo-fi footage is very different from Flo’s usual crazy, high tech music videos. It’s a nice change up and embodies much more of an impromptu, realistic feel. It’s a very welcome glimpse on a more personal level into the amazing Florence Welch.

Florence and the Machine in animal suits

May 23, 2012

To announce their headlining gig at Bestival 2012 in September, Florence and the gang decided to dress up in animal suits and cover The Talking Heads’ Wild Wild Life. It’s cute. I would’ve thought Florence should be a much grander, majestic animal than a teddy bear! But I guess it beats out a pink bunny, a PENGUIN, and…. a mangy lion that looks like it’s either a drunk bum or the coward from the old Wizard of Oz classic film.

Florence + the Machine on MTV Unplugged

April 2, 2012

The latest episode of MTV Unplugged will feature none other than the great Florence + the Machine. Check out a couple treats from that show below. The first is a performance of the deservedly adulated Lungs track Cosmic Love, and it’s absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. I only wish I could’ve been there for this show. The next audio clip is a cover of Johnny Cash’s Jackson featuring Josh Homme. That classy Florence Welch is just so unique and brilliant. 

Florence X Clams Casino

March 21, 2012

Imagine Clams Casino. Now imagine Florence + the Machine. Now, put them together. What do you get? Choppy, screwy, sweeping, pop but not pop music. And it’s good. It’s heavy. After all, Florence’s work always has that dark, almost goth tinge. So why not add to it? Check out Clams Casino’s remix of Never Let Me Go.

OFFICIAL VID: Florence + the Machine – Never Let Me Go

March 7, 2012

I apologize for having to post the video from a Perez Hilton entry, but the youtube version that was floating around earlier was taken down. This is the only one I can find now. If a clearer, better version gets released, I’ll swap. Florence + the Machine’s latest single is the sweeping, grand, beautiful, heart wrenching Never Let Me Go. The video itself has the usual darkness you’d associate with F+tM and depicts the always graceful and goddesslike Florence Welch hanging out with Twilight star Jamie Campbell Bower. Ceremonials is most certainly an incredible album, almost on par with Lungs, and Never Let Me Go is only one of so many amazing baroque pop tracks from the brilliant Florence.
Florence and the Machine – Never Let Me Go found onYouClubVideo

UPDATE: The Perez Hilton video is gone, and every other version is still gone… this is the latest one I could find still up, possibly the ONLY version up.

OFFICIAL VID: Florence + The Machine – Lover To Lover

January 25, 2012

Had to share this right away since it’s Florence + the Machine! Here’s a fresh video for Ceremonials track Lover To Lover. It’s a recording from a live performance and Florence Welch warbles through it wonderfully.