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February 23, 2016

[PREMIERE]: FLANCH – Pretty Girl

Nary a week has gone by since a groundbreaking, innovative new project named FLANCH abruptly emerged with a brilliantly edgy avant-garde rap tape. The Indianapolis based collective is building quite a stir with their fresh artistry. Not only do they channel their rife creativity through their music, but they also do so visually, by delivering eye popping videos for their songs. Today, FLANCH has unveiled a stunning new optical accompaniment for pretty girl, the second track off their debut rap tape and my personal favorite from the collection. The razor sharp, darkly jittery song is a haunting, ghostly fusion of electronic pop, hip hop, and R&B, a twisted mixture that evokes FKA Twigs’ experimental music with Arca as well as darkly seductive ballads by Sevdaliza. Its music video, though seemingly simplistic, mesmerizes in an unsettling, trippy way. Listen to and purchase FLANCH’s self titled debut in full on Bandcamp. It’ll take you to a fascinating world of visceral intensity.

February 10, 2016

I’ve been incredibly excited about this new project FLANCH ever since I listened to an early preview of the project’s avant-garde rap tape last week. Today, the Indianapolis based collective have unleashed FLANCH (stream it in full on bandcamp). FLANCH isn’t just an audio project, it’s a visual one as well, and the first track off the release to receive a heady music video treatment is opening track graace. The jolting tune is a prime example of FLANCH’s savagely rattling and deeply gratifying wall of grimy electronica and filthy pop. graace is a feral beast with the dark complexion of FKA Twigs and Arca, the dissonant grit of Die Antwoord, and the cacophonous muck of Death Grips, all varnished with a thin layer of Kanye West. Watch the ominous video for graace below, and stay tuned for the next video and track off the tape nex week.