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October 10, 2017

It felt like the music gods had blessed us a few weeks ago when we happened to stumble upon new POP ETC, albeit egregiously belatedly. Turns out, their generosity didn’t end there. This New York based band, who’ve wittily re-named themselves in a manner that defies genre expectation since their Bay Area days as The Morning Benders, are back with some fantastic news. POP ETC will be releasing a new music series named “Infinite Singles Collection” on which they’ll deliver new releases in batches of one or two songs, every four to six weeks. And they’ve already revealed its lead song, a dulcet acoustic strummer named Fingerprints, via a charming video directed by POP ETC’s own Jon Chu.

Lead singer Chris Chu says about the sweetly nostalgic, warmly endearing song: “‘Fingerprints’ was one of those songs that came out quickly. I had been thinking a lot about the effect that all the people I’ve met over the years have had on my life. Trying to trace the different threads and series of events. It’s really amazing to think about. Even those people you meet once, or the ones that come into your life for a couple of months and then disappear. There’s no telling who will come into your life and alter its course forever.” Pre-save all future releases in POP ETC’s Infinite Singles Collection on Spotify, here. Stream/download Fingerprints, here.

January 27, 2015

Newly flashing on my radar as a band to watch is a new alternative and indie pop band out of Portland named Damian, comprised of three brothers and a friend. If you’re fond of moving, emotional alt ballads with mellow, soothing atmosphere and cinematic, saccharine melodies, check out their song Fingerprints or its video below, one of several fantastic tunes off Damian’s debut EP Push, out right now. Another beautiful gem off Push is the melancholic, heartbreaking ballad My Love. Stream below the video for Fingerprints.Check out the rest of their EP on Soundcloud.