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September 18, 2017

Whenever a new filous track pops up, I know to prepare myself for a dreamy atmospheric electronic affair. The long time IHM lauded Austrian producer is preparing to release his new EP, For Love, and he recently shared the transcendental title track from the record. Electronic pop vocalist klei rejoins filous on For Love, lending her warm enticing vocals to the surprisingly perky and sprightly jam. For Love is still a diaphanous chill house gem with a soft caress, but it’s also an earthy springing, Milky Chance evoking summer bop with irresistible chant-along hooks. You can purchase For Love and pre-order filous’ forthcoming EP from iTunes, here.

July 11, 2017

Austrian producer filous, who’s no stranger to topping hype charts and drumming up plenteous buzz with his sublime concoctions these past few years, has announced his next EP, For Love, and shared a new single, Knots. The song, which features electropop newcomer klei on vocals, is almost like a dreamy atmospheric Daughter song gone chill tropical house. The organic fluttering, balmy weightless beauty can be streamed and downloaded, here. For Love will be arriving on October 6th and it looks to be a guest talent studded delight. Mat Kearney and Emily Warren will also be featured on the EP. It’s fitting the EP closes out with a track named “Can’t Wait”, considering that’s exactly how I’m feeling about the release. You can pre-order from iTunes, here.

December 15, 2016

I’ve always wondered whether it’s fortunate that it never snows here in the Bay since I detest freezing cold weather, or whether it’s rather sad, since we then miss out on that magical beauty of a snow covered landscape that seems to come hand in hand with the holidays. For a moment, we behold the tranquility of such a breathtaking world as we lose ourselves in Let It Snow, a transcendental new gem from Austrian chill house producer filous. He takes the Christmas classic and creates a uniquely mesmeric tune of his own, mixing folksy acoustics with mellow soothing electronica. Let It Snow is a gentle groover, an organic dusting of enchantment. The gorgeous holiday present is out on all major services, here.

August 24, 2016

This next luscious dance captivator is a conjoining of three gifted artists. Ever enchanting chill house producer filous teams up with fellow Austrian MOUNT to forge an earthy disco and summery melodic house banger named Emelie, featuring vocals from exciting rising Swedish singer songwriter Buster Moe. Emelie is a wondrous jam, a boundary pushing display of genre bending music with Coleman Hell like pluckiness and Thomas Jack like house, all topped off with a generous helping of bluesy folk. Emelie is available from various outlets via Ultra, here.

February 13, 2016

Austrian producer filous has presented us with a much unexpected treat, and he’s even enlisted Spanish chanteuse LissA to grace us with her gorgeous voice on it, too. Feel Good Inc is an imaginative, innovative rendition of the Gorillaz timeless classic, one which I can rarely resist singing along to when its melody hits my ears. filous gives us an immensely “feel good” indie dance version of Feel Good Inc, one with plenty of the producer’s signature chill, summery house vibes. He’s about to kick off his European tour, too. For details about his Dusk Till Dawn Tour, head over here. filous’ Feel Good Inc, featuring LissA, is a free download, here.

August 21, 2015

Late last year, Austrian producer filous remixed RAC’s Tear You Down to gorgeous results. Now, RAC returns the favor by remixing filous’ debut original How Hard I Try, which features the always welcome satin vocals of James Hersey. The remix is a chilled out treat for an RAC tune, but we all know by now how versatile and talented RAC is, considering the plethora of music he remixes and the different types of sounds he turns out. The mellow indie dance remix twinkles softly and bounces lightly. The two producers will be touring with each other this November, too! The original is off filous’ debut Dawn EP, out now on iTunes.

July 16, 2015

Oh, look, I’m sharing another filous track. I guess I really do dig this Austrian fellow, who went from giving us countless amazing remixes to gifting us ace original after ace original. Filous has been teaming up with some spectacular guest artists for these tracks too. Also off his forthcoming debut EP, Dawn, is a cool and soothing deep house tune named Better Off, featuring vocals by Josh Roa & Bishøp. Better Off prances lightly and agilely, giving off a weightless, sanguine charm. Soulful, perfectly matched boy girl vocals come together to tell a captivating story of tumultuous love. Filous’ Dawn EP will be released this Friday, July 17th. Pre-order here.

June 24, 2015

Young Austrian producer filous has been simply exceptional on his new originals, a welcome delight, after all the fantastic remixes he’s pleasured our ears with. filous revealed Shaded In as the third track off his debut EP Dawn, and it’s a heart melting, ethereal beauty, featuring Australian singer songwriter Jordan Léser on enchanting, enthralling vocal duty. Shaded In is richly grandiose yet feathery light, easily another ace track off Dawn, which will be out July 17th.

June 10, 2015

Austrian producer Filous, who’s taken us to such splendorous levels of bliss with his remixes in the past, is here to do so again with an original. Dawn is a moving, gentle beauty, featuring velvety vocals by fellow Austrian soul act ROBB. It’s a tender electronic lullaby, with an airiness that hints at the summery tendencies of Thomas Jack, but with a far more subtle approach that results in a dreamier, whimsical, more wondrous and fantastical outcome. It reminds me of early mornings, watching the sun come up, wondering what might be in store ahead, good or bad, fortunate or unfavorable… the beauty of facing the unknown, with those you care about by your side. Dawn is the title track from Filous’ debut EP, out July 17th.

May 19, 2015

As someone who’s zealously shared endless amazing remixes crafted by Austrian producer Filous, it was with much delight that I encountered his very first original this morning. Filous brings plenty of that light and airy beauty I fell in love with over and over again on his edits to weightless charmer How Hard I Try. He also teams up with emerging crooner James Hershey on the heart melter. The fine line between electronic music and pop these days is already very much a blur, but Filous makes it fade even more with this deep house meets summery pop original. How Hard I Try will be on Filous’ Dawn EP, available to pre-order May 26.