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April 30, 2018

If you didn’t catch this news over the weekend, I can assure you, you’re in for a double Monday treat, courtesy of Los Angeles’ Michl, whom we’ve been enamored with for the past several years. Our experiences catching the artist live have only added to our fervor. Michl, who last surprised us by teaming up with production luminary Mura Masa on Better With You, has unleashed a thoroughly bewitching new song named I’d Do It Again.  The dreamy waltzing, lushly glistering ballad carries the intricacy of Fyfe, with Michl leading  us through his sonic garden with contemplative vocals. Alongside the new song also comes Michl’s first-ever music video, a three-part short film titled ‘datum’ featuring two previously freleased songs (Better With You and Out Of Order). The film was co-directed by Michl with Sean Hollihan, and it peels back yet more layers of Michl’s story as an artist. “The entire film was shot in my hometown of Riverside, CA. In the same home, same streets, same local grocery store,“ said Michl of his debut video. "Most would consider Riverside an uninspiring city, but somehow I always had big aspirations. By subtly placing high fashion within the context of my hometown, we were able to re-create that dreamlike optimism I had growing up.” Watch ‘datum’ below. New song I’d Do It Again can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

March 21, 2018

Everywhere I turn since my return from Austin, I keep hearing that new film Love, Simon being mentioned. Some of the buzz is due to the topics explored in the film, but a lot of the buzz also arises from its excellent soundtrack, which features a wide range of artists we’ve bestowed much praise on right here on IHM, including Jack Antonoff, Hayley Kiyoko, Emilie Adams, BAUM (who just blew us away at SXSW), Lxandra, Lorde, and so many more. For now, let’s all take Jack Antonoff’s collaboration with Danish pop sensation for a bubbly infectious, prismatic whirring spin. As expected, a Jack Antonoff and MØ song is a hearty slice of pop perfection. You can also stream Never Fall In Love via Spotify, here.

January 13, 2018

I never expected to be blessed with a collaboration involving Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ charismatic and fierce frontwoman Karen O and British soul artist Michael Kiwanuka, two musicians I respect and revere greatly, but here we are, jamming out to dusty drawling “YO! MY SAINT”, a song which appears in Kenzo’s Spring/Summer campaign video. There’s a Tarantino-esque quality to the song. Karen O’s lo-fi Crush Songs styled rock and Michael Kiwanuka’s soulful rock are unexpectedly complementary on the song. You can watch the Kenzo film below, which also stars Dirty Beach’s Alex Zhang Hungtai. “YO! MY SAINT” will be released as a limited edition 7-inch single in two formats, a 250 pressing which will be available only on Karen O’s webstore and a limited run of 1000 available in Kenzo stores worldwide, starting on January 22.

July 11, 2017

Long time Stillwater emo rock mainstays The All-American Rejects dropped a surprise 2-track EP and a short film for one of the tracks today, and both tunes are absolute can’t miss treats. Close Your Eyes, above, is a departure from the band’s pop punk sound of yore. Its a rather plaintive and dreamy number, encased in misty stirring sentimentalism. I never expected to melt in quite this way to The All-American Rejects after having listened to them plenty in my emo obsessed days, but that’s exactly what I’m doing right now…. dissolving into oblivion.The other track on the new EP is Sweat, a jaunty swinging, vibrantly charged power pop & alt rock piece with bits of Jack Antonoff and a touch of Cold War Kids meandering through its melodic swaying, energetic bursting constitution. You can stream Sweat off of Soundcloud below. Also below is The All-American Reject’s short film, also named Sweat. It’s an 11 minute film, directed by Jamie Thraves. Sweat was shot in Los Angeles and it tackles an array of complex themes dealing with one’s identity. 

January 30, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wondering what Haerts has been up to for some time now. The Brooklyn synthpop outfit made quite the splash a couple years ago, then promptly disappeared into the shadows. Haerts finally make their reappearance this year, and in a very artful and innovative fashion at that. The band unveils a package of three unreleased tracks and present a bizarre yet riveting film entitled Power/Land, a collaboration with visual artist Julian Klincewicz, which you can stream below (warning: NSFW). Off the Power/Land package comes haunting opener Eva, a slow whorling alt pop song with plenty of Haert’s usual earthy warmth. Compared to earlier Haert songs, Eva is far more experimental and unpredictable. It breaks out into an eerie yet propulsive Future Islands-esque synthwave beat as its vocals lurk wispily between its pillars in a ghostly dance of dissonance. The end result delivers transfixing, contemplative depth. Stream Haerts’ three track Power/Land release in full on Soundcloud and purchase on iTunes.

December 15, 2015

EMA, or South Dakota native Erika M. Anderson, has been impressing critics and fans alike with her shifts in music style and striking song crafting for several years now. I first hopped on the EMA train circa 2011, the year she released stark and compelling album Past Life Martyed Saints, but she’s kept me guessing with her subsequent music, never once staying predictable. EMA’s latest is an airy, hazy, and introspective song, a composition she created for a film named #HORROR, directed by Tara Subkoff. When I first heard Amnesia Haze and learned about #HORROR, I was excited beyond words, being a horror film fan myself. I promptly watched the film, and now that a music video is out for Amnesia Haze, we’re going to dive into the ethereal song together. Amnesia Haze reminds me of School Of Seven Bells, but it’s far more haunting and foreboding, atmospheric and spectral, almost like a David Lynch film score, or Disasterpiece’s brilliant soundtrack for recent indie horror film It Follows. EMA waxes vastly introspective and contemplative on the mesmerizing song.

October 7, 2015

Feeling heroic and patriotic after listening and watching Cameron Ernst’s Red & Blue. The video offer a look through history too, starting off black and white with essential portraits of a man and then a woman. Color is not introduced until 3D glasses are donned and the black and white world begins to pull apart, giving way to color. Falling in line with red and blue 3D glasses of old, the first colors we are are Red & Blue and a hint of white. The American patriotism shines with the red, white, and blue on screen and the marching drums in the background. Once we’re brought into the overdeveloped outside world more color is introduced. Finally the hero rescues the heroine.

Cameron’s debut album ‘Steadfast’ was released independently in September 2015. It’s easy to see why he was in the top 2 for The Recording Academy’s 2012 Emerging Talent Competition.

April 1, 2015

So, I’ve sort of been waiting to see this indie film named Lost River, which is also Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, ever since I caught its trailer, which has a dark vibe that seems to blend both Lynchian and Luhrmann like qualities, two directors I’m quite fond of. The film also boasts a soundtrack with tracks crafted by Johnny Jewel of Chromatics and Glass Candy (and Italians Do It Better, of course). Saoirse Ronin stars in the film. She’s an actress I have much respect for, too. Imagine my delighted when Johnny revealed the opening track for the film today. Tell Me even features vocals by Saoirse. I don’t know if having film stars sing on soundtracks is becoming a thing or not (reference Jennifer Lawrence and The Hanging Tree), but Tell Me is a beautiful, weightless gem, very different from Johnny Jewel’s usually droopy and murky style. 

Zella Day – Sacrifice

March 14, 2015

In case you haven’t heard, the soundtrack for The Divergent Series: Insurgent is kind of cool. It’s chalk full of sweet collaborations and new tracks from artists we all love. We previously heard a song that combined Woodkid and Lykke Li, as well as M83 and HAIM. Coming at us solo is a new one from Los Angeles’ Zella Day. Sacrifice is a bold and stirring electronic pop song. The majestic and dark track is a fitting contribution to Insurgent. For those of you going to SXSW next week, I recommend you catch this chanteuse live if you can. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her live already in a small venue, and she was quite delightful indeed, surprising me with certain more rock leaning retro numbers, while on guitar. 

October 25, 2014

Los Angeles electronic trio Fartbarf started their outfit as something not so serious, hence the name, which, as gross as it sounds, is quite a memorable one indeed. I encountered their video for their single Homeless In Heathrow earlier today, and I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish, both by the song’s vocoder utilizing robotic funky electronic sound and the video’s B horror slasher story. If you tend to love horror films (and sometimes find the campy ones a bit flabbergasting), this video’s the perfect watch for you. It was for me! It’s a classic babysitter and murderer on the loose story, with a crazy twist. The krautrock meets Daft Punk tune itself is a super fun and vibrant techno treat, too, off Fartbarf’s Dirty Power album.