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January 8, 2017

There are no “fickle games” to be played here as I fall head over heels for Amber Run’s latest single. A heavy rain pounds at my window and a cold wind howls through the courtyard, but I find myself gently cradled in the British band’s harmonic melting, bittersweet moving atmospheric rock. Fickle Game is gorgeous, to say the least. Though it hovers and simmers softly, the single’s folk tinged strings and gentle keys give off volume and space, melding into each other for a haunting display of boundless beauty. Fickle Game is a reflection on the music industry. It’s a fascinating point of view from the inside out. The single arrives as a new taste from Amber Run’s forthcoming sophomore album For A Moment, I Was Lost, which can be pre-ordered, here, ahead of its February 10th release date.