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March 8, 2017

It’s not everyday that we sound the horn upon encountering news of an exciting new festival, but we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to ID10T, a music festival and “comic conival” created and hosted by comedian, musician, actor, television host, and Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick. AND the festival is happening right here, in the Bay, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre just south of me this June. 

ID10T features an incredible lineup of musical talent. It’s surprising how vast and expansive the lineup is, ranging from Weezer to Crystal Castles, Girl Talk to OK Go. A sure to be incendiary Mad Decent dance tent also features long time I Heart Moosiq supported production stars, like Jai Wolf, Gryffin, Madeon, and more. 

Alongside all that fabulous music comes a whole lot of daytime comic book and art related activities featuring famed creators plus a full exhibitor village. As if that isn’t already plenty to take in, there’s also going to be a comedy tent. 

You all know I’m a music fanatic, but I also spend my spare time watching The Walking Dead, marveling over art, enjoying Marvel films, and more. ID10T really can’t be more exciting, a perfect way to spend a summer weekend. It also kicks off at a more than affordable price compared to all the other events and festivals that cost an arm and a leg these days. Find out more about ID10T, here.

June 7, 2016

Miami’s Solano teams up with New Jersey pop singer/songwriter Bitter’s Kiss on a sprawling epic named Rise Up. They’ll take your breath away with this soaring beauty, which also serves this year as the anthem for legendary global music festival, Life In Color. Rise Up is as inspiring as it is invigorating, a spectacular future progressive and luminous electro ballad which will easily unit stadiums and arenas full of electronic music loving souls. Download Rise Up from various outlets, here.

April 1, 2016

The Do Lab was life at last year’s Coachella! Check out this recap video. It’s a little enchanted world of it’s own which features a stellar lineup not featured on Coachella’s lineup. Each weekend gets their own set of artists with surprise special guests too. If you are need of some place to cool off while dancing to funky beats, The Do Lab is the place to go. 

Some music lovers even say it’s what they’re must looking forward to this year: 


Here’s the stellar lineup


January 9, 2016

HOTEL GARUDA Interview @ SnowGlobe 12.31.15

*interviewed by Nick with Amy in attendance

IHM: How’s Tahoe been treating you guys so far?

Chris: It’s really beautiful, but really cold.

Aseem: Yeah, same.

Chris: It’s nice overall.

Aseem: I live in L.A., and L.A. was kind of cold. 40 degrees in L.A. is freezing for me and this is a whole ‘nother level. It’s like three levels of everything.

IHM: Yeah, we just came from the Bay Area and we thought it was freezing over there, but it’s way worse here. Have you guys hit the slopes yet?

Chris: No, I never have in my life. But one day, maybe. Maybe when I’m not playing a festival.

Aseem: I feel like we both would hit the slopes if we could, but we just don’t have the time this time.

IHM: Would you guys be skiers or snowboarders?

Aseem: Ski for sure.

Chris: I probably would like snowboarding, but I hear it’s really hard.

Aseem: Snowboarding you just fall on your ass the first eight times you do it.

IHM: That’s happened a lot with me, I haven’t tried skiing yet though.

Aseem: Skiing is easier for sure though.

IHM: You guys have been to a lot of festivals this year, which ones were your favorites?

Aseem: Uhh… Splash House.

Chris: Yeah, Splash House. I really liked Northern Lights.

Aseem: Same. Northern Lights was a really strange experience for us.

Chris: It was really cool because there was no service for days, so we were literally just stuck there.

Aseem: We really freaked out when we got there because there was no wi-fi, no cell service, no data, nothing like that. So for the first three hours we were there, we were like ‘Why are we here?’

Chris: But it turned out to be a really good experience.

Aseem: It let us disconnect and press reset. The show itself was a lot of fun, too.

Chris: I also really liked EDC. EDC Las Vegas was a festival that I’ve been looking forward to going to ever since I got into this music. I’d always watch YouTube videos of it, and for us to be playing it this year, it was crazy.

Aseem: Super surreal.

IHM: (To Chris) How was FireFly for you? That’s close to D.C. isn’t it?

Chris: That was really fun, but it was really tiring, because I played Firefly and EDC the same day. So I was in New York, drove down to Philly, met up with my manager, then drove up to Delaware for Firefly, then hopped on a plane and played at 3:30 in the morning for EDC.

Aseem: Stayed up till 7. Somehow got out of the EDC parking lot. Rumor has it some people are still there, haha.

IHM: How do you guys manage your solo aliases with Hotel Garuda?

Chris: For my solo stuff, it’s definitely more for expressing raw emotions and ideas and stuff. With Hotel Garuda it’s more of a house sound but we’re not completely limited to that. Lately, we’ve been experimenting and stuff.

Aseem: I feel like people are going to be pleasantly surprised with the newer, original stuff that we’re working on. It’s definitely a step forward for us, but I think we’re remaining true to our influences and our roots for sure. My solo stuff is super under wraps right now because I’m trying to figure out what my sound and what my brand are going to be for the solo project. It’s probably not going to be under Candle Weather, which is a name I picked because I saw the two words together on an Instagram post somewhere. But yeah, we’ve just been both working on both things simultaneously.

IHM: Cool. So when did the whole “Aseem or Sajeeb” (Sajeeb is Jai Wolf) thing explode?


Aseem: We have shirts that actually say “Aseem or Sajeeb”. I don’t have it with me, damn it. I wish I had it with me. It probably started like, what, earlier this year.

Chris: Yeah.

Aseem: But Sajeeb, one of our best buds, he’s had a great year. Probably one of the best years out of anyone I know. And for some reason, people think we look alike. I don’t think we look alike at all, aside from the fact that we have similar skin tone. So it started happening a lot in LA. In LA, the industry is like a very small circle. For as big as it is, it’s also kind of like a high school where you see everyone everywhere. And a lot of times people are like ‘You’re Jai Wolf, right?!’ and I’m like ‘Nooo’.

Chris: Hahaha.

Aseem: It eventually got to the point where I’d text him every time someone would ask me if I was Jai Wolf and it happened at one of his shows, like, while he was playing.

IHM: So that guy’s probably like, ‘Wait a minute, you’re supposed to be up there.’

Aseem: He’s like ‘Can you take a picture with us?’ and I was like ‘Yeah, totally’ and I showed him the picture like ‘hey, they thought I was Jai Wolf’ and then we just made it a little twitter joke. I think it also increases engagement too. I think our fans know that we’re all a good group of friends. So we’re just making fun of each other.

IHM: When you guys are hanging out with the whole Moving Castle crew, how do you decide who is in charge of music?

Aseem: Oh my god.

Chris: Ooooh…

Aseem: It’s politics.

Chris: Yeah.

Aseem: Yeah… it’s… Next question, hahaha.

Chris: Haha, it’s just one person plays a song. I don’t know. We all have different taste in music. So it’s really weird.

IHM: Are you guys ever going to do 24 hour live stream?

Aseem: We should.

Chris: Funny enough. Over the summer we did like a 5 or 6 hour live stream over the summer. That was already exhausting.

Aseem: That was excessive as well. My old roommate had CDJs, shout out to Blackbird Blackbird, and he had just got a camera from Beatport for their New York livestream thing.

Chris: We were like ‘why don’t we just throw a stream online’ just to see how long we could go and we lasted 6 hours.

IHM: That’s still a pretty good amount of time.

Aseem: Yeah, and we got a lot of interaction online with it too.

IHM: So Porter Robinson is your (Chris) biggest influence and Disclosure is yours (Aseem), have you guys ever met them?

Chris: Yeah, I actually met Porter for the first time in Las Vegas. We saw his set and I got to meet him and it was like, amazing.

Aseem: True story – Chris shed a tear.

Chris: I like, cried, hahaha. A little bit.

Aseem: No, he literally cried.

Chris: Yeah, no, cause it was crazy. I’ve literally been looking up to him for so long and to finally meet him was really cool.

Aseem: I’ve never met Disclousre, but I would really love to so I could pick their brains about their drums.

IHM: I went to their show in LA.

Aseem: Yeah, I did too.

IHM: And I believe you tweeted that you cried a little too?

Aseem: I definitely cried a lot.

IHM: Yeah, it was a good show.

Aseem: The encore was crazy too. When they came out and played Omen and then Sam Smith appeared out of nowhere.

Chris: Oh wow! That’s amazing.

Aseem: And everyone just lost their mind.

IHM: Yeah, for some reason I wasn’t expecting him to come out. Do you guys have an EP you guys are working on?

Chris: Umm, I wouldn’t say that we have an EP in the works but we are working on originals and whatever happens happens.

Aseem: Yeah, I mean the songs that we’re working on right now I guess they would broadly fit into the same category but we’re not trying to work with a limitation of like 4 songs of an EP. We’re just going to write the most that we can and the best that we can.

IHM: Are there any big projects that you guys are working on for 2016 besides a possible EP?

Chris: No, not really. We’re just trying to make good music. That’s really our only goal.

Aseem: Yes, make good music and not get stagnate. No new pan flutes 2016.

Chris: No pan flutes.

Aseem: No pan flutes. We’re really, like, I talk a lot of shit about tropical house. Given the fact that we owe a little… a lot of our fame and success or whatever to it, I think 2015 is the year that the saxophone got beat to death. Like everyone started to abuse it and it stopped being a classy instrument. It started to be like a gimmick. Anyone can put a sax solo over anything. But we’re just trying to like … if we use that in the future, we want to make it unique, we want to make it cool, and make it not gimmicky.

IHM: Cool, did you guys want to add anything else?

Aseem: Thanks for the asking us questions. They were really good.

Chris: Yeah for real. Usually for interviews they ask us like all this normal stuff that you can get…

Aseem: Where ya from? Hahaha.

Chris: But it’s cool that you understood some of us.

IHM: Cool, thanks. Well, I’m a fan so that’s probably why.

* Manila Killa’s Lost in Baguio Tour hits L.A. January 14 and Audio SF January 15th.

* Hotel Garuda will be joining Amtrac on his Lost In Motion tour, stopping by Audio SF February 25th.

Hotel Garuda: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

Moving Castle: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

Snowglobe Music Festival

December 9, 2015

It’s Strange – Louis The Child Show Review – 

 -Reviewed by Nick, 1015 Folsom, 11.27.15

It’s strange … I’ve never seen the act Louis The Child and always confused this act with Louis Futon since I discovered both about the same time. On Friday November 27th, I was finally able to see Louis The Child perform before the Future Feels artist Sweater Beats at one of my favorite club venues, 1015 Folsom.

I normally have a personal preference of hanging out near the back of the crowd. One – If I want to record part of a song, I don’t want to be self-conscious about obstructing anyone’s view. Two – the fun in people watching is amplified at a music event. Prior to attending, my friends who went were split into two categories: the girls who went for Sweater Beats and never heard of Louis The Child, and the guys who went for Louis The Child and never heard of Sweater Beats. It was strange indeed. However, once Daktyl came on, four college-aged ladies asked me when Louis The Child was coming on. It’s Strange, it was the act they came to see, but at least I finally met some girls who knew of Louis The Child. I wonder if they’re Swifties, or whatever that fandom calls themselves.

It’s strange… My friend who came with me actually knew more about the act than I. “Did you know they met at a Madeon show in Chicago?” Wait, what? They? Hmmm. I wondered if they were possibly at the 21+ Lollapalooza Pandora after party that I attended this past year. My friend must have been reading my mind, “Yeah, they’re only like 17 and 18 (years old).” Wait, what?!

Louis The Child came out on stage and looked so youthful. Again, I used to confuse them with 23 year old Louis Futon. The energy they brought was… youthful. They played a lot of Flume and were enjoying their set, at times it looked like they were making up wacky dance moves, but in a good sense. The crowd was most hyped when Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ was played. Of course, they closed their set with a song that even Taylor Swift supported publicly – ‘It’s Strange’, featuring the Bay Area’s own K.Flay – and I couldn’t help but leave 1015 fascinated, counting down the days till NYE when I get to see them perform again at SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe.

Louis The Child are the latest act playing at SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe, December 29-31st, to release a SnowTape mix as part of an ongoing series. Stream SnowTape Vol. 5 above the review; it’s half an hour of “pure power”. For more on SnowGlobe including ticket and lineup information, visit the SnowGlobe website.

Louis The Child: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

October 30, 2015

There’s no doubt in my mind that producer and vocalist duo BONNIE X CLYDE are partners in crime to watch. They newcomers grabbed hold of my electronic and trap hungry attention this morning with a new edit of RL Grime’s The Hills remix, but I was even more drawn into their sound when I visited recent original Rise Above, a trap and future bass extravaganza with much endearing vocals. EDM festival heads will appreciate the sheer power of the track, while homebodies will love the enchanting properties of the wistful melody. If XYLØ went full on trap, this might be how they’d sound. Download Rise Above for free, here. Then jump into Bonnie X Clyde’s edit of RL Grime’s The Hills below for some bonus trap thrills.

October 30, 2015

It comes as no surprise that NGHTMRE has blown up this year. The Southern California producer knows how to lay it down wihen it comes to earth shaking trap anthems. I’ve yet to catch the producer live, but I have a feeling I’d have a heavenly time at one of his sets, considering my love of high energy trap and electronic music. NGHTMRE’s latest jaw dropping thriller is a remix of GRiZ’s Stop Trippin’. I simply refuse to stop tripping to this colossal festival banger that takes full advantage of the soulful and funky elements on GRiZ’s original. Exhilarating drops, springy guitar, and booming percussion make this one incredibly fun and satisfying. Free download, here.

December 30, 2014

The above near two minute stream is but a preview, so I highly recommend you check out the full YouTube stream below of Venezuelan producer Alessick’s sick (pun intended) new track It Up, below. The young producer rattles my brain delightfully with his hard hitting bass on the acid tinged electro house rager. It Up is a song built for true hard EDM heads and festival lovers. The banger is out today on Burning Beat Records.

April 16, 2013

This is for all the peepz in the bay (and outside the bay) who go to Outside Lands every year in August. Here’s the sweet, solid lineup for 2013, just announced this morning (and more to be added later, I’m sure). As always, I’ll be there all three days, running around, catching as much excellent music as I can. 

April 16, 2013

This is for all the peepz in the bay (and outside the bay) who go to Outside Lands every year in August. Here’s the sweet, solid lineup for 2013, just announced this morning (and more to be added later, I’m sure). As always, I’ll be there all three days, running around, catching as much excellent music as I can.