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April 4, 2018

Riotous and rebellious rock abounds in the music scene, but New York’s Madison gives us riotous and rebellious electro-pop on Baller, which is a rare and exhilarating treat. The indie pop artist released the song on her own label, G Records. Baller follows in the footsteps of her recent single Hustle, and it continues to push forward Madison’s strong and pertinent message of female empowerment. Baller was even featured on NBC’s hit series Good Girls last night. It’s clearly a very infectious and incredibly rousing dazzler, whose raucous spirit borders on electro-clash and grunge pop with scratchy synths and an edgy attitude. The punchy knockout is a thrilling first release of 2018 from the artist who says she likes music, politics, and dogs on her Twitter profile. Stream more Madison on Soundcloud, here.