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February 24, 2018

We’ve been wondering for awhile now what Robert Delong has been up to, since the multi-talented Los Angeles based artist and producer has been silent on the new music front for nearly a year. Not only has his music always been freshly creative and thoroughly riveting, but he’s a jaw dropping one-man band live, surrounded on stage by an incredible array of instruments and technical toys. Not only is Robert back today, but he’s partnered up with two-time Grammy nominated Stanford alumni K.Flay for his new release, too. As can be expected with anything that involves K.Flay, Favorite Color is Blue is a vociferous and confident strutting mish mash of alt electronica, alt pop, and electro-rock. The resounding single is a glitchy rumbling, torrid seething march of an exhilarating anthem. Favorite Color Is Blue is available, here.