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September 11, 2016

This Wild Life just made their long awaited return this past Friday by releasing their new album Low Tides on Epitaph. The Long Beach duo made it readily apparent that this would be a grand re-entrance of sorts with the material they allowed us to hear from Low Tides prior to its release. Now that Low Tides is out, let This Wild Life sweep us into the stratosphere with their sentimentally melting, lush sweeping, and heartstring tugging pop rock via a video for Low Tides single Falling Down. The video was made in collaboration with video director/conceptual fashion photographer Raul Gonzo. Falling Down is a moving anthem that leaves me aglow from its fuzzy feels. This Wild Life embarks on tour next month in support of their new record on an extensive trip across the US. Low Tides is available for purchase from iTunes.

June 11, 2015

I can’t say I’m too famliar with this mysterious producer named BADFLITE, but the moment I heard his latest track Falling Down, which features sensual vocals by Netherlands based chanteuse Anuka, I was sold. His sultry, flushed production, heavily drenched in garage and future beats, is the perfect pairing for Anuka’s captivating voice. While the song starts off slow and deliberate, it eventually explodes into a Flume evoking rhythm, urgent and contagiously passionate.