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September 18, 2017

Everyone has “fake friends”, and if you claim to be an exception, you’re probably lying to yourself. Lucky for us, when we’re feeling down from misjudging who exactly the real ones are, we have songs like this jam to lift our spirits and remind us to focus our energy on those that “got your back”. The rest aren’t worth our time. Los Angeles based artist Shoffy melds hip hop with chill electronica and R&B soul on Fake Friends, which also features on point vocals by rising Los Angeles hip hop and electronica talent SIDIZEN KING. He literally spits fire as Shoffy soothes our fluttering hearts with his soulful voice on the spacious shimmering, pensive pacing ballad. Shoffy will be hitting the road for a slew of tour dates this fall, including a stop in San Francisco on October 19th at the Cafe du Nord. Download Fake Friends for free, here.

May 5, 2017

Sigrid is without a doubt one of my favorite new artists this year, and she just released her debut EP, named after that infectiously punchy debut Don’t Kill My Vibe. Fake Friends is one of the four tracks off the Swedish pop sensation’s EP, and it’s nothing short of pop perfection, just like everything else we’ve heard from Sigrid. Its soaring magnificence and Sigrid’s crisp immaculate voice command our full attention. Also on the record is a beautiful acoustic track entitled Dynamite, which you can hear via a stunning video below. I’ve already watched it at least a dozen times. Sigrid’s vocals are sensational on the stripped down piano ballad. They remind me of a cross between Christine and the Queen and Adele. Debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, here. You can also stream the EP or purchase via alternate sources, here. Sigrid’s a star in the making, and we’re lucky to have her around. 

June 12, 2016

Oakland’s own rising electronic producer KRNE links up with Las Vegas’ Ghasper on a tour de force anthem named Fake Friends much dicey fervent and lively thrilling. Fake Friends is, apparently, part of a series of collaborative tracks KRNE has been unveiling lately from what he calls “SESSIONS”. I’m caught up in a web of fizzy magnificence on the brisk chopping, bubbly exuberant track, one with future trap and electro tendencies much dizzying and intoxicating. Grab KRNE and Ghasper’s massive tune for free, here.