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December 6, 2017

An unexpected and epic alignment of talent brings us Faded, a dreamy effervescent amalgamation of Said The Sky’s melodic bass and FRND’s saccharine sparkling electro pop. The flawless juncture comes hot on the heels of Said The Sky’s All I Got. Atmospheric synths and summery, sun-kissed vocals weave into each other on the divinely glimmering and melodic burbling union. Faded is a contagious heart melter of a spry endearing gem from two names that will only become even more widely known in the coming year. Its energy is invigorating, yet there’s a soft underside to this sweetly affecting collaboration. Purchase/stream Faded, here.

July 13, 2017

My summer’s pretty much been made since the beginning of June. That’s when I finally caught one of our favorite alt and electro R&B projects live at Live 105′s BFD, something we’d been waiting for since the pair appeared out of nowhere to incite a whole lot of adoration and buzz with debut single Falling. Opia lit up the Subsonic Tent with their steamy guitar riffs and satiny soulful jams, even offering up a spectacular cover of old Britney classic Baby One More Time. Last Friday, Opia released their six track Faded EP, a molten collection of tunes that includes, aside from prior extolled songs like YDU, Faded, and Devil In Disguise, this glistening swooner, Heart Of Gold. Its smooth buttery electronica and plush R&B soul will leave your heart a liquefied pool of gold. Opia’s Faded EP can be streamed in full via Soundcloud, here. Support by purchasing from iTunes, here.

July 23, 2016

If We Have Time is my first introduction to Australian duo Two People. Their shadowy melancholic indie electronica immediately enfolded me in much meditative bliss. This is downtempo dance music that sends shivers right through the core of my being, a graceful and harmonic concoction brimming with woeful pop elegance. If We Have Time follows on the heels of Fading from earlier this year, a debut which somehow managed to slip through the cracks for IHM. Stream the dusky entrancing beauty, below.

February 28, 2016

Brisbane’s AUSTEN makes a massive future pop debut on faded. The Vespyro produced song twinkles and sparkles in its bed of Flume and Emoh Instead like future bass, a head turning introduction to a must pay heed new artist. I’ve yet to uncover much about the enigmatic newcomer and her captivating voice, but her soundcloud is a mighty fine display of her fantastic influences, ranging from What So Not to Clams Casino, Cosmo’s Midnight to Vallis Alps. faded leaves me waiting at the edge of my seat for more from AUSTEN.

February 6, 2015

What can I say? I’m such a sucker for anything ZHU, and this is honest to goodness killer slamming. In fact, it’s a union of some of electronic music’s biggest, brightest names right now. Ladies and gents, check out Faded 2.0, a new crunchy, buzzing, frenetically frenzied rendition of ZHU’s near legendary song. Guess who else is at the helm of this track? Only Dj Snake and Dj Mustard, that’s all. The producers knocked this out in LA one night. Yes, just like that. Here’s to wishing ZHU some mad luck during the Grammys this Sunday!

January 9, 2015

Miami producers Damaged Goods and Cosmo quickly thrilled my ears with their massive remix of A-Trak’s synthpop leaning, Andrew Wyatt featuring Push, giving it the high energy animation of a big room pleaser. Blasting bass, pulsing electro, and exhilarating progressions create an eye opening sonic experience. Who needs coffee to wake up for the evening after a long day, when you have bangers like this one? For more of Damaged Goods solo producing, stream his sick remix of ZHU’s Faded below.

January 3, 2015

It’s been but a week since New York duo Mysto & Pizzi swept me away with their euphoric remix of Goldroom’s Till Sunrise (featuring Mammals), but they’ve already outdone themselves with a fresh new remix on which they teamed up with Vancouver based producer Moiez. The three of them kick off the new year with a killer remix my one of my top three electronic tunes of 2014, ZHU’s Faded. The Mysto & Pizzi x Moiez Remix of Zhu’s Faded is an exhilarating, thrilling burst of progressive meets tropical vibrancy. While the original is dark and gritty, the remix is an uplifting, crisp, and optimistically charged rendition. Mysto & Pizzi describe it as the precursor to their remix of Goldroom’s Till Sunrise, from late night till the sun comes up the next day. I was already planning to re-visit Mysto & Pizzi’s remix of Goldroom’s Till Sunrise, since it’s kind of amazing, but now, a re-share is required! Join me, below.

December 16, 2014

Alright, kids, here’s your second ZHU related treat of the day. German producer WKND has given us some very fresh and dope takes on other artist’s tunes, from Flume to Chet Faker and beyond. Now, he’s turned his attention to one of the crown jewel’s of the year, ZHU’s Faded. Calling it his WKND GONE MAD REMIX, the producer really unleashes a dark edge on the already sinister hued, but normally syrupy jam. The end result is a punchy, aggressive, and intensified take that, at times, meanders quite close to acid house.

December 6, 2014

Here’s an uplifting, feel good one for the prog heads out there. Dillon Francis’ big ol’ Sultan, Nate Shepard, and Chain Gang Of 1974 collaboration When We Were Young gets yet another well crafted remix by rising Pittsburgh producer Steve James. When We Were Young was built for this kind of euphoria inducing, raise your arms in the air, light up the night remix. One of the first times I heard of Steve James was earlier this year when I encountered his remix of ZHU’s Faded. In light of the spectacular news that Faded has received a GRAMMY NOMINATION for BEST DANCE RECORD, let’s revisit Steve James’ dazzling, vivacious remix below. GO, ZHU!!! 

October 7, 2014

Greek producer Robin Skouteris is known for putting together some spectacular mashups, and his latest really tickled me (in a good way) over the weekend. It’s a well crafted edit, with an awesome music video mashup to boot. I suggest you watch the video below, if able to, rather than stream the mashup above. The Hideaway Coast happens to mix some of my favorite artists of the past couple of years, many of them now huge international superstars or quickly rising to that level. Who does this list include? None other than Lana Del Rey, Kiesza, ZHU, and Sam Smith. Skouteris also throws in a little Aaliyah and Naughty Boy, too. In detail, the mashup utilizes Lana Del Rey’s West Coast, the ZHU remix of Lana Del Rey’s West Coast, ZHU’s Faded, Kiesza’s HIdeaway, Naughty Boy’s Sam Smith featuring La La La, and Aaliyah’s If Your Girl Only Knew. The Hideaway Coast is quite the dark, ominous, and wicked good experience.