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May 15, 2018

After a long hiatus, English experimental folktronica band Tunng are back! They’re preparing to release a new album on August 24th, and they’ve shared a killer new coruscant shimmering tune named ABOP via a vividly colored psychotropic music video. It’s a lavish psych folk and electro song with rhythmic hooking beats. I’ve already watched the video for ABOP several times since I encountered it earlier today. It’s easily one of my favorite pieces of new music this month. I can only imagine what else Tunng has in store for us on their new album Songs You Make At Night, which can be pre-ordered, here. Tunng will head out on a limited UK/EU tour this fall. Dates can be found, here.

January 25, 2018

My list of 2018 album pre-orders keeps growing longer and longer, but there’s one debut from a new American project that I simply can’t wait to check out, and it comes from Loma, a trio whose gifted ranks include Texas’ Cross Project and Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg. You might recall the exquisite spell they cast on us previously with songs like Black Willow and Relay Runner. They now amplify the power of their hold on us with new song Joy, a willowy alt-folk hymnal both glacial and sylvan in its windswept and meditative beauty. Loma’s self titled album arrives February 16th on Sub Pop. Pre-order, here.

December 12, 2017

From what I can understand, an ‘eschaton’ is considered the “final event in a divine plan” or basically, the end of the world or the coming of doomsday. If that were to happen right now, I’d be quite happy to spend my final moments listening to this acclaimed project, Darlingside, and their eccentric & meditative new single, Eschaton. It boasts incredible harmonies as well as a lush, verdant, and whimsical soundscape whose chamber pop and experimental folktronica vibes recall Sufjan Stevens, with a far more of spacey psychedelic feel. Eschaton is the alt-folk quartet’s first single from their highly anticipated new album Extralife, arriving in 2018. The band is also known for their very unique and entrancing live performances, which I can only hope I’ll get to experience someday.

December 1, 2017

We’ve been fans of Oregon indie rock collective Typhoon for a very long time, and our experience with their live sets have been memorable, to say the least. From Kyle Morton’s fantastic voice, which always seems on the verge of cracking under the sheer pressure of so much emotion, to the humongous band’s sheer force as a lush orchestral union of talented musicians, Typhoon has been nothing short of astonishing. In fact, it always boggled us how they even fit their whole band on stage, and how they could feel every nook and crevice of a venue with such beautifully moving sound. As such, we’re elated that Typhoon is returning with a new full length on January 12th. Now, they’ve shared a music video for their single Rorschach from forthcoming album Offerings. Directed by Matthew Thomas Ross, it’s a frenetic visualization of human contemplation and recollection, soundtracked by Rorschach’s compelling experimental folk rock. Gentle guitar picks to emphatic strums dance about each other on the crunchy chugging, beautifully reflective song. You can pre-order a signed copy of Offerings from Typhoon’s store, here. Or you can pre-order from iTunes, here. Typhoon has also announced their list of upcoming tour dates for 2018 in North America and Europe, with a stop at the Independent in SF on February 13th. I highly suggest you get out and catch this amazing band live. 

November 13, 2017

I took a year for a second Boy Willows song to turn up, but it was well worth that wait. He melted us to the core with debut single I’m Good last winter. Autumn Gray arrives just in time for the wist and melancholy that comes with the turning of leaves. The Los Angeles based artist melds dreamy strumming indie rock with sylvan indietronica on the ethereal gliding, golden shimmering lullaby. Like the artwork that comes with the single, Autumn Gray reminds me of a cold fall afternoon. A solitary walk through the woods provides us with the exquisite beauty of a warm orange sun peaking through the brown and yellow foliage overhead, which hang on ever so feebly to its branches in hopes of fighting the coming of winter and standing up to the winds of change. Autumn Gray is picturesquely affecting, a familiar and intimate exploration of our flimsy hearts. 

July 3, 2017

I’m not sure how I missed out on Hero Fisher prior to today, but you can count me a fan now that I’ve been introduced to her latest single, a gothic beauty named Sylvie which arrives with a fittingly mysterious and spectral music video. Sylvie comes from the British born, French raised, and London based singer songwriter’s forthcoming sophomore album Glue Moon. It’s a grand & evocative fusion of orchestral rock and experimental folk. You can stream/download Sylvie, here.

June 28, 2017

Hitherto today, I’d never heard of Canadian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Tom Meikle and his solo project Mappe Of, even though the artist already has a debut album planned for release next month. But I soon fell under his spell as I swayed to the heartbreaking beauty of his bucolic new aria, Peaceful Ghosts. Peaceful it truly is, an ethereal folk gem that evokes the likes of Bon Iver mixed with the billowing atmospherics of Ásgeir. Mappe Of’s debut album ‘Northern Star, A Perfect Stone’ arrives on July 28th. Learn more on Mappe Of’s website, here.

June 4, 2017

Hundred Waters’ art rock and folktronica has always been astoundingly bewitching, partly due to its gorgeously haunting soundscapes, and partly because of Nicole Miglis’ remarkable voice. The Florida trio’s new EP, Currency, is no different. Apart from previously shared songs like Currency and Particle, this can’t miss record also includes this magnficent opener, Jewel In My Hands. It’s an ambrosial gust of airy whirring beauty and the perfect lead in to the magical journey that is Currency. Stream Currency in full on Soundcloud, here. Download from Hundred Waters’ website, here.

May 26, 2017

We’ve already heard two incredible songs from Alt-J’s forthcoming album RELAXER. In Cold Blood and 3WW quickly became two of my favorite tracks of the year. Our RELAXER journey continues to unfold as the British art rock and experimental folk band unveils another brilliant song named Adeline which tells a story steeped in sorrowful romance. Master raconteurs Alt-J, who always layer their music with so much fine nuance and detail, captivates us with a tale about a Tasmanian devil who falls in love with a woman as he watches her swim. Slow blooming Adeline is atmospheric and haunting. New album RELAXER drops soon on June 2nd. If you haven’t pre-ordered the record yet as I did ages ago, you can do so, here.

May 17, 2017

Animals is an understated, sparse beauty of a tune. Despite its mellow cadence and gentle touch, it’s jam packed with stirring emotion. The unique indietronica track, permeated with bits of woozy psych pop and plenty of acoustic folk, comes from a Bristol based project named Tamu Massif, and it’s but one of five exquisite tracks off of the singer songwriter’s new Bala EP. A stripped down Lewis Del Mar aesthetic meets the hushed tenderness of Daniel Woolhouse, particularly when he went by the name of Deptford Goth. Animals is also peppered with some of Alt-J’s intricate whimsicality. You can stream Tamu Massif’s sophomore EP in full on Soundcloud. He’s currently on tour with The Japanese House in the UK.