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January 25, 2018

Though I’m still rather dejected over the retirement of Swedish experimental electro-pop collective The Knife, I’ve been elated for the past few months over the return of Karin Dreijer Andersson’s other project, Fever Ray, who’d been silent for well over eight years before the sudden release of her sophomore album Plunge. Fever Ray’s strange and esoteric, dark and edgy electropop, much rooted in the macabre and gothic, is right up my alley, and I can’t get enough of Andersson’s new music. Today, Fever Ray shares a music video for Plunge track Wanna Sip, giving us some sinister and eerie visuals to go along with the icy droning, glitchy needling song. Fever Ray also announced a North American tour this week, which concludes in Oakland on May 26th at the Fox Theater. You can count on my presence at that show. It’s going to be a magnificent experience, no doubt. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my CD copy of Plunge next month, too. You can grab your own, here.

December 14, 2017

London producer SOPHIE has been breaking new ground with her music for quite some time now, but she really pushed the boundaries of electronica and pop, as well as conventional expectations, when she released her single It’s Okay To Cry last month. The punch, kick, and pop of her electronic compositions often evoke comparison to PC Music’s roster, and there’s a sleek futuristic modernism to her songs. SOPHIE continues shaking up the scene with her new single, Ponyboy, out now via MSMSMSM INC / Trangressive / Future Classic. It’s an acute jabbing, sharp clattering, and edgy seething track that melds futuristic art pop with metallic clanging house, as well as a sliver of classic soulful UK house. SOPHIE self directed the rave-y glam video for Ponyboy, too. If there’s any one forward thinking producer to watch closely in the coming year, it’s SOPHIE, who’s obviously going to continue blowing our minds and ears with her creative genius.

August 22, 2017

Los Angeles queer pop duo TWINKIDS shows no sign of slowing down after giving us sultry surging Overdressed and experimental haunting Body Wonder this summer. The pair, consisting of Tokyo born Gene Fukui and Floridian Matt Young, continue to push boundaries and entrap us within their finespun compositions by releasing their debut EP, Boys Love, in full.  Aside from the aforementioned gems, Boys Love also features this gossamer swelling, aqueous roiling experimental piece, Shotgun. Glitchy electronica, ethereal pop, and warped beats frolic weightlessly on the other worldly alt track, which feels like it has a flickering, undulating life of its own. TWINKIDS’ debut EP is a seven track coming of age homage to the gay romance manga genre of the same name, drawing influence from 80′s J-pop and artists like Imogen Heap and Bonobo. 

“All the songs on ‘Boys Love’ were written during a really unstable time in our lives, right after we moved to Los Angeles,” TWINKIDS says of the EP. “They’re all about the anxieties of being young, gay, in love, with no sense of self. I think you can hear that tension in the production too. Its all very high contrast in the way the songs suddenly open up just to tighten or close in later.” Boys Love is out now on Om Records. Stream/download, here.

August 4, 2017

Los Angeles based queer pop duo TWINKIDS are certainly on a roll lately. It’s nary been two weeks since Tokyo born Gene Fukui and Florida’s Matt Young gave us groovy luscious Overdressed, and here they are again with another intoxicating song named Body Wonder. Hauntingly echoing percussion, diaphanous vocals, and a ghostly ambiance permeates this sultry experimental piece. Body Wonder shifts and tugs, pulls and sways. It’s an intricately textured, opaquely finespun electronic and pop composition that evokes some of Hundred Waters’ more eccentric songs. Body Wonder is lifted from the duo’s Boys Love EP, arriving August 18th via Om Records. You can purchase this song about romantic desperation from iTunes, here.

July 22, 2017

New Italian duo Malihini has been turning ears with their music since they broke out of the gates with debut single Waiting. They’ve now shared a music video for their recent second single, Miss, which is a rhythmic entrancing minimalist pop and wistful enthralling art rock song. Malihini describe Miss as “a love song, containing memories and hopes and fears.” It’s a captivating experimental piece with a riveting trip hop groove. You can stream Malihini’s debut, Waiting, below. It’s also a very unique and captivating listen. Malihini will be playing their debut headline show at The Waiting Room in London on October 2nd. 

July 19, 2017

As reported last week, industrial rock legends Nine Inch Nails will be releasing a new EP entitled Add Violence this Friday, the second in a series of three related EPs. We received our first taste of Add Violence last week in the form of gloriously thrashing, noisy seething Less Than. Today’s THIS ISN’T THE PLACE is just as gripping and phenomenal, but in a very different manner. It’s an eerily haunting brooder whose atmosphere is so intense that it recalls some of Trent Reznor’s film soundtrack work. THIS ISN’T THE PLACE is a slow build of an opaque droning crescendo that recalls recent Radiohead as well as Massive Attack and Portishead. The whole ambiance of THIS ISN’T A PLACE and the control panel visualizer that comes along with the song also remind me of that masterpiece of a Twin Peaks episode on which NIN performed just a month prior. Twin Peaks: The Return episode 8 is David Lynch’s magnum opus, and NIN couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for its atmosphere. NIN’s Add Violence EP can be pre-ordered digitally, here, or on vinyl, here. A CD version will be out on September 1st.

July 18, 2017

Are you ready for a sonic safari? Because that’s exactly what we’re embarking on as we delve into this dazzling new tune from Flamingo Jones. Whatever island the Melbourne producer is evincing on The Island Does Crazy Things, I feel like I’m right there with him as I listen to this wild bonanza of lush psychedelic and tropical splendor. Nick Bond, the mind behind Flamingo Jones, tagged his experimental electronic masterpiece “nature beat” on Soundcloud, and he utilized a wide array of instruments to craft the worldly piece. The Island Does Crazy Things quickly brings to mind Animal Collective, with a touch of Baio and a sliver of Al Bairre. It’s a prime cut for those who really want an evocative jungle escapade. The Island Does Crazy Things is the second single from Flamingo Jones’ sophomore EP, expected to arrive later this year. You can purchase the song from Bandcamp, here.

July 15, 2017

Last month, welcome news of a new MUTEMATH album arrived on our doorsteps. We now know that Play Dead will be arriving on September 8th on the band’s own label, Wojtek Records. And we have a sweet new taste from the record to share, too. The New Orleans based band ventures deep into spacey psychedelic territory with their electro-experimental rock on Stroll On. The song even features trippy instrumentation and sounds such as the bouncing of a ping pong ball and other whimsically bobbing, kaleidoscopic torquing, and bass wobbling elements. It’s quite the heady intoxicating listen, and the ping pong ball effects at the end of the song leave me with a strong craving to challenge someone to the game of ping pong, which I happen to love though I’m not great at it. You can pre-order Play Dead, here. MUTEMATH will be embarking on a massive U.S. tour this fall, find out more, here.

July 14, 2017

Just as we had so ardently hoped, the string of new songs we’ve been gleefully embracing from Hundred Waters in the past couple of months were signs of an impending new album. The Florida based art rock and experimental electronic trio announced Communicating today, and the full length is set to arrive on September 14th. Hundred Waters has also shared a new single from the album named Blanket Me, and it’s a cathartic hymnal, to say the least. Nicole Miglis’ ever evocative vocals lead us through a piano driven, intense gripping soundscape lit up with a crescendo of emotion. I nearly need to gasp for breath as the song nears its closure, Blanket Me is that compelling and powerful a listen. Blanket Me is available from major retailers, here. We’ll be on the hunt for more updates regarding Communicating, including pre-ordering links, of course.

July 7, 2017

Jaja Bu’s Sweetness is a tangy and spicy, peppery and gritty sort of sweet. The new producer and artist out of Los Angeles makes his first appearance on IHM with a moody smoldering, choppy haunting experimental R&B tune that feels like FYFE gone murky nebulous and ghostly vaporous, as if infused with some Sevdaliza and some Arca-like production. Sweetness is a chopped and screwy serpentine suitor, brimming with carnal lust and aching longing. It makes an indelible mark on us, and we look ahead eagerly for what Jaja Bu has in store for us next.