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September 29, 2017

Clips x Ahoy sure sounds like an electronic project that would sling some tasty tunes, particularly since I sort of grew up loving Chips Ahoy cookies. Sure enough, the electronic act has teamed up with fellow Miami based producer EGZOD on a majestic trap anthem named Everything, and it’s got everything that you need for an epic thrilling night. The track features KLA on sizzling vocals and copious amounts of heavy hitting bass. So throw your trap hands up and lose it to the vociferous and vehement adrenaline pumping anthem. Download/stream Everything, here.

February 22, 2017

WRLD continues his worldwide ascent as a producer to watch with Everything, a new original that features British singer and producer Ashdown on guest vocals. The Dutch producer presents us with a very unique and fresh approach on drum and bass with this swift rippling, spongy sleek emulsion. Has anyone coined the term “future drum and bass” yet? Because I think WRLD may have invented exactly that with this imaginative music. Everything is indeed everything… from classical bridges to choppy breaks, wavy synths to silky vocals, it has it all.  Everything is out now on Monstercat, purchase or stream from additional sources, here.

December 30, 2016

Considering everything that’s happened this year and in particular for me, this past month, I could really use a jaunty pick me up, one still rife with emotion and bursting with sentimentality. Rich Jones, a Chicago artist new on my radar, delivers exactly that on alt pop ballad Everything. This piano driving, soulful clapping song is a whole lot of uptempo infectiousness. Everything is the first single from Rich Jones’ upcoming project VEGAS. You can watch the music video for Everything below. Rich Jones also followed up Everything with another excellent tune named Deja Vu. Stream below the video and marvel at the electro richness of this throbbing sonic adventure, one so very different from Everything. 

December 3, 2016

I knew I’d encountered something special when I first stumbled upon SUMif’s Lay Down several moons ago during our long gone summer. Not only did she display an ingenious capability to synthesize vibrant rousing electropop, but she also lulled us with a dulcet yet haunting iciness that felt intimate and genuine. Sure enough, the buzz on SUMif has grown exponentially since we first shared that tune with you. Lucky for me, SUMif hails from right here in San Francisco, and I get to watch her perform her music at a special Popscene Holiday Party on December 16th that also features other fellow Bay Area talents like birthday and CATHEDRALS. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing SUMif’s brand new track Everything. Subtle future chops and slices embellish this magnetic electronic pop aria. Everything is dreamy celestial yet immediate and ensnaring, once again embodying that duality I found on SUMif’s prior tracks. You can grab the track for free, here.

April 29, 2016

SMNM is majestic and grand on the enigmatic Swedish artist’s second song Everything. It booms confidently and burns grittily, a woozy storm of dark electronic pop and guttural R&B. The anguish on the bold track is undeniably palpable, a magnetic presentation of torrid emotion and heartbroken longing. Everything follows on tails of debut single Gravity, an equally haunting and stirring song not to be missed below. Both tracks are free downloads if you head to SMNM’s soundcloud.

January 20, 2016

Nashville band KAPTAN never fails to present us with bright and uplifting indie pop. That radiance and charm makes for a fine foundation for fellow Nashville act BIYO’s remix of KAPTAN’s Everything. The duo give Everything a shimmering, bubbly glow full of tingling, buzzing playfulness. The resulting glitchy Everything is a carbonated yet creamy confection, a sublime R&B meets electro high flying trip across the sky. Free download, here.

August 5, 2015

Let’s dive into the bright long days of summer with a brand new KAPTAN song! The solo indie pop project created by Andrew De Torres reveals radiantly heartwarming Everything, a driving anthem full of uplifting hope. The Nashville act’s music has never been more catchy and hooking. Everything will be available digitally on all retailers come August 7th. Make sure to add it to your summer pop anthem playlist to ride out the last weeks of the season.

August 1, 2015

Australian producer LOLO BX returns with a captivating, fantastical new track named Everything, and it features British singer songwriter Lucy Mason on vocal duty, too. Her delicately beautiful voice pairs like a fine wine to LOLO BX’s dramatic Basenji evoking melodic bass production. Everything oozes passion and melting sentiment at every twist and turn, oscillating and undulating with an epic magnificence. It’s an incredible song from an emerging producer and a riveting songstress.

May 14, 2015

It seems that ever since he swept us away with High last month, SIVIK has been steadily gifting us enthralling originals and remixes. Today brings us new original single Everything, one of the most melancholic, heartrending tunes we’ve heard so far from the Los Angeles based singer songwriter. It’s a soaring, lovelorn gem that elevates SIVIK’s pop meets R&B game to even greater heights than ever before. Everything is off his debut EP, Spring Collection, out today. It was co-written with Sweet+Talker (signed to Dr. Luke’s publishing company Prescription Songs). And it showcases a much more vulnerable and dewy eyed side of SIVIK. SIVIK’s debut EP is available to stream in full, here.

September 11, 2014

New Los Angeles artist ROZES catapults onto the scene with debut single Everything, which was produced Bel Heir & ARNOLD. Everything is a fantastic, powerful debut, driven by ROZES’ gorgeous, bewitching vocals and a catchy, R&B infused melody that carries plenty of thrilling but subdued darkness. It reminds me of a blend of Tove Lo and Melanie Martinez’ Dollhouse. I’m sure plenty of people are waiting to hear her next track.