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July 13, 2017

Regine Chassagne

takes the leads on our latest preview from Arcade Fire’s next conceptual album Everything Now, and she’s super glam in its video, too. Feast your eyes and ears on Electric Blue, the fourth and final advance track from the album before it arrives soon on July 28th. It’s a wonderfully wavey and funky jam on which Regine shows off a range to her voice that was hitherto unknown. I mean, she’s always been a queen when it comes to her riveting vocals, but Electric Blue sees her taking her voice on immense and en point aerial adventures. Everything Now will be available on CD, cassette, and heavyweight black vinyl LP, as well as digitally of course, through an exclusive 360 degree partnership with global media and e-commerce platform Everything Now in synergy with the Sony Corporation. If you haven’t been following along with Everything Now Corp’s socials, and you dig tongue in cheek sardonic commentary about commercialism and the world as driven by corporate entities, you should check it out. I’m sure it’ll tickle you and bring forth a few giggles. Pre-order Everything Now, which was produced by Arcade Fire, Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk), and Steve Mackey, with co-production by Markus Dravs, here.

June 30, 2017

Fine new Arcade Fire tunes continue to roll out as the Grammy award winning band continues their “Everything Now” trek with new video and song Signs Of Life. “Everything Now Corp” has “taken over” the band’s socials as of late, and we’re now treated to another funky grooving jam that feels a bit like it’s from the Reflektor days, but with a late 70′s early 80′s ABBA feel that seems inherent in this new iteration of AF. Signs Of Life, which comes with a quirky paranormal investigation music video that seems to take the song quite literally, is our third taste from new album Everything Now, due out July 28th through “an exclusive 360-degree partnership with global media and e-commerce platform Everything Now, in synergy with Sony corporation.” Pre-order Everything Now, here.

June 16, 2017

So I’m exhausted, and I was actually going to call it a night, when I found out that Arcade Fire has unleashed the next single and video from their forthcoming album Everything Now after teasing Creature Comfort with a flurry of clips and even cereal boxes earlier this week in Dublin. Being the ginormous fan I am of The Arcade Fire, there was no hesitation involved in blasting the new tune in my living room. As soon as I heard Creature Comfort, I knew…. I had to hop on and share, STAT. Creature Comfort is an Arcade Fire JAM. Suddenly, I’m not tired anymore, and I’m ready to twirl all around the room. As much as Everything Now, the title track from their next album, is a new ABBA like evolution for an always changing band who puts out creative conceptual albums, Creature Comfort seems to harken back to an older iteration of their sound, but with a whole lot of pulsing, pounding dance energy. It even features Regine Chassagne on additional vocals alongside Win Butler, and it’s always such a treat to hear Regine. I can already see her dancing across the stage to Comfort Creature in my mind. I can’t wait to hear Creature Comfort live at the Oakland Arena this October. And I’ve already pre-ordered Everything Now. In fact, I’ve ordered the Day and Night bundle which includes some limited items. I couldn’t resist. Find out more about Arcade Fire’s forthcoming tour, here. Everything Now drops on July 28th. Pre-order, here

June 1, 2017

It’s been a huge, huge day for a die hard fan of Arcade Fire like me. Not only has the Grammy award winning Canadian band officially unleashed a new tune via a captivating video, but that song, Everything Now, has been announced as the title track from their fifth album arriving this summer. The band will also be heading out on an extensive tour in support of their new full length. The Canadian collective is blowing a lot of minds with their new song, too. Arcade Fire is well known for taking their sound in a fresh direction with every new full length, and it seems they’ve gone an ABBA meets Bowie and LCD Soundsystem sort of disco-pop-rock route with the first taste from their next album. The more I listen to flute saturated Everything Now, the more my love for it grows. Find out more about the band’s forthcoming tour on their website, here. They’ll be playing the Oakland Arena in October, and I’m all ready to snag my tickets when they go on sale. As for Everything Now, you can pre-order from various outlets, here. Some nice bundles featuring limited edition items are available from the official store. I couldn’t resist snagging the Day And Night bundle earlier. Like I said, I’m a huge, huge Arcade Fire fan.