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May 18, 2018

Saint Sister obviously knows the way to my heart. Not only have they named their new single Twin Peaks (guess who loves that show?), but the Irish duo have more than enchanted me with their dreamy wistful, snowy ethereal aria, too. Part Beach House-like dream pop, part Daughter like atmospheric folktronica, Twin Peaks is a glacial beauty and a soft, sweet, celtic harp ensconced taste from the pair’s forthcoming debut album. Saint Sister will be on the road for much of the rest of the year as they tour  North America, Europe, Ireland, the UK, and Australia. Debut album Shape of Silence is due out later this year. Find out more about their tour from their website, here.

May 9, 2018

With a sigh and a smile, I sink into FAVELA’s breathtaking new song, Call My Name. The UK singer songwriter and producer has constructed a fleecy bed of sheer diaphanous indietronica, over which his voice gusts softly and gently, straight towards the tender-most regions of our hearts. Misty melancholia abounds and sunset nostalgia flourishes as we find ourselves picturing a beautiful sky at dusk. The past seems to be fading into the distance, yet it still echoes through our souls and accompanies us into the night. A caressing beat and Call My Name’s organic electronica, combined with FAVELA’s silky cooing, are like Tep No and Aquilo conjoined. Call My Name, which can be found on Apple Music, here, is a taste from FAVELA’s forthcoming debut full length. 

April 12, 2018

Haulm’s six track EP Stay For Me has been out for a moment, but that in no way means we should let EP track Clean slip by. The Brooklyn based project, a collaboration between vocalist/composer JT Norton and electronic producer Reed Kackley (BAILE), entice and enchant with their chiffon vocals and an ethereal trickling, misty burbling soundscape on Clean. Their downtempo electronica and wispy light vocals remind me of Daniel Woolhouse’s early music as Deptford Goth, but embedded in a nebulous haunting, atmospheric skimming sonic environment akin to some of John Hopkins or even Bonobo’s more chill and ambient constructions. Haulm’s Stay For Me EP can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, here.

March 8, 2018

It’s with a massive amount of grief that I had to miss shallou’s sold out set at the Rickshaw Stop last month. There’s no doubt that the Chicago based songwriting and production genius is a brilliant musician. His ethereal and other-worldly soundscapes fill us with starry eyed wonder, often evoking future bass and chill trap luminaries like Odesza and Petit Biscuit. If you missed out on his latest single Find, we’ve got you covered. Float away to his twinkling soul-searcher, a collaboration with Swedish producer Kasbo and satin voiced Cody Lovaas. We soar through the atmosphere with the trifecta on the wings of the mellifluously flickering beauty, which is the second track to be unveiled from Shallou’s forthcoming Souls EP, out April 27th. Catch shallou at various festivals and gigs this year, including including a weekend performance at Okeechobee. Pre-order Souls, here. Find is available as a single, here.

February 13, 2018

22 year old Australian singer songwriter and producer Yoste delivers a rush of heady and ethereal euphoria on his latest single, Arc, a beautiful reminder why he’s made many an appearance on IHM over the years. In fact, we’ve even had the pleasure of premiering his music in the past. Arc’s bedroom electronica and ambient pop is a chiffon gliding, dewy-eyed flutter high above the sediments of earth. It’s lightly perfumed with soft tender future beats and gently glazed with Yoste’s pensively ethereal voice. Yoste makes a gorgeous imprint on our 2018 with his first release of the year, but we expect much more sonic bliss to come from the artist as the year progresses, too. An EP is slated to arrive on Akira Records later this year. “The road to ‘Arc’ is littered with almost-good-enough ideas,” says Yoste. “I was like a blocked stream and suddenly I had to get it all out at once. It was tortuous but the result was cathartic, and resulted in ‘Arc’ coming together over the course of just one day.” He folds us into his organic composition, whose components seamlessly seep into one another, like the very emotions restlessly interlacing within our hearts whilst we’re listening to the song. Arc is available, here.

December 13, 2017

It can’t be delayed anymore. We really must delve deep into the surreal and dreamy soundscape that is 지금(NOW) straight away. We’ve been keeping this one to ourselves for awhile now, but it’s high time we introduce you to Neon Bunny, if you aren’t already familiar with the Seoul-based electronic artist and her foggy swirling, diaphanous flowing synthpop and electronica. She takes cues from future bass and future trap to create her cottony fluorescent new song, a thoroughly intoxicating and sensually arresting experience. It’s obvious Asia is a hotbed of groundbreaking music activity these days, and artists of Korean heritage, including Neon Bunny and Yaeji, are making a mark in the electronic scene with their creative concoctions. Find more Neon Bunny music on Soundcloud, here.

November 21, 2017

Public Order is an emerging three-piece electronic outfit hailing from South Wales. They’re obviously here to make the mark on the future bass scene, considering the saccharine beauty of their wistful debut single, Violet Skies, featuring crystalline vocals by Rebecca Hurn. These “violet skies” are celestial. They shimmer and glimmer, sparkle and glisten with melodious grace, while Rebecca Hurn’s soft and supple vocals soar effortlessly through their limitless reach. Public Order’s debut single is available from iTunes, here.

November 9, 2017

Long time electronic magnate Kill Paris delights us with a languorous shimmering, dreamy lush future soundscape on the Los Angeles producer’s latest original, Out of the Dark. It’s an illuminating and melodic lifting future bass composition that soothes and entrances with its blissed out synths and supple keys. In your darkest moments, this is the sort of music that will give you a sense of hope and bring you out of the shadows. You can also stream Kill Paris’ Out of the Dark via Spotify, here.

September 22, 2017

Brooklyn producer and songwriter Jonathan Dagan left an indelible mark on us as J.Views his 401 Days album last year, the culmination of a brilliant feat he called the DNA Project that brought all sorts of artists and musicians together over the course of two years to create incredible music. The Grammy nominations 401 Days received were well deserved, and just thinking about the release makes me want to go back and give it a hearty re-visit. A deluxe edition of 401 Days, entitled 401.1, will be out on October 5th. Among its new tracks is a transcendental remix of J.Views’ Don’t Pull Away, certainly one of the most smoothly seductive, lushly textured numbers from the album. Don’t Pull Away features Rhye’s Milosh on soft sensuous vocals, and now Los Angeles electro soul duo RKCB have given the track a sublimely billowing, wispy diaphanous edit that lulls us into a new plane of weightless euphoria. In other news, J.Views and Global Citizen have teamed up to create the #WeMove campaign empowering people to dance in public spaces around the world. The campaign will peak at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park in two days. Learn more, here. Catch J.Views on tour this fall across the U.S. He’ll be stopping by the Independent in San Francisco on November 18th. More details can be found on Facebook, here.

September 13, 2017

I’ve been on pins and needles looking out for my copy of Odesza’s new album A Moment Apart since its official release on Friday, and I can finally find some peace now that it’s sitting right next to me, having arrived on my doorstep this morning. The esteemed Seattle duo teamed up with a diverse list of guest talent on the album. I last shared their collaboration with alt soul sensation Leon Bridges. Let’s now dive into track number 10, an utterly enchanting dreamscape featuring anti-folk and indie pop heroine Regina Spektor. Just A Memory is a beautiful flight across night skies, where twinkling stars keep us company as we gaze down at a vast world asleep, in hopes of spotting the one person we’re longing for so deeply. A Moment Apart is available from all major retailers, here. Odesza kicked off their world tour on September 3rd. Find out more about its dates, here.