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February 6, 2018

Marshmello and Selena Gomez’s majestic collaboration Wolves may have been released near the end of last year, but it quickly made such a commotion and climbed the charts so fast that it became one of 2017′s biggest crossover hits. There’s no forgetting that amazing AMA performance, either. As I’ve already said a handful of times, some incredible remixes have been spawned by the hit single. Canadian producer Vincent offered up a stunning future bass and chill trap configuration soon after the single’s release. Check out the track, here. And now, Los Angeles based producer Crystalize has precipitated his own take out of Vincent’s remix, giving it a softer edge and a some fluid whorling beauty with his future bass makeover. That’s right, this is a remix of a remix, an evolution of an evolution. Benjamin David of Crystalize explains that once he heard Vincent’s remix, he felt so connected that he knew he had to put his own spin on it. Crystalize’s heart-stopping, dramatic sweeping edit is a free download, here.

December 13, 2017

Aside from how amazing young teenage pop sensation Billie Eilish tends to be, if there’s anything else we learned this year, it’s that the fast rising Los Angeles star’s music also lends itself perfectly to discerning remix efforts. Los Angeles based producer, singer, and multimedia artist Xie is responsible for one of our favorite Billie Eilish remixes to crop up in recent months. She’s given Watch a finely nuanced, chill intoxicating future pop edit that really complements Billie’s svelte vocals. Xie’s remix is nothing short of gorgeous, a sparkling, glimmering beauty of a celestial transformation. It’s a free download, here.

September 18, 2017

Charli XCX’s Boys made quite an impact this summer. Not only is it an irresistible bop, but its video was a stereotype breaking agglomeration of, well, boys… Not just any boys, but lots and lots of talented artists and musicians, too. In the wake of the tune comes a growing stream of covers and remixes. While we’re still reeling from SAKIMA’s cover of Boys, we quickly fall for Dutch production project DROELOE’s luminous and frothy remix, too. Bright eyed chirpiness intermingles with churning intensity on their playful and flirtatious future trap edit. Stream/download, here.

August 10, 2017

We have one more to leave you with on this epic music journey we’ve had today, and it’s a remix that we most certainly did not expect to encounter, but am very much glad we did. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from BloodPop®, the producer and musician formerly known as Blood Diamonds, later known as DiamondDahi. There may have been a few other moniker changes in between that we’ve missed. The Los Angeles based artist has worked with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Madonna in the past, but some of our favorite music from him was when he collaborated with Grimes (while he was Blood Diamond). He makes a return to IHM with a lustrous pulsing remix of the HAIM sisters’ snappy hooking single, Little Of Your Love. There’s a Jack Ü meets Cashmere Cat feel to the track with its pitched vocal chops, vivacious beats, and jagged synths. The remix is a welcome new approach on a signature HAIM tune. You can grab it, here.

August 10, 2017

We’ve had the pleasure of premiering early songs from some mighty brilliant producers, bands, and artists on IHM over the years, and we’ve taken such great pride and pleasure watching their careers expand and flourish. West Hollywood’s Tyzo Bloom is one such talent, and though he’s still on his journey on the up and up, it’s more than obvious his buzz has been steadily growing since we shared Ukiyo and premiered Closer To You. He continues his ascent with a gorgeous new future pop single named Before U Go, featuring enthralling songstress Lauren Marie on guest vocals. Effervescent is a term we often use to describe future bass and chill trap arias, but Before U Go is truly a celestial twinkling, airy frothing treat that evokes early Odesza hits, but with a bit of Whethan’s friskiness and a touch of early The Chainsmokers’ saccharine springing charm (ie. Roses). Before U Go is a bubbly infectious, lushly captivating gem whose brittle shards and sparkly chimes cast a dazzling sonic prism. You can also stream the finespun beauty via Spotify, here.

May 17, 2017

It’s been like a year since Mija and Vindata teamed up to give us airy whimsical future bass brilliance in the form of their collaboration, Better. We return to its dazzling folds today via a fresh remix by Alaska’s Electric Mantis. We’re taken on a profound journey by his atmospheric chill trap edit. It stretches us across the universe with its soothing flitters and prismatic cascades, filling us with endless wonder. You can download this sublime treat, here.

May 15, 2017

Ever since Sleeping Lion took a hold of us with their new single Stop It, the duo from Boston seems to be popping up everywhere. They’ve prepared for us a smorgasbord of deep feels and shivering good vibes for their latest track, a chill electronic remix of Zealyn’s Talk:Listen. The goosebump inducing future bass remix they’ve created is almost like a London Grammar and Imogen Heap collaboration gone nocturnal chill trap. Entering its shadowy soundscape is like diving deep into a beautiful abstract dream. The original comes off of Los Angeles siren Zealyn’s debut EP, LImbic System. This remix is the second of seven that will be released over the next seven weeks, culminating in “Limbic System: Reimagined” to arrive on June 9th.

May 15, 2017

tribes., the thoroughly entrancing, sensually enticing singer songwriter from Los Angeles who’s worked previously with IHM faves like Pham, Luca Lush, and TastyTreat, is teaming up with a fresh California producer on our radar who goes by the name Dead Robot to release a new genre defying EP. Lead single Lately is a dreamy effervescent, twilight alluring future pop anthem featuring tender guitar strums and verdant synths. Mura Masa’s celestial future production melds with the breathy seductive pop of Cathedrals and dusky smoldering George Maple on this blissed out single. tribes. and Dead Robot’s upcoming EP, Therapy, is described as an emotional connection of hybrid genre-crossing tracks that flawlessly blend trap, indie pop, soul, and EDM. The EP will arrive as a four part series over the next few months. You can download Lately for free in the meantime, here.

March 13, 2017

Parisian producer The Last Port pulls at our hearts with a beautiful piece named Alone featuring London’s Ema on vocals. Though the song has been out for awhile, it seems to be making some fresh rounds in the buzz circles these days. We’re grateful it’s placed the atmospheric future bass and chill trap song on our radar. Though celestial, Alone’s stirring soundscape also feels intimate and humbling. Alone is a free download, here.

December 21, 2016

With a name like Cafe Disko, you might assume you’re about to be assailed by juicy plump disco house, but we’ve already learned from Cafe Disko and Neonhund’s collaborative remix of Major Lazer’s Cold Water earlier this year that we should never make such uninformed inferences. The production project, who describe their music as “latte and chill”, offer up a transcendental cover of Frank Ocean’s Ivy. There’d be nothing better right now than to make myself a milky frothing latte to go with this visionary re-imagining of the song. Cafe Disko dresses Ivy in enchanting future bass and chill trap threads ornately adorned with celestial flickers and sweet honeyed vocals. Cafe Disko’s Ivy is a free download, here.