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May 9, 2018

With a sigh and a smile, I sink into FAVELA’s breathtaking new song, Call My Name. The UK singer songwriter and producer has constructed a fleecy bed of sheer diaphanous indietronica, over which his voice gusts softly and gently, straight towards the tender-most regions of our hearts. Misty melancholia abounds and sunset nostalgia flourishes as we find ourselves picturing a beautiful sky at dusk. The past seems to be fading into the distance, yet it still echoes through our souls and accompanies us into the night. A caressing beat and Call My Name’s organic electronica, combined with FAVELA’s silky cooing, are like Tep No and Aquilo conjoined. Call My Name, which can be found on Apple Music, here, is a taste from FAVELA’s forthcoming debut full length. 

May 4, 2018

Canadian four-piece Dizzy continues to awe critics and melt our hearts with the band’s tender bedroom dream pop on new single Joshua, out today via Royal Mountain Records / Communion Music. The pellucid trickling gem follows on the heels of remarkable prior singles like Swim and Pretty Thing. Airy, lustrous guitars and soft, saccharine vocals truly leave us dazed by Dizzy and their gently heartrending, intimately stirring lullaby. 

Singer Katie Munshaw explains it’s ”a goodbye to someone who left my life unexpectedly. There’s a constant buzzing in your entire body after a relationship ends without closure. At first it chatters through to your teeth and bones, but eventually it dwindles down to a soft humming in a secret hiding spot in your heart. Coping. This song is ‘Goodbye, and thank you. I hope you’re well. This is what’s happened since you disappeared on me.’” Dizzy will be playing a series of tour dates these next few months, including stops in the UK, France, Canada, and Austin. Perhaps they’ll fit in some California shows at some point, too. One can hope…

May 2, 2018

DC-based duo CUTTS was a more than fortuitous find from my daily music discovery adventures. It only took a few seconds for me to know the pair’s new single The Way Out is not only phenomenal, but it’s just the kind of atmospheric indietronica and alt pop that renders my heart total mush. Take a listen and tell me this somberly stirring, beautifully windswept single isn’t deeply affecting. Perhaps that’s why the band’s name is CUTTS, they cut through our heart like a knife through butter with their push and pull of this exquisitely poignant song. Slivers of R I T U A L’s dark evocative, mournful haunting songs and some of Daughter’s ethereal grandeur course through The Way Out. The truth is, we never want to find our way out of this stunning world that CUTTS has drawn us into. With my curiosity piqued and my affection sparked, I made sure to delve into CUTTS’ previous releases. Stream Entertain Me below, a potent and cinematic extension of the stately eloquence found on The Way Out, but more urgent and intense. The Way Out is available via Toneden, here.

April 19, 2018

Let’s stick around Norway for a moment and bask in the glacial beauty of Ina Wroldsen’s Sea, a taste from the singer songwriter’s new four track EP HEX, to be released on June 15th. The EP is described as deeply personal, and it features collaborations with some of today’s most forward-thinking producers, too, including Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Charli XCX), Edvard Erfjord (Little Mix), newcomer Olav Tronsmoen and George Reid (of AlunaGeorge). Her willowy, lithesome voice is utterly enchanting on the dark atmospheric, snowy ethereal song, which re-envisions The Nøkken, a Norwegian folklore tale about a lethal immortal water spirit who makes deadly contact with unsuspecting humans who can cross its path. If I were sailing the seas and heard Ina Wroldsen, I’d be drawn to her like sailors drawn to a siren. I might even face lethal immortal water spirits to get there, after all, the reward would be well worth the danger. Ina Wroldsen is also responsible for some of the biggest pop songs of the past two decades, including smash hits from Calvin Harris and Clean Bandit, as well as recent chart topping track Breathe, with Jax Jones. She’s already a huge star back home in Norway, and she’s poised to conquer the world with her exquisite voice and mystical pop. The video for Sea is a riveting visual treat that complements the song’s frosty grace and elegance. You can find the single on all major platforms, here.

April 12, 2018

Haulm’s six track EP Stay For Me has been out for a moment, but that in no way means we should let EP track Clean slip by. The Brooklyn based project, a collaboration between vocalist/composer JT Norton and electronic producer Reed Kackley (BAILE), entice and enchant with their chiffon vocals and an ethereal trickling, misty burbling soundscape on Clean. Their downtempo electronica and wispy light vocals remind me of Daniel Woolhouse’s early music as Deptford Goth, but embedded in a nebulous haunting, atmospheric skimming sonic environment akin to some of John Hopkins or even Bonobo’s more chill and ambient constructions. Haulm’s Stay For Me EP can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, here.

April 4, 2018

Though many recent fans of Nicole Dollanganger probably found out about her through her association with her good friend Grimes, we fell for her innovative music long before we saw her opening for Claire Boucher (Grimes) at the Fillmore in San Francisco on Halloween a couple years ago. The Canadian singer songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist’s wispy voice even reminds us of Grimes, but as you can hear on breathtaking new song Uncle, much of her music leans towards the more dreamy and atmospheric. Uncle is a hypnagogic beauty, an airy drifting, meditative brooding enchanter from her forthcoming album Heart Shaped Bed. The tender and melancholic lullaby, interlaced with delicately mournful keys, is like a heavenly Grimes and Lykke Li pairing. It leaves my heart aching for the arrival of Heart Shaped Bed this summer on Crystal Math. You can also preview four other songs from Heart Shaped Bed or pre-order the full album on Bandcamp, here.

April 3, 2018

Transcendental and atmospheric can’t even begin to describe the stunning beauty of IDLE, an ethereal billowing, pellucid burbling electronic track off a new EP from SoCal three piece mAsis. IDLE’s electronica and pop is chiffon yet moody, and its prowling beats and future bass styled production flickers are sensually hypnotic. It’s one of five flawlessly immersive must-listen tunes from the new EP Always You, which can be streamed via Soundcloud, here. mAsis achieves an exquisite balance between organic and synthetic on the dusky electronic release. Drawing us deep into every song are mAsis’ silky soft, plush enchanting vocals. It comes as no surprise that mAsis’ members have worked with the likes of Rhye, Banks, and Mr Little Jeans. They say of their new EP: “‘Always You’ is a journey towards atonement, of revisiting our past so we can embrace our ever-changing future.”

April 3, 2018

Last month, Finnish duo Pole Siblings took us to misty mountain tops and over mystical lakes with their ethereal song Carve. Now, just as the pair are about to set loose their new EP, 

Sköljer Bort Dig, invite us on a windswept journey across dark tundras, roiling oceans, and jagged cliffs with How Low, instead. A suspenseful edge embellishes their dramatically gripping, yet beautifully billowing alt pop. It’s a striking and riveting synth turbulent return, mired in palpable pain and despair. Sköljer Bort Dig arrives this Friday via STrangers Candy, pre-order digitally on Bandcamp, here.

March 23, 2018

Parisian band Dead Sea takes us floating, not atop of a briny ocean, but over neon charged soundscapes with their latest hazy, gazey slice of “turbo chillwave”. The quartet presents us with a dream of a tune in Know Where, a psychotropic emulsion made up of glistening synths, ethereal guitars, and lissome vocals. In some ways, Know Where is like Grimes gone Yumi Zouma and Au Revoir Simone… it’s whimsical and foxy, yet dreamy and celestial. You can watch Dead Sea’s lo-fi music video for Know Where below. To continue the surreal experience, listen to more Dead Sea on their Soundcloud, here.

March 7, 2018

We’ve been in love with Only Girl’s drop-dead gorgeous voice and her beautifully evocative tapestries carved out of ethereal pop and sensual R&B soul for a very long time, as long time IHM readers probably know. Yet, we never knew the backstory to much of her music. That is, until now, thanks to a piece from BBC’s Entertainment & Arts division that was published today. And the light it has shed on the South East London singer songwriter’s music has illuminated it in such a way that it’s made Only Girl’s songs even more moving than before, which was something I couldn’t have imagined could happen. Please read the article before you take in Only Girl’s new music video, here. It’s incredible what she’s gone through with her now husband, who was the victim of a “one punch attack” in Britain that left him with a serious brain injury. It’s an inspiring story of love, support, hope, and dedication. And the video for Only Girl’s latest single Mountain captures that story in its archive footage, which magnifies the dulcet billowing gem’s heartfelt radiance and heartrending power. I’ll be carrying this to SXSW next week where I hope I’ll get to catch Ellen Murphy live, where every song will feel that much more meaningful and powerful. Download/stream Mountain, here.