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December 12, 2017

It seems like an audacious move to name your project Monumental Men, but this threesome from Switzerland lives up to their namesake’s hype with their monumental form of dark electronica and progressive pop on new single, Enemy. They take us on a journey of profound self development on the percussive mesmeric, shadowy pensive sprawler, out now via indie label Radicalis. Enemy is a resolute and cinematic opus, yet it’s also ghostly and haunting. Its grand soul searching excursion carries familiar and intimate moments, with a Fyfe-like somberness and a Hundred Waters-like avant-garde lushness, but mired deeply in rumbling jungle beats that seem to echo the very murmurings of our hearts. Who else is a greater enemy to ourselves than our own demons? Monumental Men takes us into the heart of darkness with their song. As they say: “Frustration is a beautiful thing. We’d do everything to avoid it – and become better at what we do because of it. That’s the story of Enemy: gathering the strength to tackle our demons until the reason for our tears becomes a cause for a celebratory group-hug.“ The trio have an EP coming in February as well as some remixes planned. 

September 29, 2017

Time and time again, Whethan and Oliver Tree prove to be like peanut butter to jelly, or ham to a sandwich, or burger to fries, when it comes to their music together. The Windy City producer and Los Angeles singer songwriter have given us a myriad of infectious and frisky bangers, which they’ now follow up by reuniting on new genre defying collaboration, Enemy. Whizzing synths, peppery keys, a punchy cadence, and larkish beats endow this signature Whethan and Oliver Tree offering. Enemy nearly feels like dance foray involving twenty one pilots and K.flay with its alt flavored charm and jaunty vibrancy. Download Enemy, here.

November 21, 2016

Originally when I got sent this track I was going to only listen to the track but the video description reeled me in: explores sexuality with inanimate objects. Sounds like a TLC series. This electronic pop project is by Dani Belenguer, a singer and producer born in Valencia but based in Barcelona. The modern disco track was released via La Belle Musique Records.

Update: video is not about having relations with inanimate objects.

New The Weeknd

October 26, 2012

Trilogy hasn’t even dropped yet and Toronto bedroom producer Able Tesfaye already has a new song for us. Enemy won’t be on Trilogy’s bonus material. The song is a gorgeous r&b track from The Weeknd. Listen closely, you might notice a little tribute to the Smiths. On a related unrelated note, Morrissey just postponed the rest of his US tour. To give him credit, it’s due to his mother’s health back in England. But no big surprise on the postponement, eh? I gave up on getting Morrissey tix and seeing him live the last time he pulled a postponement and cancellation on us.