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May 18, 2018

Every once in awhile, a new project comes along that truly floors me and stands out from the pack with their genre crossing music. That’s what happened when I stumbled upon outsideOUTSIDE and their debut single Habits earlier this year. I promptly jumped on sharing the dusky aching tune, which blended emo rock with glitchy shuddering vocal bass. Though the mysterious band followed the track up with a stunning remix/cover of Lil Xan’s Betrayed last month, Comatose is only their second original release. And it’s such a heartrending ballad and another exceptional exhibition of outsideOUTSIDE’s immaculate genre-defying sound. The tender yet raw poignancy on Comatose near leaves us comatose with how hard it tugs on our heart strings. You can find the single on all major streaming platforms, here. Re-visit the music video for debut single Habits below.

March 12, 2018

Gabriel Black has unveiled a new dark and twisted love fantasy. He brings us a fresh effusion of his genre bending alt music on ‘jump’, on which he blends 90′s emo with rock and hip hop, plus he’s brought along Spanish starlet Sofi de la Torre for the ride, too. They make a heavenly pairing on the raw and gripping ballad. Like Romeo and Juliet, they weave a tragic but romantic tale, which is out now on Cloudkid’s newly minted label. Grab ‘jump’ from iTunes, here.

February 15, 2018

A happenstance discovery, or a blessing of an encounter, brought us to outsideOUTSIDE, a new alt project entirely shrouded in mystery. Try as we might, we can’t find anything about the band. Their socials are devoid of description. But outsideOUTSIDE has released an exceptional first single named Habits, a poignant and crestfallen mixture of dusky electronica, glitchy shuddering vocal bass, and raspy aching emo alt rock. It’s almost as if EDEN, Twenty One Pilots, and ECHOS came together to create a vulnerable and emotive genre defying tour de force. Habits comes accompanied by a music video which you can watch below. You can count on it that we’ll be on the lookout for more info regarding these newcomers. Habits can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

January 20, 2018

Though the music we consume and share nowadays ranges far and wide on the genre spectrum and often favors the pop and electronic arenas, a part of me will always be devoted to raw and angsty emo styled rock. Glorious indeed is the alt rock that Glass Tides brings us on their new single Forever, the Adelaide four piece’s first single off their debut EP Thoughts. Emotional and cinematic, intense and grandiose Forever hits home for people dealing with the loss of a loved one. The band plans to hit the stage this March, and they’re working hard at perfecting their stage sound to give their fans the best possible live show. The cathartic sweeping anthem is out now via major digital outlets. 

January 20, 2018

It’s apparent from our inaugural encounter with Candy Ambulance that their grunge rock is oodles of fiery spirited, resolutely unabashed fun. New single Spray is a surge of raw chaotic power, a wild and untamed two minute voyage that leaves us craving for more. The New York trio breathes new life into DIY punk and 90′s grunge with the punchy driving pop rock eruption, which vocalist and front-woman Caitlin Barker describes as a reflection of mania. Manic we are for the vociferous anthem, which arrives ahead of Candy Ambulance’s east coast spring tour. Spray, a riotous combination of SLØTFACE’s punk and Savages’ noise rock, is the second single and title track from the band’s upcoming EP, scheduled for release on February 16th. Stream their music on Spotify, here.

January 9, 2018

I have a feeling many of you are already familiar fans of Tonight Alive, a pop punk/pop rock band from Australia who’ve been around since 2008. The quartet are currently ramping up for the release of their fourth studio album, Underworld, and they’ve released a music video for its third single, Disappear, a resounding and magnificent alt anthem featuring none other than Lynn Gunn of ever popular Massachusetts synthy alt rock band PVRIS. Tonight Alive singer Jenna McDougall explains: “Disappear is a song about the escapist inside all of us. As you can expect from Tonight Alive, the lyrics discuss freedom, but this time with a flavour of anonymity and detachment. Disappear was written with the intention of sounding neither like Pvris or Tonight Alive, and aimed to capture the sonic imagery of a long straight highway out of your comfort zone.” Underworld hits the stores on January 12th via Hopeless Records, pre-order, here.

December 24, 2017

Ever since we heard Brothel.’s collaboration with Sidewalks and Skeletons, Desolate, we’ve been hooked on the Colorado producer’s dark brooding, dramatic and atmospheric electronica. The master sound designer presents us with a whole lot of wavy droning synths and guttural rumbling bass on BLENDLINE alongside Australia’s VOWL. Imagine k?d and Porter, gone extra cinematic and ominously opaque, and you’d get a bit of a taste of what the pairing has to offer on this widescreen sprawling alt inflected electro bass spectacular, a total re-work of alt/emo band nothing, nowhere’s ‘clarity in keroscene’. Download the track, here.

December 22, 2017

A new acoustic video from Picturesque has belatedly keyed me into the alt rock quartet’s music. The band released their debut album Back To Beautiful over the summer, and they’ll be hitting the road early next year with Silverstein and Tonight Alive. Album single Honestly immediately hooked us in with its rambunctious metal plus emo tinged post-hardcore and cinematic rock. Its sheer power and force as well as its resounding vocals reminds me of bands like Manchester Orchestra, Coheed and Cambria, and 30 Seconds To Mars. It’s a high voltage, hard hitting combination with a melodious arc. Watch Picturesque’s new acoustic video for Honestly below. The Kentucky based band’s debut album can be purchased from their website, here.

December 16, 2017

In a way, Gabriel Black has been a hurricane ever since he made his debut earlier this year with ‘sad boy’, a critically acclaimed, genre defying song that left tastemakers reeling. The alt musician blends hip hop, lo-fi emo rock, and soul in a way that we’ve rarely encountered, if ever. New song Hurricane is a raw emulsion, a morose and jaded yet witty and devilish charmer.  You can stream the singer songwriter’s prior three singles on Soundcloud, here, as we look ahead to a bright and promising 2018.

August 8, 2017

Though it’s been well over a year since we first heard Critical Mistakes, I’m still very much inextricably stuck on 888′s synth rocking single. It’s that wildly infectious a boisterous treat, and it was our very first introduction to the Denver alt band. When we noticed on our socials last week that 888 had dropped a new song named Creepers, we just had to look for the song and check it out. Sure enough, the band has offered up yet another sweeping alt rock and electro rock anthem. Prepare for a breathtaking ride as you dive into Creepers, which doesn’t really creep as much as it soars. If it’s stadium ready, arena sized alt electro you’re looking for, 888 is the answer. I have a feeling Creepers is going to slay the alt charts, if it isn’t already doing so right now. You can also stream Creepers via YouTube below.