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December 20, 2017

I’m not sure whether being “lost in space” would be a horrific experience or a sublime one, considering how lonely it can be when you’re out in that endless dark vacuum. Yet it must be wondrously beautiful to defy gravity and see the world as a pale blue dot from afar. Either way, it’d probably be an enlightening experience, as is this affecting new single from Los Angeles based singer songwriter and producer Emmit Fenn. Lost In Space is a comforting balm, a gently gliding, weightless floating fusion of indie electronica and soulful pop steeped in tender emotion and awash with gentle cooing. Sparkling keys and softly thrumming beats convince us being lost in space is a truly magical experience, one which we’d wholly embrace if we can bring Emmit Fenn along with us. Lost In Space is available from iTunes, here.

November 16, 2017

Young pop sensation Billie Eilish has made this Wednesday that much more special by surprising us with a brand new song. Her swift ascent to pop stardom continues to gain momentum after the release of renowned debut EP ‘dont smile at me’ with the droopy downtempo vibes found on ‘bitches broken hearts’, a murky aching, gossamer wafting slow burner of a chill wispy pop meets ambient R&B soul ballad. A sublime piano solo closes out the stand along single’s vaporous stroll. Her brother Finneas, also a much lauded artist who’s made requisite appearances on IHM, co-produced the song alongside Los Angeles based OWSLA-affiliated producer Emmit Fenn. Re-visit Billie Eilish’s prior releases via Soundcloud, here.

August 31, 2017

Emmit Fenn’s Modern Flame is a heart pummeling, emotionally charged post-EDM opus featuring beloved Malaysian artist Yuna. In fact, it’s so emotionally charged that it quivers, trembles, and palpitates under the weight of all that heartbreak and anguish. OWSLA signed Los Angeles based producer Team EZY takes Modern Flame in a whole new direction with a fresh edit that infuses the song with a whole lot of throbbing energy and weightless shudders. Though poignancy is still omnipresent in the remix’s bedrock, our hearts feel liberated by its swift clattering beats and draftier vocals. We move forward. We dance like there’s no tomorrow, come what may, hell or high water, wounded heart or aching regrets. Download Team EZY’s remix for free, here.

August 16, 2017

Emmit Fenn made a huge impression on the scene from the very first moment he signed to Th3rd Brain last year. He fired of a spectacular display of future beats and electro soul named Painting Greys, a song I’m still deeply obsessing over to this day. He’s since followed it up with a bevy of extraordinary songs, including an acclaimed EP named Prologue. New song Everybody Else was reportedly recorded for said EP, but somehow didn’t make it on in the end. He must have been saving it as a sweet surprise, because that’s exactly what it is, a lusciously percolating, debonair springing flow of soulful intoxicating deep R&B house luxuriance. You’ll be a helpless swooning mess once Emmit Fenn closes the song out smoky cabaret style with sensuous horns, too. A For more about Emmit Fenn’s Prologue EP and to keep up with the ingenious artist, head to his website, here.

June 23, 2017

Yes, I know I just finished lauding Emmit Fenn’s debut EP Prologue but a few short minutes ago, but this week has also brought us this amazing remix of EP track Modern Flame, which features Yuna, and we simply can’t let another day go by without sharing the track. Salt Lake City’s Fransis Derelle goes full on epic future bass and climactic trap on us with this electrifying and intense transformation. The sonorous remix is a free download, here.

June 23, 2017

We’ve been praising Emmit Fenn profusely since the day he brought us Painting Greys, so it should come as no surprise that we’re head over heels for Emmit’s debut EP, Prologue, a whopping nine track release which includes all the songs we’ve been enamored with in these past months, plus some fresh new gems. It feels like the Los Angeles by way of Berkeley singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer could move mountains with the sheer emotive power of his electronic music. Just listen to new EP track Stones, which slow builds from understated anguish to passionately pummeling, battle ready future bass grandeur. Emmit Fenn’s debut EP Prologue, out via TH3RD BRAIN Records, can be experienced in full on Soundcloud, here. Purchase from iTunes, here.

June 14, 2017

With incredible songs like Painting Greys, Woman, Blinded, 1995, and so many more, Emmit Fenn has without a doubt proven himself a rising star. The LA based Berkeley native is a gifted singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with a firm grasp on emotionally moving, atmospherically charged electronica. We now add his latest single, Oceans, to his growing list of accomplishments. Oceans, which features Chicago’s NYLO and her evocative vocals, is an epic preview from Emmit Fenn’s debut EP Prologue, to be released on June 21st. He goes full on future bass on this propulsive soaring, cinematic sweeping opus. This is a magnificent “ocean” of razor sharp synths and gut punching beats, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Revisit Emmit Fenn’s prior masterpieces on his Soundcloud, here.

May 29, 2017

Los Angeles by way of Berkeley producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Emmit Fenn has been one of the year’s most hotly tipped artists since he first emerged with that stunning single, Painting Greys. Last month, he gave us a dream of a single named 1995 and introduced us to his new website, an engaging digital experience which can be found, here. He’s now followed them up with Woman, a provocative slow burner featuring guitar by another rising sensation we’re always eager to extol, NoMBe. Woman’s minimalist soul and downtempo electronica is nothing short of slinky seductive. Emmit Fenn’s sensual vocals drawl softly and meticulously across the vitreous surface of this sultry roving, carnal seething conflagration. Woman is a rousing ode to the madness of obsession and lust. 

May 4, 2017

Vancouver based producer tofû, aside from possibly loving soy based products even more than I do, has proven himself an electronic maestro in the past months with his phenomenal remixes and flips. The latest such jam he’s blessed upon our ears is a cinematic remix of 21 year old wunderkind Emmit Fenn’s Yuna collaboration, Modern Flame. It’s impossible not to love this future bass flickering, intense surging re-work, the perfect treatment to go with Yuna and Emmit Fenn’s enthralling vocals. For more of his recent brilliant remix feats, stream his edit of Katelyn Tarver’s You Don’t Know and his Future Mask Off flip below. 

April 28, 2017

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