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July 25, 2017

It’s a bi-coastal affair as we’re rocketed to cloud nine by this uplifting remix of Two Friends’ Emily, featuring James Delaney, by NYC production talent Zack Martino and Los Angeles duo BEAUZ. An island breeze and rays of golden sunshine permeate the track’s adrenaline pumping mixture of progressive house, melodic dubstep, and future bass. Zack Martino and BEAUZ’s vigorously lurching, synth whirring edit is a free download, here. You can also stream this eruption of sweet euphoria on Spotify, here.

March 1, 2017

Earlier today, SXSW went live with their annual Music Bloggers Guide, an official publication in which influential bloggers write about 100+ exciting showcasing artists to catch at the event. Once again, I had the honor and pleasure of contributing to this list. This year, I represented my friends over at We Found New Music and wrote about two artists for the guide. One of these gifted musicians is RYAN Playground. You can read the SXSW piece, here. In writing about RYAN Playground, I discovered I’d let an exquisite new track slip right through the cracks earlier this month. The Canadian singer songwriter and producer covered From First To Last’s Emily, transforming the song into a delicate and finespun chill pop gem. RYAN Playground’s brilliant rendition of Emily is dreamy wistful and misty aching. It can turn stone cold hearts into warm, pliable putty. Visit RYAN Playground’s prior work on Soundcloud.

July 8, 2015

I’ve been going insane waiting to share this one with you since a lucky early preview, courtesy of Win and Woo, who are baes like that. The Chicago based duo’s new work of heart melting beauty is an official remix of San Fermin’s Emily, which just so happens to be my favorite song off the amazing baroque pop act’s sophomore album, Jackrabbit. I’m drunk on the remix’s chill tropical vibes, which envelope San Fermin’s The National evoking and Amber Coffman reminiscent vocals in such sweet, plush splendor. Warm guitar and a feathery, soft groove join together in what can only described as pure bliss. Download the remix for free, here.

April 2, 2015

San Fermin is another act I love that seems to be picking up some extra buzz lately, having just played some shows at SXSW, too. The Brooklyn band first caught my attention with their song Sonsick, a mesmerizing song that reminded me of The Dirty Projectors. Allen Tate’s baritone vocals also tend to make me think of The National’s Matt Berninger. Though I didn’t see San Fermin at SXSW, I have caught the large band in San Francisco, and they’re incredible. San Fermin’s song Emily goes lustrously vibrant and synthy on a sensational remix by SoCal indie pop band The Colourist. The end result is an intoxicating, atmospheric rendition of the song that has the warmth of St. Lucia and the hidden edge of recent newcomers Breakfast.

March 3, 2015

It’s been exactly a year since I had the pleasure of catching San Fermin at The Chapel in San Francisco, but it feels like yesterday, because they made that deep of an impression with their gorgeous set. The Brooklyn band tends to remind me of Dirty Projectors and The National on their music, thanks to the baroque orchestral qualities of their songs and the deep baritone of their lead singer, particularly on Sonsick, a brilliant song which first reeled me into their music some time ago. I’m certainly amped up to see them return with brand new single Emily. Emily is perhaps their most hooking and pop leaning tune yet, with its honeyed melody and infectious chorus. In fact, it reminds me a little of Oh Wonder and certain other indie acts that have arisen of late, with its brooding, bittersweet sound. Still lush with its resplendent strings and horns, Emily is a superb third taste off San Fermin’s coming album Jackrabbit, out this spring on Downtown Records.

Call me an idiot.

August 26, 2011

And put a dunce cap on my head while you’re at it too.



I never really looked into Skrillex’s background until today. The more I learn, the more I am impressed. After seeing some cool videos of him singing live and noticing some folks referring to him as Sonny Moore, I finally wiki’ed him. I’m sorry. I was slow. I should’ve known. Very impressive! I had no idea that he started out in rock, tried out to be a guitarist on a band, was chosen to be the lead vocalist instead. The band, From First to Last, was apparently very successful and toured on Vans Warped Tour and other tours, then went on to release another album and have their own successful tours. Then Mr. Moore went solo and redubbed  himself (no pun intended) Skrillex. For liking some of his songs so much, I feel terribly ashamed of myself for not learning these interesting facts about the guy earlier. MY BAD. I looked up clips on youtube of Sonny Moore and of From First to Last. Honestly, his singing sounds SO darn familiar in these songs, though it is definitely very similar to a bunch of other alt/punk/skater bands’ lead vocals. But I swear I’ve heard From First to Last in the past, and I probably did, if they were that successful. Just didn’t pay attention and follow Mr. Moore’s career, I suppose? =)

Here’s a couple samples of the almighty Skrillex, before he was Skrillex.