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September 17, 2016

I was fortunate enough to catch Canadian singer songwriter, rapper, and producer JAHKOY last spring in Austin at SXSW. In fact, I made it a point to go out of my way and run across town just for his set. My hopes to see him again magnify after listening to JAHKOY’s seductive new R&B ballad, California Heaven, a song which sees him teaming up with rapper ScHoolboy Q. The hip hop artists’s gritty rap verses add a dusty slink to JAHKOY’s gooey grooving, torrid sweltering tune. California Heaven is a syrupy ode to California that seems more fitting of sunny Los Angeles than foggy San Francisco. JAHKOY will be dropping a new EP entitled Foreign Water later this fall.

August 18, 2016

Big Gigantic’s new album Brighter Future drops later this month, and I can’t imagine the countless droves of people who must be waiting for it in eager excitement. There’s a good chance this will be the electronic album of the summer, if not one of the biggest dance releases of the year. As August 26th draws closer, Big Gigantic reveals more tasty tidbits from the star studded record. All Of Me is the Colorado “livetronic” outfits’ newest treat, a pop, electronic, and rap hybrid that features ever enchanting ROZES and hip hop talent Logic on guest vocals. Brighter Future can be pre-ordered from iTunes. Even if you’re on the fence, I recommend you hit the tracklist up just to ogle the incredible names and collaborations strewn all over the forthcoming record. Wow. 

August 17, 2016

Israeli singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer ADI again displays an impressive breadth of talent as she links up with Atlanta hip hop artist Curtis WIlliams on a slick, catchy Higher. The hip hop, electronica, and R&B hybrid is a new single and the title track from ADI’s upcoming EP.  Higher’s cool elastic beats and ADI’s sweet, sensual cooing along with some hypnotic rap verses make Higher a can’t miss jam of the summer. You can pre-order Higher from iTunes ahead of its release this Friday, August 19th.

August 10, 2016

When we look back on the summer of 2016, there’s two things we’ll remember ourselves collectively obsessing over, the first being Pokémon GO, and the second, a unifying Netflix series that paid tribute to the 1980′s named Stranger Things. You can count me in on both those fads, so I was thoroughly delighted when I encountered a track from The Factoury named Eleven which plays on Stranger Things’ beloved synthcore theme. For those who’ve never heard of The Factoury, it happens to be the solo alias of Jesse Rutherford, also the front man of The Neighbourhood. He’s obviously just as big a fan of Stranger Things as the rest of us are, as he offers up a scintillating hip hop re-work of Austin outfit SURVIVE’s theme and overlays some sonorous verses on top. 

August 10, 2016

I’d never heard of choreographer, dancer, director, and artist Parris Goebel till today, but her first song as PARRI$ is without a doubt popping, and her talent game is obviously on point. Apparently, I’ve encountered a lot of her prior work without realizing I had. Parris Goebel is responsible for the choreography behind Bieber’s Purpose as well as a player in plenty of other trending items alongside huge names. As PARRI$, she gives us a whimsical and flashy form of hip hop and trap electronica. Friday is a wildly addictive banger, one that melds Missy Elliott with Major Lazer. Its self directed video is just as dizzy dazzling. Watch below. Friday will be on PARRI$’s debut EP, Run & Tell Your Friends. 

July 21, 2016

Ground breaking Los Angeles crew and Mind Of A Genius signed forward thinking duo THEY. deliver more of their genre defying magic on new single Deep End. Coincidentally, I just received some mad swag from Mind Of A Genius including a dope beanie and a cool THEY. shirt which I’ll be sporting with pride. Deep End sees the duo marrying trap and hip hop with alt R&B, resulting in a gritty seductive, blistering hypnotic immersion into their subterranean world. The duo call the track “trap R.Kelly sh*t”, a very accurate self description. Deep End was recorded in 2Pac’s old room. I’m still reeling from the sheer power of the duo’s live set from SXSW in March. Hopefully I’ll get to experience their performances again soon.

July 11, 2016

1000Volts is living up to their name, which comes as no surprise considering the duo is made up of two esteemed artists including legendary artist/rapper Redman and fast rising American producer Jayceeoh. Their blend of electronica and hip hop is intense and gripping, as can be heard on their immense second single Lights Out, a song which Jayceeoh co-produced with Hollywood producer B-Sides. The trio make an inimitable union on the riveting track, which has now received a music video treatment crafted by their buddy Maculate. Don’t miss out on this clip if you’re an Adventure Time fan. 1000Volts’ Lights Out is a free download, here.

July 6, 2016

British singer songwriter D/C drops his debut EP Badman on July 29th, and he’s just revealed a rousing track named Beautiful & Fragile that features fellow Londoner Jay Prince. The song is beautifully nostalgic, but not as fragile as its name might suggest. Beautiful & Fragile is luscious and sweet, a sleekly stirring R&B soul song with a riveting hip hop verse by rapper Jay Prince. The single was recorded with producer and John Legend collaborator Dave Hozer. 

April 12, 2016

I certainly did not wake up today expecting to encounter a collaboration between indie hip hop artist SiDizen King and indie rock band The Moth & The Flame. When I stumbled upon SiDizen King’s new song Disappear, featuring said quartet, my heart leaped with joy. I’ve enjoyed SiDizen King’s re-works and re-imaginations of indie songs in the past, when he added his own emceeing and some light production tweaks to stellar new music. It’s a much delightful surprise to see the Los Angeles based artist releasing a brand new original featuring gripping vocals by fellow Southern Californians The Moth & The Flame. SiDizen King’s passionate verses and The Moth & The Flame’s fervent singing intensify the song’s lovesick urgency. Disappear is a song that will never fade. It’s a tightly wound, heavily charged, and much innovative blend of alt and hip hop. Purchase Disappear from iTunes.

April 1, 2016

Whilst French-Canadian singer songwriter and model Charlotte Cardin presented us with a very jazzy agile sort of seduction on debut single Big Boy, she delivers her whiskey drenched vocals in a bed of darkly simmering R&B on new song Like It Doesn’t Hurt, which features hip hop artist Husser. Like It Doesn’t Hurt is smooth and haunting, its minimalist future pop production deeply hypnotic alongside Charlotte’s smoldering, smoky voice. Husser’s taut and firm rap delivery adds to the song’s sensual tension, one that lingers in the air, hanging precariously with much affliction.