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October 12, 2017

Fresh off collaborating with melodic bass auteur ILLENIUM on one of his tracks off his recent album Awake, Swedish indie trio Ember Island, known for their transcendental covers of celebrated hits, are back with a gorgeous original. Wispy and willowy Love Deserved is a delicate gem reminiscent of Soak’s guitar laden intimacy paired with Aurora’s glacial beauty. The gently windswept, gracefully atmospheric orchestral pop and dream folk hymnal tugs hard at the heartstrings. And it comes with a simple yet wondrous music video. You can also stream Love Deserved on Spotify, here.

September 29, 2017

Last week, Denver based electronica authority ILLENIUM released his highly anticipated album Awake, and it proved itself to be a sensational collection of electronic songs, many of them featuring fine guest talent we adore. We have many favorites on the release, including ILLENIUM’s collaboration with his good friend Said The Sky. Another cut off the album we can’t help but surrender ourselves to time and time again is Let You Go, which features Swedish trio Ember Island. The gently billowing, halcyon gliding melodic bass and chill electronic aria is nothing short of breathtaking. It holds us close with its lush strings and effervescent ripples, warming our hearts with a tender beauty. Awake can be streamed and downloaded, here.

August 23, 2017

Swedish trio Ember Island has built quite a reputation on the backs of their beautifully atmospheric covers. Those same covers have also translated into exceptional remixes. Manchester electronic duo VALES is the latest to take on remixing one of those covers. They’ve transformed Ember Island’s rendition of The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face into a shiver inducing future bass opus. VALES’ monumental remix is dramatic and majestic, a robustly oscillating masterpiece brimming with profound introspection and cathartic emotion. You can download their remix for free, here.

July 25, 2017

Swedish trio Ember Island has moved us deeply with their music, be it their softly stirring originals to their gently melting covers of Radiohead or Jack Ü. Those tracks are so affecting that countless producers have created their own remixes and re-works of Ember Island’s songs. You can never really expect what Ember Island is going to offer us next. I most certainly did not expect what they’ve shared with us this month. They’ve given Rihanna’s hit single Umbrella that light, misty Ember Island caress, transforming it into a chill electronic and downtempo pop song with a hypnotic beat. Their cover is as heartrending as Umbrella has ever been, a complete 180 from its original firecracker sass, but a full on indulgence in its intrinsic sweetness. You can download Ember Island’s Umbrella, here.

June 28, 2017

Swedish trio Ember Island’s Creep is such a beautiful Radiohead cover that it’s inspired some new renderings of the track itself, the latest of which comes by way of German producers GAMPER & DADONI. The pair literally take my breath away with their gorgeous deep house single, a purely transcendental listen that lives up to the lyrics “you’re just like an angel”. Ember Island’s soothing vocals and the tender guitars and gentle beats on the song complement each other to the utmost. Download this blissed out gem for free, here.

October 6, 2016

Over the summer, Swedish trio Ember Island gave us a serenely meditative cover of Radiohead standard Creep, imbuing the song’s “float like a feather” lyric an immeasurably palpable quality. Boulder based production pro Thoreau gives that beautiful version of Creep a deeply introspective remix, installing a brilliant new twist on future bass in the process. Though Thoreau’s Creep is built on a punchy bass line and infused with staccato beats, this calculated meander, a dramatically contemplative edit, takes us on a somber ride that leaves us waxing philosophical. As we muse over the esoteric, it dawns on us. Perhaps this is why Thoreau gave himself the name that he has. He enlightens us with his transcendental music, overwhelming us with dark beauty while driving deep into our psyche. Download the remix from Toneden.

August 29, 2016

We’ve no doubt grown accustomed to Ember Island’s adept ability to deliver amazing covers of classic songs and massive hits, with their latest jaw dropping track a breathtaking and cinematic re-imagination of Radiohead standard Creep. As always, Ember Island’s atmospheric re-makes lead to immense remixes, with Southern California’s Gill Chang offering up the first transformation of the transcendental cover. The gingerly clattering future bass and softly foaming chill trap remix was premiered by NEST HQ, and it’s out of this world. It shoots across the celestial sky, a sonic beauty too divine with feels too boundless to be of this earth. Download the remix for free, here.

August 3, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.01.2016

Featured music – August 1st, 2016

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August 2, 2016

We can always count on Swedish trio Ember Island to give us incredibly creative and beautiful cover remakes of classic songs and massive hits. Many of those gems have been remixed by buzzing producers, too. Take a deep breath before you step into the magical world of Ember Island’s Creep. That’s right, they’ve given the Radiohead standard the Ember Island touch. The atmospheric, cinematic indietronic re-imagination is breathtaking. Its beauty comes complemented with a magnificent video accompaniment.

May 28, 2016

I’ve got my eyes, er, ears, on a new producer out of Sydney named Joe Mason. Though he only has two tracks listed on his Soundcloud so far, the 17 year old whiz kid is already blowing minds and winning hearts over with his sensational remixes. The second of those tunes is a newly revealed official remix of The Chainsmokers’ Inside Out, ft. Charlee, a song much remixes and well loved already. Joe Mason gives it an atmospheric future bass and melodic bass remix fully majestic and magnificent. It takes me to great expanses of regal beauty, shoots me high into the sky with its cinematic verve, and near turns me inside out as my heart swells with rampant emotion. Download Joe Mason’s remix free, here. For more of this talented newcomer, stream his very first track on Soundcloud, a brilliant remix of Ember Island’s version of Can’t Feel My Face below.