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July 30, 2017

I’ve only been to Stockholm briefly, during a few hours layover. I’m quite convinced I need to go back, just so I can take in the local music scene, if not for the beauty of the city, too. There are so many artists and bands I love from the area, as well as a wealth of fresh emerging talent to discover. We’re adding Elsa to those ranks now that we’ve heard her single Nobody Likes You. Her immaculate pop has been compared to the likes of Astrid S, Sigrid, and Tove Styrke, who are all influences on her style. Nobody Likes You is nothing short of enthralling with its blithe twinkling, springy bounding, & skyscraper soaring electronic pop. In its sleek sonorous, smooth soaring chassis lies a hearty dose of fortitude, grit, and tenacity. Elsa is currently working on her debut EP. 

March 26, 2017

It’s an overwhelmingly lavish soundscape that greets our ears on This Time, the latest original from a Frankfurt, Germany production duo named Paul & Friends. This Time is a bubbly bright future pop ballad with a summery glow and a cool tropical breeze, and it features saccharine vocals by Elsa. Galantis meets Gryffin on the irresistible electronic anthem, a massive jam that places Paul & Friends squarely on our dance music radar. For more Paul & Friends, visit their Soundcloud, here.