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May 1, 2018

Some major congratulations are in order now that our absolute favorite singer songwriter and producer from LA, ELOHIM, has released her highly anticipated debut album. We’ve been along for the acclaimed musician’s journey from her first song to her full-length record, and we can’t be more gleefully proud of her and more in love with her eloquently imaginative music, which often addresses very important issues. She gives us solace, she comforts us as a friend, and she delights our ears to no end with her exquisite music (as well as her spectacular live performances). That said, I’m rather annoyed at UPS right now. I pre-ordered Elohim’s album on CD, and it was supposed to arrive on Friday but it keeps getting delayed! On a more light-hearted note, I’ve also noticed that I’ve accidentally ordered the album TWICE, that’s how excited I was! I keep track of my album orders via a text file. I don’t know how this happened, but I’ll consider it a serendipitous turn of events, because now one of my friends will be treated to a game-changing electro-pop album. And if anything lives up to what ELOHIM constantly reminds us of, it’s sharing, caring, and being good to one another.

Aside from all the songs we’ve already fallen in love with over the past couple of years, Elohim’s album also features this triumphant new single named Half Love. And by triumphant, I mean stratospheric soaring, cosmic sweeping, and sky-high flying! Half Love is a wonderfully contagious eruption of joyous revelry. Though it’s a plea for unrestrained love, the song itself seems the embodiment of complete and infinite love. Even its brassy horns are festive and celebratory. There’s no “half love” when it comes to our appreciation of ELOHIM’s music, the bond we’ve formed is pure and unbridled. And what a year it’s been for EL. Magnificent songs, including collaborations with Medasin, Ekali, Yoshi Flower, and The Glitch Mob (plus a REZZ remix)… two weekends of electrifying Coachella performances… a huge headline tour… It’s been a deservedly victorious 2018 indeed. ELOHIM’s debut album can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, here, as well as various other platforms via links on her website, here. You can also purchase the album physically and learn about the rest of her tour on the site, too.

April 20, 2018

The fact that legendary electrogaze and industrial electronica crew The Glitch Mob tapped Elohim for their latest track I Could Be Anything is nothing short of an affirmation of the Los Angeles electro-pop artist and producer’s talent. And together, they did wonders on the spectacular song, a conjoining of the classically exalted with the voice of the future. And now, I Could Be Anything has received an official remix treatment from another “voice” of the future, or much venerated and beloved producer REZZ. She’s given I Could Be Anything an acidic warbling dubstep edit. The ravey remix is invigorating and rousing, visceral and electrifying. REZZ takes us on a dark journey into the nebulae of our minds. To add to the intensity of this odyssey, watch the mesmerizing music video for REZZ’s remix below. Download/stream the track, here.

April 20, 2018

Life can’t get any better for an Elohim fan like me these days. I just caught her on tour at Slim’s in San Francisco the other weekend. She released Panic Attacks, a new song with Yoshi Flower, last month. And her effervescent voice graced The Glitch Mob’s life affirming I Could Be Anything earlier this month, too. And now, the Los Angeles based production, songwriting, and instrumental sensation (so sensational!) has appeared on a new single from Ekali and Medasin, too! They make the perfect trifecta on the gorgeous future pop and future trap aria. Its sparkling soundscape and Elohim’s enthralling voice give Forever a delicate vulnerability, a beautiful antithesis to Forever’s expansive, cosmic scope. We feel naked and comforted, defenseless and consoled, all at once, thanks to the nimble embrace of this gorgeous song. You can listen to Forever forever with us, support the single and stream/download, here.

April 7, 2018

Is it Saturday night yet?! The Glitch Mob teams up with Elohim on a sonic throbbing affirmation ‘I Could Be Anything’ and something tells me we’ll be hearing this song along with a bunch of new material off her soon-to-be released album which drops later this month! It’s been an amazing journey to watch her go from opening for LANY at the Rickshaw Stop in SF about 3 years ago, to touring with Alison Wonderland last year, to headlining her own tour this year, and performing at Coachella this week. Think I may have a Panic Attack from excitement!

April 6, 2018

Our journey into intense electronic euphoria continues tonight with a spine-tingling, suspenseful gripping trap and moombahton take on Elohim and Whethan’s hit collaboration Sleepy Eyes. At the helm of the edit is Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia production whiz NEO FRESCO, who keeps us on our toes with his thrilling rendering of the inebriating original. There’s an exotic feel to NEO FRESCO’s atmospheric twerking, spacious skittering edit. He takes us on a fascinating and intoxicating sojourn with an ever shifting, nomadic roving remix, which you can download, here.

March 12, 2018

Over the weekend we shared a striking debut from a new project named Yoshi Flower, which as it turns out, is the solo project of Josh Smith from our Detroit favorites, Gosh Pith. We also learned that Josh has moved in with another favorite of ours, singer songwriter and producer Elohim, in Los Angeles, and they’re hitting the road together on tour soon. As if the surprise news couldn’t get any better, the pair have even collaborated on a brand new song! Panic Attacks is a tenderly waltzing electronic pop song which, despite its title, is quite the chill dreamy, pensive gliding affair. Elohim and Yoshi Flower trade off on intimate and heartfelt vocals on their soft lulling minimalist lullaby about anxiety and remorse. If only panic attacks in real life were as sublime as listening to panic attack! To add even more splendid news to this growing list of reasons to celebrate, Elohim has also announced her self-titled debut album, due to arrive April 27th. It’s obviously going to be another wonderful year for this Elohim fan, and I can’t wait for what Yoshi Flower brings us next! Pre-order Elohim’s debut album, here. Panic Attacks is available, here. And you can find out about Elohim and Yoshi Flower’s tour, here.

January 27, 2018

Los Angeles based producer and artist Elohim is without a doubt at the forefront of a new movement in electronica and pop. She embodies creativity and vision with her DIY project, crafting stunning visuals, affecting music, and amazing live performances with her versatile talent. And now Elohim has announced a debut full length, sure to be a game changing release. 2018 is going to be another magnificent year for fans of Elohim like us. On top of the album, Elohim will also be performing at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, and BUKU, as well as heading out on a new headline tour that takes her back to San Francisco on April 7th at Slim’s. Ahead of the release of that debut album, due out later this year on BMG, comes a fine new treat from Elohim. She presents us with more of her sprightly and infectious future pop and electro-pop on Fuck Your Money, an incredibly infectious tune which she previously teased in her live sets. Elohim has always amazed us with her ability to immaculately balance the dulcet and melodious with the edgy and gusty, and Fuck Your Money is no different. We sink eagerly into her unmistakable vocals and spry springing synths on the vivacious yet dreamy song, and we look forward to experiencing her music and stage genius live yet again.  

On the inspiration behind the anthemic new track, Elohim describes, “i grew up with very little money. my parents put all of their focus on our well being; learning the joy of music, feeding us organic food, and living a life full of LOVE. We didn’t have the fancy cars, the nice houses or expensive possessions. when my mom could feel my sadness as i discovered we were ‘different’ from other families, she’d remind me, ‘we are rich with love.’  I didn’t fully grasp the incredible importance of those words until recently. Love has become my main focus in life and i now know how priceless it truly is.“

It’s a wise outlook on money, love, and life. At her young age, Elohim has given us such incredible messages of hope and awareness, often placing her own personal struggles with anxiety and more in the spotlight in doing so. Learn more about Elohim’s spring tour, here. Stream/download Fuck Your Money, here.

Hallucinating On A Spiritual Level – Elohim Show Review

October 20, 2017

Reviewed by Nicholas Shutes

Hallucinating on a Spiritual Level – is what I dubbed the Alison Wonderland and Elohim Tour. The ’Sensation‘al Elohim has been one of my favorite up-and-coming artists. I was first introduced to her live show when she opened for LANY at Popscene SF in 2015, and she always dazzles the crowd.

After seeing her multiple times at Lollapalooza I honestly was more excited to catch her than the headliner at The Fox Theater in Oakland, CA when the show was announced. Especially since this year she’s come out with tracks from a few of my favorite Chicago producers Whethan and Louis The Child.

As someone who follows her on Twitter I’ve been loving all the reactions to people discovering their new love Elohim. Wandering through the crowd at The Fox and hearing people ask “Who is this? She’s killing it!” made my heart smile with joy. It’s always thrilling to ride “The Wave” when an artist blows up.

Seeing how Elohim has done several festivals, is opening for Alison Wonderland and Jai Wolf to finish the year, I can’t wait till she’s headlining her own shows! Additionally I cannot wait to hear this unreleased song.

When you get the opportunity do not miss your chance to catch her show!

Follow Elohim on: Twitter / Soundcloud / Facebook

Learn more about her upcoming tour dates, here.

October 3, 2017

A “wave” of excitement always engulfs me when Elohim releases new music, and I’m not talking about a little ripple in the sea, but a massive tsunami of exhilaration. As a growing swathe of the world continues to recognize and laud this blossoming electro-pop star and her manifold immense talents, we continue to be impressed time and time again by the Los Angeles based singer songwriter and producer’s expert handle on rapport spawning music. Elohim’s compositions are intricately embellished gems, awash with twinkling synths, whimsical beats, and rumbling bass. While some artists’ attempts at creating such lavish soundscapes make their esoteric music hard to relate to, Elohim’s music always feels like it’s on the same wavelength as us. The Wave’s buoyant rhythm and Elohim’s beautifully ethereal voice dig their nimble way into our hearts. Elohim’s heartfelt music mirrors our own struggles, whether with anxiety, trust, or taking chances. We’re all “looking for the wave”, and the search has never been more fruitful and pleasurable than to the sounds of Elohim’s new vitalic whizzing, lively bounding electronica and pop. The Wave is available, here.

September 8, 2017

An immense remix package came out close to a week go for Louis The Child’s Love Is Alive, one of our favorite electronic tracks this year due to both Elohim’s ethereal vocals and the song’s dreamy intoxicating beauty. Vegas electronic connoisseur Meaux Green teams up with Hollywood’s B-Sides for an opulent and palatial future trap re-work that leaves me all warm and fuzzy. Love is indeed alive, in my adoration for this finely textured, luminous beaming edit. Their remix, which is out now on Ultra, can also be streamed from Spotify, here.