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February 2, 2018

I truly am suspended, or frozen in time with all my attention fully monopolized, by Elle Watson’s latest single. The smoky, husky voiced British singer songwriter more than captures my fancy with Suspended, a binary aural concoction that’s at once dark moody and vivaciously animated. As it turns out, the song is about contradictions. It’s a distressed yet sophisticated, sensual and classy pop ballad dressed in gleaming dance threads. We’re caught between euphoria and anguish, desperation and elation. We spiral into Suspended, unable to corral the dizzying feelings erupting within us, much like losing control in love, even when that same toxic love is causing destruction and wreaking havoc on our hearts. “Make me spin around and lose control, let’s pretend I don’t care.” Suspended can also be streamed via Spotify, here

October 31, 2017

I suppose you could say I’m “glued” to Elle Watson and her pristine pop. The English singer songwriter re-unites with esteemed producer Clams Casino on her latest single. We find ourselves utterly addicted to Glued’s dark mournful beats and Elle Watson’s ever enthralling, flawlessly stirring voice. Stormy yet graceful Glued continues to demonstrate the Londoner’s grasp on sophisticated yet haunting pop, and it comes with a magnificent music video directed by Haris Nukem whose entangled bodies remind me of a classic painting… statuesque and stony yet sensual and body-centric. Glued is available, here.

October 10, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.06.2016 – 10.09.2016

Featured music – October 7-9, 2016

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October 7, 2016

English singer songwriter Elle Watson is syrupy bewitching and smoldering captivating on her new single, Walls. The song’s moody ebbing and dim tiding production is the work of long time IHM production favorite, Clams Casino. The two prove themselves a perfect match. Elle Watson’s husky aching voice drift morosely through Clams Casinos’ dark droopy soundscape. These walls drip with emotion and shift under the twisting weight of heartache. Walls comes from a new Elle Watson EP named Phantom, due out on December 2nd. Elle Watson will be performing at Servant Jazz Quarters in London on December 5th. Those of you lucky enough to be around for it can find ticket information, here.

July 12, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 07.07.2016 – 07.08.2016

Featured music – July 7-8, 2016

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July 8, 2016

In the past months, London based singer songwriter Elle Watson has captivated me with her first singles, but she takes that bewitchment to a whole new level with third song Phantom. The song’s name is a representation of “a feeling that can’t be described, but something you can’t ignore”. Well there’s no ignoring the brilliance of Elle Watson, especially now, after she’s transfixed us with this stunning beauty. Phantom is silken smooth, but underneath its surface is a dark turbulence lurching and heaving with poignant emotion. At the center of it all is Elle Watson’s exceptional voice. Phantom’s gradual crescendo and powerful build evokes James Blake and Lapsley, while her sensational vocals are seductive, soulful, and smoky, like a blend of Banks with Lianne La Havas. Phantom is a heartbreaking, tense moving ballad, and it speaks volumes about Elle Watson and her talent.

April 27, 2016

Elle Watson is proving herself an artist to watch out of London with her intensive electronic pop songs. She reveals dark but fierce, silken yet moody second single Losing Any Sleep today. Its spacious minimalist production and her riveting voice make this a magnetic listen, a Marian Hill, Lapsley, James Blake, and BANKS combination much powerful and captivating. Losing Any Sleep follows on earlier this year’s magnificent debut, Body, a soulful deep can’t miss if you haven’t listened to it yet. I’ll do you a solid and tack it on below, too.