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May 22, 2018

It’s been a moment since we’ve visited with our favorite dance pachyderm from LA, but now that Elephante has released a terrific preview of his upcoming 9 track EP, it’s high time we delved straight back into the versatile artist’s vibrant music. Glass Mansion: Prologue features four tastes from the forthcoming project, which drops on June 15th. It’s a guest talent studded affair, as all four tracks he’s unveiled feature magnificent vocal cameos. For now, let’s turn our attention to Have It All, featuring ever pervasive chanteuse Nevve. Elephante presents us with an emotive stirring, lithesome skipping pop meets dance song with crisp affecting melodies and metallic thrumming synths. We can’t decide whether to melt into the floor or get up and dance. Maybe we can do both and “have it all”. Pre-order Glass Mansion, here. Listen to Glass Mansion: Prologue in full on Soundcloud, here.

December 13, 2017

Two High seems to be a fresh name on the production scene. The mysterious newcomer is an enigma to us, but we’ve fallen hard for what looks to be Two High’s first track on Soundcloud. The appropriately named project has given LA producer Elephante’s melodious charmer Plans, which features progressive pop singer songwriter Brandyn Burnette on effortless vocals, a summer bopping re-work. We can’t help but get up and get down to this ebulliently bouncing, cheerful bounding remix, a light footed house dazzler. Download the remix, here.

November 9, 2017

It’s been a long moment since we last heard from our favorite musical pachyderm, Los Angeles producer Elephante. Not only are we thrilled he’s back with a fresh banger named Come Back For You, but Tim has once again amazed us with his visionary dexterity as he teams up with Matluck on the surprisingly rocking tune. Come Back For You is rife with massive drops and earthy guitars. It’s definitely very different from Elephante’s early progressive house offerings and ventures deep into alt/indie territory with its trappy house and brassy alt electronic styling. Come Back For You is like Bishop Briggs, Lewis Del Mar, and Bryce Fox amplified with a ginormous dose of Elephante’s high voltage energy and dance-spurring verve. Stream/download Come Back For You featuring Matluck, here.

April 2, 2017

There’s already been some massive remixes of Los Angeles based electronic sensation Elephante’s Brandyn Burnette featuring jam Plans, but there’s no avoiding adding this one to our list of favorites. Orange County duo EMRSV links up with North Cyprus’ Sevim to give us their regal pumping future bass remix. Progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette’s smooth vocals emote freely on EMRSV and Sevim’s melodic marching, vibrant flickering edit, making this a thoroughly moving affair that sits somewhere between the florid flamboyance of Gryffin and the deep thrumming vibrancy of Bearson. The remix is a free download, here.

March 1, 2017

It’s not every day that we encounter a remix of this song, but–wait a minute. Hold on. My mistake. Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You is only the most remixed song of the year so far! But before you duck away from being inundated by the overabundance of Shape Of You remixes, take note, this one comes by way of Los Angeles’ Elephante. That’s right, the versatile electronic artist has given Shape Of You his own work over, and if we’ve learned anything from our past experiences with Elephante, we know that he never gives us anything humdrum or mundane. Shape Of You goes electro whirring and showy vivacious on this voluminous transformation. This is a vigorous thriller, a freshly minted approach on Shape Of You.

December 28, 2016

Earlier this year, Los Angeles production talent Elephante dropped a massive remix package for the stellar tunes from his debut EP. The treasure trove of gems opens with a gorgeous remix of his Brandyn Burnette featuring original, Plans, by Callan Alexander, or cln, an Australian producer we’ve been enraptured with here at IHM for a very long time. The end result is nothing short of epic sweeping though subtle drifting. cln’s Plans trickles, a gentle stream of bass trembling beauty. Its melodic waters ripple and furrow, rife with exquisite emotion. Brandyn Burnette’s soulfully aching crooning takes a starring role, but it melds into cln’s soundscape organically, as if one cannot be separated from the other, and each is a continuation of the other. The beautifully rendered remix is a free download, here, while you can purchase the full I Am The Elephante Remixes package from iTunes.

December 19, 2016

It’s such a treat for three IHM favorites to appear on one track, much less one as lithe lifting and frisky exuberant as this one. LA production whiz Elephante released a stunning original earlier this year named Plans, on which St. Louis by way of SoCal progressive soul talent Brandyn Burnette turned in creamy smooth vocals. A scintillating remix EP just dropped for the jam, including edits by Candyland, Speaker Of The House, cIn, and more. We turn to Los Angeles’ Instant Karma for some instant satisfaction as they turn in a wavy futuristic, lively electrifying Plans makeover both lustrous enchanting and bouncy fun. Download their future tropical remix for free, here, and snag that Elephante remix package from various outlets, here.

September 19, 2016

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Featured music – September 16th, 2016

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September 17, 2016

This week, gifted Los Angeles production whiz, Elephante, released his long awaited debut EP, I Am The Elephante. Long time fans like us are rejoicing and relishing in the moment after having taken quite a journey with Tim Wu, from the early days of his magnificent remixes to the latter months of his sensational originals. I Am The Elephante is a gargantuan (or should we say, elephantine) record, a nine track EP featuring a bevy of phenomenal guest talent. While it’s more than necessary to dive into I Am The Elephante in full on Soundcloud, we now focus on a sweetly lilting cut off the record named Plans which features our favorite rising St. Louis by way of Los Angeles progressive soul artist, Brandyn Burnette. Elephante turns from his more electrifying and energetic production avenues to saunter down a chill summery house path lined with rich guitar strumming and Brandyn’s immaculately smooth crooning. This Elephante is a gently melting, tropics hued pachyderm whose music reminds us of Kygo and Gryffin. To frolic with all sorts of magnetic pachyderms, dive into Elephante’s debut EP, available on iTunes.

August 29, 2016

We’ve been following along with Los Angeles production talent Elephante for over two years now, and he continues to pleasantly surprise our ears and display astonishing versatility with each new track presented. Tim will be releasing a new EP on September 14th, one that’ll boast nine new tracks, leaving me both immensely excited but also wondering, at what point does an EP become an “LP”? For a ravishing taste from the EP, dive into Elephante’s Hold, which features singer Jessica Jarrell. Hold is certainly not the electro and progressive house Elephante of yore. This is more a future funk and R&B groover that recalls Years and Years fused with The Chainsmokers and some Jack Ü like moombahton. The effervescent frisky, fizzy aerated dance epic is irresistibly infectious. Pre-order Elephante’s I Am The Elephante EP from iTunes. The guest talent studded EP also features previously shared tracks Closer, featuring Bishop, and Catching On, featuring Nevve.