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May 22, 2018

On July 6th, Grammy-nominated British trip hop and electronic legends Goldfrapp will be releasing a deluxe edition of Silver Eye, their latest album from last year. On it are several new bonus tracks, including a rendition of album closer Ocean featuring none other than Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan. Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp is a more than epic union, and this glorious new version of Ocean more than reflects that. You can find the track on Apple Music, here. Pre-order Silver Eye: Deluxe Edition, here.

May 16, 2018

Slick synth tendrils and waxy robust, lustrous oozing vocals take our breath away on Loud Magic, a glamorous prowling new song from nomadic pop duo Foreign Air. The silence-breaker and pattern-destroyer truly lives up to its name with its resounding assertiveness. Loud Magic is the latest magnificent single from the forward thinking pair, who have a knack for crafting haute anthems permeated with sleek, potent electronica. Loud Magic is emphatic and indulgent. It’s a song of excess, debauchery, and revelry, or a pagan canticle that’s near convinced us to worship Foreign Air as gods. They must live up in those very clouds we’re stretching so far to reach while urged on by this charged sonic catalyst. Foreign Air embarked today on tour with another IHM favorite, Bishop Briggs. Loud Magic can be streamed/downloaded, here.

June 28, 2017

Brooklyn duo Secret Weapons snagged our attention nearly a year ago when they debuted with Something New, which they quickly followed up with a solid self titled EP. Now, they’re all set to unfurl a debut full length, and its first single is a jam! Ghost, the title track from that record, is as punchy as can be with feisty horns and an upbeat brand of funky pop meets electro rock. It’s also insanely infectious. Flashy grooving Ghost comes with a glitzy glam animated music video, too. You can purchase Ghost from iTunes, here, while we await further news about Secret Weapons’ album.

May 4, 2016

ARMANIO is a slugger of a tune that I’ve been eagerly waiting to share since I was privy to a preview of the sizzling hot track. The song overflows with mad swagger, a funky snapping treat from anonymous UK act WEIRDO who first appeared two months ago with retro seductive debut BUTTER. Chromeo sexiness and Friendly Fires charm are infused with an extra stylish dose of electro rocking dance punk spunk on the earworm of a buttery, greasy tune. Zippy and spicy ARMANIO is about that boyfriend who’s always clingy and insecure. Now we have jam to play when we get annoyed at our friends for having significant others who are stalkers or overly controllng. Thanks, WEIRDO!

May 4, 2016

Even though Funeral Suits is an Irish quartet with a very large Youtube following already, having been around for several years and across one full length album, the four piece is brand new to me. It’s like discovering a trove of treasure when you amble upon a band belatedly, and that’s exactly what’s happen here with Funeral Suits. The band’s new music video for their song Tree Of Life happened to capture my attention earlier today, and I fell quick and hard for the band’s vibrantly marching, drum pounding alternative rock. As their name might suggest, there’s a welcome post-punk gloominess to Tree Of Life, its grandiose energy and dark edge much like a blend of White Lies, Cold War Kids, and Echo and the Bunnymen. The video for Tree Of Life is a portrayal of the 7 deadly sins within the context of global financial issues. The single itself is the first track revealed from Funeral Suits forthcoming sophomore album, one which I’m much eager to hear more material off of. Purchase Tree Of Life from various outlets, here.

May 2, 2016

Some spectacular debuts are popping up right before summer arrives. Blair’s Five Past Ten is a summer playlist must, too. The Los Angeles based indie artist deliver sexy 80′s dance rock and indie pop on his debut single, marking himself as a must watch new act in the scene. Five Past Ten boasts crunchy guitar, driving drums, and sweltering synths. Walk The Moon meets Atlas Genius on the catchy exuberant tune. You’ll be wildly wiggling that butt to it before you know it. Download this soon to be viral hit for free, here.

February 9, 2016

British electronic duo GUNSHIP crafts and delivers some incredibly epic music. Their 2015 self titled album near shot me into outer space. The duo’s new lyric video for album track Kitsune seems to align with my sentiments exactly. As before, GUNSHIP pairs retro film footage with their magnificent synth laden music. Kitsune pulses grandly while its 80′s hued M83 panoramic dreaminess and cinematic vocals set my very heart aglow. If you’re keen on taking a glorious adventure, purchase GUNSHIP’s self titled album on iTunes.

January 6, 2016

It’s time to glide on drifty shoegaze dreaminess and dive into pensive ecstasy as we let Syvia sweep us away with the Brooklyn based indie electro rock outfit’s latest single, Anxious Animal. Its melodic sheen and lead singer Ruth Mirsky’s mesmerizing voice are reminiscent of The Joy Formidable, The Naked And Famous, and earlier Metric, a fine combination considering my love of all those bands. Syvia’s songs have featured on an impressive list of television shows, including The Vampires Diaries, 666 Park Avenue, and Stitchers. The band are preparing a new EP for release in February. Download Anxious Animal for free direct from their Soundcloud.

October 31, 2015

With a name like Double Dark, you kind of sort of know what to expect going forth. The single’s new video doesn’t hold back on creepiness either, while the song itself is a somber piece of bluesy indie rock from London’s Wildhood. Double Dark is befitting of this Halloween weekend. It’s hypnotic, transfixing, and harshly raw. Though Double Dark marches at a deliberate pace, there’s a sense of desperate urgency to the song, which punches in the gut with its impassioned vocals and droning guitars. It’s only Wildhood’s second song, but it takes a deep hold and dictates that we pay attention to the compelling new act.

September 9, 2015

Chicago’s 90 Pounds Of Pete channels even more of their Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves like alternative sound on new single Black Card, produced by Christoph Andersson. Black Card is a wildly catchy electropop and synthrock combination that alternates between a gently wistful touch and a driving, thrashing, but crisp fierceness. It’s a polished earworm sure to require countless repeat listens.