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April 30, 2018

Ah, Zanski and that slinky burning drawl… It melts me to the core every time I listen to one of his tunes. I guess you could say I’m a “fool’ for Fool, but in a good way. The electro-soul and R&B funk swooner is the Canadian artist’s latest exhibition of fine musicality and expert delivery, a Jai Paul meets Opia and RKCB sort of gooey, moody sonic courter. It’s a new taste from Zanski’s forthcoming EP, Derivative Emotion, arriving next month. You can also jam out to Fool on Spotify, here.

September 29, 2017

We were blown away by Brooklyn synthpop project BRAIN TAN last year when he dropped Moth, whose lush rippling constitution was redolent of other IHM favorites like Great Good Fine OK, LANY, and Tep No. As it turns out, BRAIN TAN released a fresh new EP earlier this month, which we somehow totally missed out on, until today. You can stream Comfort Object in full on Soundcloud, here. Let’s focus in on its hypnotic title track, a spacey whorling, creamy wafting deluge of heart pummeling chillwave nostalgia. Comfort Object is rich and luxuriant, a hazy swirling work of delicious intoxication. It’s truly a fine sonic salve, yet it leaves our hearts restless with desire. You can purchase BRAIN TAN’s EP from Bandcamp, here.

September 12, 2017

We leave behind summer in style with Classixx, who recently shared a succulent and juicy new jam named Possessive that samples Nick Jonas’ Jealous. I suppose being possessive and jealous tends to be synonymous, and I nearly want to be selfish and keep this one all to myself to secretly dance my way through the colder months of the year, but that would be an injustice. The Los Angeles electronic dance purveyors craft a funky disco jam out of the original gospel sample, and they’ve made the track a freedownload to “extend the pool party.” They even linked up with Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver (yes, of fellow SoCal dance outfit Oliver) to craft the verdant and vivacious electro banger. Grab the jam, here.

August 2, 2017

ye. has been one of our favorite fast rising production stars this past year, and we’re absolutely thrilled that the young prodigy from New York has chosen to drop a Mothica remix for his latest enthralling release. In fact, he’s chosen to re-work one of our favorites off the Brooklyn singer songwriter’s recent EP, Heavy Heart. Dark rumbling, glassy quivering Self-Destructive gets a royal ye. treatment on which it’s turned into a deft skipping, lithesome burbling chill trap affair. ye.’s remix is light on its feet, yet packs a gut wrenching punch. You can download the remix for free, here.

August 1, 2017

Mondays always wear me out, as I’m sure they do to many of you, too. Fortunately for us, we have a remix like this one to lift us up and breath new life into us as we round the corner on the toughest day of the week. British electronic trio Disciples has given Sigrid’s Plot Twist a crisp and buoyant makeover. Who says we can’t get a euphoric dance party started at the beginning of the week? The Swedish pop sensation also offered up a gorgeous and intimate acoustic rendition of Plot Twist, which you can stream via YouTube below. The original is out on iTunes, here.

July 30, 2017

I’m sure you’ve watched the music video for Charli XCX’s new hit single Boys countless times over the course of the weekend. Maybe you just wanted to ogle all the cute and sexy celebrity “boys” in the video again, or maybe you wanted to dance to the bubbly effervescent pop song. It’s become one of the most talked about songs and videos of the year in but a few swift days, and deservedly so, for the grand feat it’s accomplished in turning stereotypes around. Just a few hours after the song burst upon the world, one of our Moving Castle faves, boundary pushing, genre bending LGBTQ+ pop music troubadour SAKIMA offered up his own unique version of the song. What he accomplishes with his rendition is sonic perfection. There’s no resisting this breezy tropical, airy crisp electronic, dancehall, and pop Boys. SAKIMA’s cover is a successful extension of what Charli XCX ’s inventive original, and its an absolute aural delight, particularly with SAKIMA’s glossy slick vocals on display. You can watch Charli XCX’s music video for Boys again, here.

July 1, 2017

Blair blew everyone away when the Los Angeles based musician debuted with Five Past Ten last year. He was practically the “talk of music town” after that, yet he’s taken his time to craft and release his music. Oceans is only his fourth single despite the massive success of each of his prior stellar tunes, and it’s the perfect dance pop banger for ringing in our summer holiday weekend. Like Passion Pit mixed with Penguin Prison and POWERS mixed with Digitalism, Oceans is an eruption of feet moving, jaunty bouncing joy. Blair says of the song: “In the year this record took to make, I found myself unsatisfied with the process of electronic music production. I felt like i was inside a box. This record came whole the moment real instruments were introduced. I wanted people to hear the imperfect human element that has been all but replaced by its robotic emulations. Perfection is boring.” Download Oceans for free, here, and prepare to dance all weekend long.

February 7, 2017

The Code’s Same People is the perfect companion right now on this dark stormy night. The UK duo’s warmly textured electro R&B is the epitome of late night introspection, an emotive surging, opulent swelling display of sonic artistry. It glitches and shudders, shivers and lurches, even as The Code’s creamy smooth vocals take flight and soar with gripping passion. It’s not often that a song can be sensual haunting and gloriously euphoric at the same time, but The Code seems to achieve this rather effortlessly on yet another ace offering. The feels are off the chart on this one. Same People is out now on iTunes.

October 29, 2016

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year, when goblins and ghouls, witches and werewolves come out in droves to play. Who else but enigmatic electronic genius k?d would put us in exactly the right mood to celebrate with a creepy dark new original? Mortem is a jolting explosion of eerie electro. It punches hard and buzzes strong, leaving a trail of quivering exhilaration with every one if its crepuscular beats. If Justice were to throw a haunted house party for Halloween, I’d expect to hear something as gloriously spooky as Mortem. Snag the haunting thriller for free from Toneden.

January 18, 2016

DIY pop collective 10K ISLANDS has commenced a single every Friday series, and for their latest, their showcasing a ravishing electronic track from an enigmatic new act named Viigo. Move, to make use of the obvious pun, has me moving like I’m sublimely possessed with its warbling synths and sleek groove. The song ambulates and oscillates like a dark, submarine sonic barrage of aggressive Jungle and Mothxr like richness. The wicked tune leaves me much intrigued over this new act.