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July 11, 2016

1000Volts is living up to their name, which comes as no surprise considering the duo is made up of two esteemed artists including legendary artist/rapper Redman and fast rising American producer Jayceeoh. Their blend of electronica and hip hop is intense and gripping, as can be heard on their immense second single Lights Out, a song which Jayceeoh co-produced with Hollywood producer B-Sides. The trio make an inimitable union on the riveting track, which has now received a music video treatment crafted by their buddy Maculate. Don’t miss out on this clip if you’re an Adventure Time fan. 1000Volts’ Lights Out is a free download, here.

February 13, 2016

We’ve already heard some spectacular remixes of rising alt hip hop act THEY.’s smoldering song Motley Crue, but while those skewed towards the electro and future bass side of things, Los Angeles based Dim Mak associate Whiite takes us into deep house territory with his rousing yet ruminative remix. Whiite’s edit is a glorious ride on a glamorous yacht. It slices through cerulean waves as the sun balances precipitously over the horizon, painting the sky in motley brilliance just before darkness takes hold of the world.