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November 1, 2016

Even if you’re one of those people who find soy based tofu absolutely atrocious (and trust me, tofu can be really delicious), you’re going to find this


remix absolutely appetizing, so much so you won’t be able to stop devouring it over and over again. Vancouver based producer tofû offers up an exhilarating re-work of NY producer Lucian’s Forever, that beauty of a gripping future bass gem that features ravishing vocals by Nashville’s REMMI. While the original was dark and grandiose with sharp vehement edges, tofû’s remix is takes on an ethereal electro step airiness. Its smooth rounded chops and wavy glittering veneer gives us a delightfully fresh approach on Forever that I welcome with much zeal. Download the edit for free, here.

October 9, 2016

I’m sure we’re about to get hit by a mountain of All We Know remixes, and there’s going to be some tremendous ones, at that. In the meanwhile, some great bootlegs are already popping up for the latest The Chainsmokers smash hit, including this one a trio of Los Angeles production acts consisting of EARSLEY, WOLFE, and Thomas Gordon. They give the Phoebe Ryan featuring tune an uplifting melodic trap, wavy electrostep, and future pop makeover fit for yet another warm fall day in the Bay. This sleek and cool, sprightly and bubbly remix makes me wish this weekend would never end. Download the track for free, here.