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April 6, 2018

Bazzi was already a pretty big deal when we first picked up on the R&B soul and hip hop artist earlier this year, but just as we expected, we’re seeing the artist’s name a whole lot more lately. It seems, some of our favorite electronic producers have fallen for his music, too. Remixes of Bazzi tracks are on the rise, and as it turns out, his irresistible songs lend themselves well to dexterous re-works. Just listen to Electric Mantis’ captivating take on Bazzi’s Mine, a celestial twinkling, ethereal flickering beauty of a remix. The producer from Alaska takes my breath away with his intoxicating chord progressions and emphatic rumbling bass on the brilliant future trap and ambient bass edit. Stream/download the track, here.

March 2, 2018

I want to stay forever, cradled in the starlit future bass that an epic congregation of talent brings us on You Can Stay. Los Angeles’ Vindata, Alaskan sensation Electric Mantis, and British singer songwriter Liv Dawson come together on the celestial and ethereal future bass opus, whose twilight effervescence evokes Petit Biscuit and Odesza. We soar like night hawks across the sky to the surging swells of this beautifully crafted aria. It’s a wondrous and fantastical journey of the heart, bittersweet yet hopeful. You can also stream the song on Spotify, here.

December 21, 2017

French producer Petit Biscuit released one of the year’s best electronic albums earlier this year. Our patience was duly rewarded when Presence arrived. One of my favorite tracks off the full length happens to feature Australian synth faves Panama, too. Petit Biscuit has since unveiled a Waterfall remixes EP, featuring an impressive array of gifted producers, including Karma Kid, Fono, Katuchat, Ferdinand Weber, Tim Legend, and HWLS, as well as Alaskan sensation Electric Mantis. It’s the latter’s fresh and unique edit that we’re diving into tonight. Instead of a smooth cascade, this Waterfall is a whimsically lurching, bass rumbling, ear thrilling frolic. It’s a dynamic and elaborate dubstep excursion on which Electric Mantis’ sonic genius is thoroughly exhibited. Grab the Waterfall remixes EP from iTunes, here.

December 21, 2017

Lying is usually detrimental to love, but the two come hand in hand on a stately new piece from Alaskan production star Electric Mantis. Brooklyn’s Mothica turns in bewitching vocals on the synth swiveling, vibrant blazing trap and melodic bass ballad. Lying & Loving is dark and splendorous, an ornately textured yet visceral gutting opus. “

If lying is loving than I guess you love me,” Mothica sings on the song. Yet, I find it impossible to lie about my affection for Electric Mantis’ new masterpiece. You can download/stream Lying & Loving via major outlets, here.

May 17, 2017

It’s been like a year since Mija and Vindata teamed up to give us airy whimsical future bass brilliance in the form of their collaboration, Better. We return to its dazzling folds today via a fresh remix by Alaska’s Electric Mantis. We’re taken on a profound journey by his atmospheric chill trap edit. It stretches us across the universe with its soothing flitters and prismatic cascades, filling us with endless wonder. You can download this sublime treat, here.

January 16, 2017

Sydney trio Mansionair dropped one of their best songs yet late last year in the form of genre bending Easier, an ambient atmospheric aria with unexpected future flickering plumes of electronic magnificence. That pensive beauty is the subjected to some Electric Mantis wizardry as the Alaska native gives Easier a breathtaking makeover, the producer’s contribution to a new five track remix package for the song due out January 27th. Electric Mantis’ Easier flickers and stutters, trickles and drips, building its way to a shiver inducing future bass, melodic bass, and chill trap drop that near leaves me numb afterwards from sensory overload. Hit after hit of endorphin washes over me with every warble and chop. 

May 9, 2016

A few months back, Hotel Garuda revealed their highly anticipated debut original, a phenomenal opus named Smoke Signals whose cosmic deep future house electricity is vastly sweeping. A fabulous remix package for Smoke Signals has just been revealed by Candle Weather and Manila Killa, and it includes this lusciously booming edit by San Francisco based production act Electric Mantis. Smoke Signals gets a hypnotic chill out treatment, its woozy bass and waxy resplendence inescapably arresting. Stream Spanish producer Alizzz’s remix below, and lose yourself in its urgent chill trap and high energy future bass. Both tracks of this remix package are available now on Spotify.

January 16, 2015

Ethereal is one of those more mysterious tunes dropped into my inbox, with no information to go along with it, but I was able to figure out that this mysterious Breathing Room is a mashup extraordinaire based out in Texas. On Ethereal, he skillfully fits together Electric Mantis’ “Flip and Flop, Drips and Drops”, SoySauce’s “Sushi Park”, Drake’s “Over”, Dorrough’s “After Party”, Travi$ Scott’s “Upper Echelon (feat. T.I. & 2 Chainz)”, and even Beyonce’s “Party (feat. Kanye and André 3000)” to form one big mosaic of riveting sound, consisting of grimy hip hop and ethereal EDM. Kind of crazy, eh?